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  • Spawn On Me | There Is No E-Sports, There is Only The FGC.
    try and steal some tech This unassuming baby faced dude gets on stream and commences to beat the hell out of people with Kung Lao When I say beat people up I really mean embarrass people What made it interesting was how effortlessly he ran through his competition The person in question was Carl Perfect Legend White What I find interesting about his play style is that he will seemingly find something in the game way before other people do and use that totally to his advantage His cerebral game is quite good and it shows by how many tournaments he s won including an EVO win a couple of years ago y MycRHqvHpZU height 400 Filipino Champ Sometimes a community needs a villain a character who knows just how good he is and isn t afraid to tell everyone about it This person is Ryan Ramirez aka FChamp One of the best Marvel Vs Capcom 3 players on the planet Known for his skills and ability to pop off in a millisecond win or lose makes him a fun player to watch I m not going to lie I like folks who are a little unstable It s the reason I watch Laker games when I m a Knicks fan A random Metta World Peace elbow sometimes makes my day and the same goes with FChamp There is no doubt that he is amazingly dedicated and talented but his ability to get into the head of another player usually seems to be his best offense It totally makes for great drama y i2lwVIlt6kI height 400 NYChrisG Chris G for the past two years is arguably the best fighting game player on the planet not just for one game but multiple games Running through the competition at minor and major competitions alike His ability to pick up any game new or old and become a competitive force is uncanny and a little bit scary This has seemed to place him in a very interesting position where seemingly he can do no right He can kick everyone s ass and the stream hates him he can lose a great match and people are overjoyed What makes Chris so compelling to watch has been the brilliance of his play mixed with his sometimes random lack of focus His epic battle with Justin Wong this past week at EVO was one of the best matches I ve ever watched He may be one of those players that elevates the whole scene into another level of visibility An insightful and great interview from Jason24cf from Eventhubs com breaks down some of this y MSmwzdET5Ks height 400 Justin Wong Justin has been one of the people to bring fighting games into its prominence His epic match with Daigo in Street Fighter Third Strike is one of the most watched fighting game videos ever He is the sage veteran now and though he might not be the top player in the world he is always a

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  • Spawn On Me | Gamestop Now Accepting RROD Xboxes
    website and found something that really surprised me You can now trade in your RROD Red Ring Of Death Xbox for trade in value or cash I m not sure when they started this practice but I think it s a great idea Although I am not a fan of the price gouging they employ I do think they do serve a purpose for the budgeting gamer There are some caveats like the trade needing to go towards a new game or preorder and Trades must be in full working condition to receive full value But you just said to bring in my broken console But I think it s a sweet deal for anyone with a bricked console just lying around collecting dust or cigarette butts Also I just called a couple of local Gamestops and they have a deal ending tomorrow sorry in which you can snag an extra 30 of credit so get going Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window Click to share on Twitter Opens in new window Click to share on Tumblr Opens in new window Click to share on Google Opens in new window Click to share on Reddit Opens in

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  • Spawn On Me | Retro Gaming Goodness at DigitalPress
    is a magical place for retro game lovers a non assuming place where people wear many hats A friendly store clerk will go seamlessly from perfecting you in Street Fighter 3 to ringing up your Sega Master System purchase Patrons are just as impressive I think people should visit this place sometimes just for the overheard conversations Then can totally run the gamut from anecdotal musings of gaming greatness to encyclopedic breakdowns of retro lore and strategy DigitalPress is both fascinating for the laymen and nerdgasm inducing for the fanboy I wanted just to share some of the sights from that awesome day with you all and hope that you check out their site http www digitpress com and give their storefront a visit Arcade cabinets gaming tournaments geekdom and possibly cake pops await A huge thanks goes out to my friends Marc and Berit for taking me retro gaming mecca I can t wait to return next time with money Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window Click to share on Twitter Opens in new window Click to share on Tumblr Opens in new window Click to share on Google Opens in new window Click to share

