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  • Spawn On Me | #UN-OccupytheVGA’s
    monologue Wouldn t it be awesome if David Jaffe hosted the show After his awesome PAX Prime keynote this year I think any gamer worth his her salt would agree Why would he or someone of his ilk be better you ask Because Jaffe even when he is in the middle of a incoherent cuss laden tangent is ten times more entertaining than seeing Will I AM or a Jonas brother tell you what trailer is coming up next We aren t idiots most of us at this part in our gaming lives are adults who understand what Spike is trying to do and see right thought it Ask G4 TV where there gaming audience went after they went for the lowest common denominator we know where they went anywhere but back to their channel We also know that the content that we ve all come to see the trailers in total would take about thirty minutes from start to finish that leaves us with another half and hour of nothing but filler Not even awesome filler nonsense Augmented Reality scenes unfunny gamer jokes and half assed award presentations I would have loved for the guys at WB to get their due for bringing Mortal Kombat back from the dead or Mark Hamill do his Joker on stage and not in CG form but instead of that we get Felicia Day playing real like Fruit Ninja and terrible I love Lucy sketches What we need to do at this point is not watch it we need to Un Occupy the VGA s It s the only way folks like Geoff Keighley and the execs at Spike will understand that this is not what we want or need If you want to mainstream gaming this isn t the way you do

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  • Spawn On Me | There are no fluffy pillows in Starhawk’s B&B
    is conveyed by having characters with bio luminescent veins running through their bodies Those blue streaks aren t just there for aesthetics they play directly into the story line The developers have incorporated this idea of Rift Energy This energy is what motivates all those in this world it has a multitude of uses from health to ammo and most importantly the game s currency A currency that wraps around what I believe to be Skyhawk s most ambitious idea The B B Build and Battle system is something that only a genius or a mad man could have come up with I m sure when the person who came up with the concept walked into the programmer s room they wanted to hit him her with a garbage can The system basically lets you build structures weapons and vehicles in real time almost anywhere on the battlefield If you need a wall to protect yourself from fire drop one right in front of you Need a jetpack to get around the map Build it After playing for a bit it almost becomes second nature to navigate the radial wheel and pick whatever you need to help your team out I would say so far that they nailed something with the B B system something that you won t really find anywhere else The Warhawks are back and now have a bi pedal mode I will avoid making Transformer noises which feels really intuitive and easy to navigate The flying felt as good as ever but until they let us play with the bigger maps you won t really be able to stretch your wings Aiming feels tightened up on all vehicles and standard weapons voice communications sound clear and so far with the amount of people logged in there

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  • Spawn On Me | Battlefield 4 PC Beta footage via Shareef Jackson!
    4 which is now in Beta and will be released on October 29th Reef shows us some of his gameplay experiences and let me say even from his iPhone footage the game looks stupidly pretty I ve been playing the PS3 version and have been excited to see some of the changes they ve implemented to customization but I can t wait to see what the next gen versions will bring Here is some Vehicle and Infantry gameplay Be sure to check out his Youtube channel and shareefjackson on Twitter y nLz2Suex5b8 height 400 y 4Tf1057K7JE height 400 Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window Click to share on Twitter Opens in new window Click to share on Tumblr Opens in new window Click to share on Google Opens in new window Click to share on Reddit Opens in new window Like this Like Loading Related Tags Battlefield 4 Game gameplay iPhone operation cubicle Podcast PS3 shareef jackson Twitter videogames Youtube 1 Comment Marcness Reply Question for Shareef I have a couple of friends that are borderline livid with the login process for the BF4 PC beta According to your videos it seems that you definitely don t

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  • Spawn On Me | New Battlefield 4 Customization Videos Shows Off Goodies
    popped up giving an even better detailed look at just how these unlocks should give you and your squadmates the upper hand on the frontlines The first is from EA France and is part one of a two part series Lead Core Game Designer Alan Kertz goes into some detail on how to kit out your weapon for both long and short range encounters y Zp bSsmRrRw t 51s height 400 The second video from EAVISION goes into even more depth on both kits scopes and vehicles while sharing some new information on some gameplay mechanics we ve never seen before in a Battlefield game Adaptive Camo Tier Reloading Don t know what those are Check out the video below and find out y o5jYY4vH1SE height 400 With Battlefield 4 being my shooter of choice for next gen I am overjoyed at all the smart additions like the stat gauges that show in real time how more or less effective your gun is going to be in the situation you want to use it in It s a small change but I believe it will absolutely change the way I and others will play the game I can t wait