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  • Spawn On Me | Jay-Z Brings His Own Roc To NBA 2K13
    not sure how Jay Z s inclusion has translated to direct sales and I m not sure how those presentation flairs have come across to the greater gaming community but I will say that it might have put 2K in a weird predicament Where do they go from here and how much bigger do you go without alienating your core fans I suppose we will see what happens next year in this respect Detail Detail Detail There are still times when someone will walk in while a CPU vs CPU game is going on and mistake it for the real thing This is testament to all of the intricate motion capture 2K does every year The thing that makes this installment so breathtaking is all of the in between and collision animations they have this year Going up for a contested layup more often than not will put you into a supremely life like animation in which flailing limbs connect It gives both players and the ball heft and weight feet plant realistically while the inertia of gathered momentum moves players upward to the rim It s a beautiful game to watch Players react realistically to getting hit and will sometimes react to those bumps by holding their heads or falling to the floor Added facial animations authentic celebrations from both teams and crowds add so much to the gameplay and feel of the game They ve even found a way for the first time in a basketball game to introduce playcalling substitutions and technical fouls on the Xbox 360 via Kinect Massive kudos go to 2K for stepping all these up in a significant way VC 2K has added VC virtual currency to be the backbone of how you progress this year in the My Player modes and My Team modes Usually things like this don t ping my radar but this is the first time 2K has gotten into the micro transaction game You can purchase VC or earn them in game to buy virtual goods like animation packages clothes and other accessories for your player Although I am not a fan of micro transactions it seems as if they have been tactfully implemented The Wrap Up This seems to be the most feature complete game 2K has put on the market to date From my experience they have fixed a bunch of the online issues that plagued them for the initial month of last year s release Games I ve played have been as smooth as you can expect from an online sports game and have been steady connection wise The removal of My Crew is disappointing but understandable Lastly here are some things of note Some of the historic teams from previous years are missing I truly don t understand why this keeps happening I wonder if certain players like Dr J are only contracted for a year at a time and multi year deals are too expensive I think maybe if they put these teams

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  • Spawn On Me | Hitman Absolution “Streets of Hope” Developer Walkthrough
    has the game for you Hitman Absolution s PR took a bit of a hit pre E3 this year due to some unfortunate marketing that involved some sexy nuns and extreme violence upon said nuns It looks as if the folks behind the game have gotten things under control and put out an AWESOME developer gameplay video earlier today Eighteen minutes later I sit at my desk with my mouth agape and an urge to both spend money and wear a mechanic s outfit I marvel at the sheer number of options you have at your disposal when it comes to killing enemies They range from uber simplistic run and gun shooting to living Rube Goldberg esque mouse traps that will take multiple play throughs to explore I jokingly say that I would love to see the wireframes and decision trees that comprise all of this madness These guys must be amazing chess players Take a look at the video and tell us what you think in the comments below or on the social networks Follow us on Twitter spawnpointblog Follow us here on G https plus google com b 101672589353242531433 101672589353242531433 posts Facebook https www facebook com thespawnpoint Tumblr

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  • Spawn On Me | 2kSports Should Look To The Past For A Better Dunk Contest Experience.
    special was that for the first time you could bounce the ball off of multiple structures around the court use different gathers and throw down some pretty awesome dunks With minimal effort it was still really challenging to the player The multiple button layout of the Xbox made it easier to map specific controls to different moves and it gave the player the ability to modify a standard dunk into a more spectacular one y nzGelnWNStk height 400 We move ahead to the time between 2008 2011 where 2kSports adds their version to the mix They decided to run with a street motif having the contest in a mocked up urban playground and snagged Hip Hop and streetball legend Bobbito aka DJ Cucumber Slice for commentary This quickly became the most annoying addition to a sports game since the concept of first person football Grating voice overs aside this looked to be the pinnacle of what mo capped dunks physics and graphical fidelity could be in our generation Then you picked up the controller and had to fight through a mess of uncoordinated inputs Street Fighter esque quarter circles and nonsensical tutorials I believe that 2k had a great idea in theory but botched some of the execution Check out the example below y 9xaKlOyEjSs height 400 NBA 2k13 recently showcased a small snippet of what the new dunk contest will look like y R2wCoIZqD7A height 400 And to say it looks a bit disappointing is an understatement I will admit no one has seen the final product and I will hold final judgement until I get my hands on it BUT the move to make it less interactive and more casual really is off putting A guitar hero esque highway that requires nothing but follow the number button pushes is the last thing most basketball fans would want So let me run down a couple of things that are needed for a fun engaging and challenging dunk contest ATMOSPHERE The venue having the dunk contest in an actual stadium with all branding helps a great deal with this and I m happy that 2k finally has this in the new game SOUND Kenny Smith can be your ace in the hole and also the land mine that blows up the whole shebang If you listen to the hype that he brings in the clip below you see how much it adds to the experience It has just the right amount of energy and is very contextual It makes you feel like you are watching a live event and not a bunch of stitched lines of dialogue Also most importantly the crowd needs to sound excited or disappointed about whatever dunk is done or awful judge score is given If you ve watched the past couple of years contests you can tell just how a dead crowd kills both the dunker and your personal viewing pleasure INTANGIBLES This is the part of the article where I play All of the