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  • Spawn On Me | The SuperSpawnJacksonAnimal First Half of 2013 Video Game Review
    awesome web content Shareef Jackson shareefjackson com Operation Cubicle Podcast Martin Legget nerdylittlesecret com The Super Jawncast 8bitAnimal Check his Youtube page Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window Click to share on Twitter Opens in new window Click to share on Tumblr Opens in new window Click to share on Google Opens in new window Click to share on Reddit Opens in new window Like this Like Loading Related Tags 2013 8bitanimal g google hangout martin legget nerdylittlesecret com operation cubicle Podcast shareef jackson shareefjackson com the super jawncast videogames 3 Comments Marcness Reply Let s just hope these people that have a problem with Bioshock Infinite s violence don t enjoy movies that are just as violent or worse That would be just sick July 9 2013 at 2 02 pm Kahlief Adams Reply HA well you know that would never happen July 9 2013 at 5 04 pm Marcness Reply Your Resident Evil and Metal Gear Rising discussion reminds me of my view on Japanese games Simply put as long as Japanese game developers remain stubborn and cling onto their past greatness the Japanese game industry will collapse They re doing a very poor emulation

    Original URL path: http://spawnon.me/the-superspawnjacksonanimal-first-half-of-2013-video-game-review/ (2016-05-01)
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  • Spawn On Me | This Golden Arrow hits its Mark – Review and Developer Interview
    wanted to do something different with the runner genre During the game slam a young woman named Jenna walked up to the podium and gave a quick presentation about her game called The Golden Arrow a game in which a bad ass monster killing princess is the protagonist My ears perked up and on screen was a retro 8 bit styled runner game that added a narrative to the timeless runner formula I knew that I wanted to find out more about the game and she said it would be hitting the iTunes store in the upcoming weeks I got my hands on the game and let me say it really is a great game Monster Glitch the one woman indie development studio headed by Jenna Hoffstein makes a game that combines a fun accessible playing foundation delightful and propelling soundtrack with a charming narrative that both makes the game stand out and pushes the player forward The mechanics are straightforward varying presses of the screen will determine height and duration of your jump over and across multiple platforms Various objects will be put in your way to stop your journey but through some quick responses and some help from smart game design you can extend your runs and get closer to your monster killing goals Your score increases the longer you run but the twist is in how the story unfolds After you run a certain distance you will receive a scroll that gives you another part of the narrative In most runner games your progress resets after you die but in Golden Arrow your runs are cumulative from one scroll to the next So you will only have to travel the distance remaining after your last death Being able to pick up from where you left off makes the game such a delight to play and keeps you engaged in the process It totally removes the potential frustration that can happen in a game like this You can gain running speed by jumping into stars on the playfield More important are the randomly placed rocks that you see in the world I found that running into them slowed you down and gave you a little more control over jumping especially if you need to make multiple jumps on a platform Once I learned to slow down it exponentially lengthened my runs and thus my high scores I was tops on the leaderboards for about ten minutes until being dethroned Brianna Jest and Marmarh I m coming for you Golden Arrow s music also is a highlight Wonderful vocals fill the start and story screens while pulsating chiptunes push you along your trek Wait until you get to the 6 000 meter mark and you ll see what I m talking about The story of the princess who finds her prince has been commonplace in many an enchanted tale but there are a couple of poignant story bits there for discovery I won t spoil them but will say