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  • Spawn On Me | It’s 4AM, Do You Know Where Your Children Are?
    together or you can go into the creator and get down to the nitty gritty The aforementioned gritty takes place on what Lead Designer Rowan Parker calls the Virtual Audio Canvas This canvas is represented on screen by different tapestries that move in sync with both the music and your motions Each of the move s four buttons correspond with each instrument of the different tracks The square button might be a baseline while the circle might be a synth Adding in solos and loops by holding a button or dragging in a instrument from the corners of your virtual space adds to the complexity or simplicity of the song you are performing y sWpS1WZ7SoA height 400 Everytime you launch into the create space your routine is being broadcast live to anyone who might be using the live viewer at that time This is one of the reasons why I like this game so much the ability to have what you are doing be heard by others in real time adds a level of both excitement and a small bit of anxiety to the mix People can follow you and also give you feedback in the form of Kudos If viewers are digging what you are doing a set of equalizer type bars will rise from the bottom of the screen The instant feedback gave me an idea if a specific drum loop or one hit loop was connecting with the crowd I think I would have made Girl Talk or Tiesto proud You can download the free viewer if you are curious or just want to be a voyeur but if you want to gain international fame a price of 10 USD will get you a lot for your money 10 tracks that you can manipulate Twitter and Facebook

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  • Spawn On Me | The Beautiful Game
    look is not really a good argument Because you can easily think of some movies that are not artistic but feature some beautiful and artistic images The images themselves may be art but that movie is not It s like saying a theater play is a work of art just because of how beautiful the scene props are No it s a combination of all of those pictures sounds screenplay etc but the most important is what s exclusively characteristic of theater the performance of actors and the way a director chose to interpret the story If you saw a movie Dogville that play would be a work of art in theater although there is almost no scenery http 1 bp blogspot com e2vCMsCWBf8 TTNoJW6LMnI AAAAAAAAJzg mkazNVh4toE s1600 dogville21 jpg I think the same goes with games Sure games can be beautiful have great story but if gameplay is bad it s not important For me the way Fumito Ueda composed The Shadow of the Colossus is maestral And for me it s a work of art It made me feel strong emotions and told the story in just a right way for me The sound design is stellar and everything is so atmospheric But not only that The way he designed the controls making you hold the button when you want Wander to hold onto a ledge or colossi is really adding to the overall immersion The clumsiness of Wander s movement the stubborn horse Also the rhythm of the overall game the slow and silent wandering before the epic fight IMHO there are many artistic achievements in that game most of which can not be really defined and point at But the most important for me are the ones that are unique to a video game experience that can t be expressed with other artistic mediums Flower also comes to mind The mere controls evoke genuine emotions They are simple and feel true Just like that holding onto the ledge in SOTC feels true There are many games with great story great visuals or great music But honestly those emotions that these games evoke could easily be evoked by a movie a book a play a painting or a concert There are many games that I played only for music I feel exactly the same now when I find those on youtube and just listen to the music But no matter how much I listen to the fantastic score of SOTC the feeling is incomplete Wow that was a long post I hope it was worth it It comes from an architect with formal artistic education who s also a gamer so I guess I m not making uninformed statements Cheers December 22 2011 at 10 58 am Kahlief Adams Reply We appreciate well thought out comments so please comment away I have the same feelings about certain games or even certain levels of games In MGS4 for instance the microwave scene was so awesome for that reason

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