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  • Spawn On Me | No Love In a Elevator: Our Dead Space 3 Review
    in the eye scene or any of interactions with the NPC s y 8KCjVeYNS3c height 400 The design of the characters seems a little off as well especially Ellie s Her animations and speech often seemed rather disjointed The addition of the Unitologists as a fighting force and enemy was a poor choice and removed any tension or horror that could have been The allure of the crazy religious sect was that they were shadowy and all you really knew about them was their undying allegiance to the makers When you meet them now they are nothing more than a SWAT team hell bent on killing you Adding enemies with guns while providing only a tacked on cover system that doesn t really work did the game a disservice and lessened the final product in my opinion The new co op character Carver didn t really add anything of significance to the mix either in my solo game although I hear he is fleshed out a bit more in the co op missions Everything in this game seemed a bit throwaway the story environments and villain all seemed to be an afterthought Even the small transitions that occurred when you put on a new suit seemed to be rushed I loved the way the camera would focus and hang on your visor after you put on a new suit though it just added the small touch of flair and badass ness that makes you want to be Isaac The lack of those small touches makes me feel like the game was either rushed in some way or that the team put their efforts in other unseen places I will say this the gun building in the game was the highlight for me At first I scoffed at the two gun approach but in retrospect it made me experiment much more and try out new combinations more often My assault rifle rocket launcher combo made parts of the game much more enjoyable I learned this the hard way when some boss battles took twice as long because I didn t have the right weapon setup It felt like in older games you could get away with just using a plasma cutter if you wanted to play that way but in Dead Space 3 you need to manage your toolset in smart ways or make a Swiss Army type gun that suits all situations Most people won t know this unless they are told or find themselves consistently on the losing end of a fight Dead Space 3 had a bunch of things going for it when it was announced it came with the foundation of having a pretty rabid fanbase super interesting story with great characters and some of the scariest tension filled moments since Doom It falls short on most of the things that made the franchise great and adds unnecessary fluff to try and compensate It seems like the tradition of weak third games in a trilogy has reared

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  • Spawn On Me | Videogames and Hip-Hop: Bambaataa Would Be Proud
    Guitar Hero series and mixed in its own version of DJing notation to make the game feel like you were actually mixing and scratching The game surprisingly wasn t a big hit My guess is that this was more due to the oversaturation of rhythm games in the market and less because it was a Hip Hop game Though you could argue that Rap music is harder to use because of some of the profanity and repetitive hooks in most commercial songs and that fact could have led to the disappointing sales B Boying There is one game that comes to mind when talking about this pillar B Boy from FreeStyleGames launched in 2006 with not only authentic breakdancing moves in but an awesome soundtrack that had some of the most recognizable songs in B Boy battle history The motion capture that must have gone into that game must have been extensive looking at how smoothly the animations blended into each other While watching a couple of YouTube clips I wondered what a next gen version of this game would look like I know it would be niche but it would be great nonetheless y m8m4w9 fw height 400 Graffiti Writing Getting Up Contents Under Pressure from Atari and the mind of Marc Eckō was a real love letter to Hip Hop kind of game It embodied and celebrated bomber culture and backpacker rapper lifestyle It did this by having a bass thumping soundtrack from RJD2 having its main character Trane voiced by prominent underground MC Talib Kweli and using tags from world renowned graffiti artists They brought authenticity to a game that most critics and people in the gaming community passed over Although the game had issues it gave a great glimpse into the graffiti scene and urban culture y tDuFHjOlTus height 400 A couple of games that have to be on this list because of their status as classics are the games from the Jet Set Radio series Set in a futuristic Japan they told the story of skater gangs who needed to graffiti their turf and escape the Shibuya police and rival crews The first game debuted on the Dreamcast in 2000 with the sequel coming out two years later The game was known for its vibrant graphics eclectic soundtrack and graffiti mechanics By using the analog stick you would mimic the sweeping motions that would draw out your tags It felt innovative and intuitive and immersed you in the world the added ability to make your own specialized tags brought the whole experience together as well y cvd217yU1RY height 400 In all of Bambaataa s infinite wisdom I believe he left out one very vital element of Hip Hop beatmaking This is the integral piece that never made it into the pillar structure that holds up the culture today The funny thing is that videogames for a long time now have been used in making music and especially rap music I recall a couple of friends

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