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  • Spawn On Me | Sparking Creativity
    in incredibly complex ways The possibilities are virtually limitless y Tnr6NA8YOkY height 400 When I first learned of this game at 2013 s Electronic Entertainment Expo E3 I was intrigued but not necessarily excited Like Little Big Planet before it I was intrigued by the idea that I could create games from the depths of my imagination but found the execution to be daunting and or limiting It was with much trepidation therefore that I redeemed my beta key for Project Spark and entered the tutorial Within 5 minutes of use my trepidation turned to intrigue In 10 minutes my intrigue morphed into unbridled excitement Episode 4 of the Spawn On Me podcast featured an interview with indie game developer Shawn Alexander Allen and his upcoming beat em up RPG Treachery In Beatdown City One of the most controversial elements of the game is the fact that the protagonists are minorities It wasn t until it was mentioned that I really thought critically about the lack of minority non stereotypical protagonists If you exclude games where gamers have the choice of main character there have only been a handful of games where the campaign s story is told from the point of view of a person of color Even fewer of those games present a protagonist that isn t stereotypical Prototype 2 s James Heller is a Iraq war veteran and Prey s Tommy is a mechanic and also an Army vet Even The Walking Dead The Game s Lee Everett who is a professor by trade is also a convicted double murderer by the time we meet him I think about my son completing his junior year of high school and the pride he displayed in his RoBlox game creations Project Spark has the potential to not only allow him to create more sophisticated versions of the games he created years ago but also has the ability to evolve his pastime to a passion and then potentially to a profession There s a whole generation of young gamers who haven t been burdened with the knowledge of decades worth of gaming They can produce ideas that have as of yet been conceived It makes me terribly excited for the future of gaming that users have the ability to define the experiences their peers will enjoy As Shawn Allen s foundation plainly states You Can Make Games Too y 9FbBopPLFz0 height 400 What the future holds for the free to play Project Spark is completely up to the community Will they take to it Will there be compelling gameplay mechanics that we ve never seen before in gaming If the past is any indicator the answer is an emphatic Yes I m eager to see the first ametuer game creator who gets a job making games as a result of their Project Spark masterpiece What do you guys think Have you joined the beta and have some thoughts Are you as excited for the future as I am Let me

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  • Spawn On Me | Spawn On Me Episode 5: Xbox One Comes Out Of Beta & Photon?
    Plus many many more SPOILER WARNING We discuss some plot points from The Last of Us Left Behind DLC Time Stamps 00 00 Intro 18 05 Left Behind DLC spoiler discussion begins 24 45 Left Behind DLC spoiler discussion ends 28 05 Dead Nation s Broadcast Plus discussion 32 50 The show goes COMPLETELY off the rails 37 00 We remember we re doing a gaming podcast 39 25 Indiecade East wrapup 50 50 Music Break 1 07 20 Is Stubby Stan a whiny bastard Please rate and subscribe to Spawn on Me on iTunes Stitcher Radio or via RSS Tweet at US Cicero Kahlief SpawnPointBlog Twitter Spawn On Me Podcast Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window Click to share on Twitter Opens in new window Click to share on Tumblr Opens in new window Click to share on Google Opens in new window Click to share on Reddit Opens in new window Like this Like Loading Related Tags DLC gaming IndieCade IndieCade East iTunes Music Podcast The Last Of US Twitter Xbox Xbox One 4 Comments Glen Jupiter Jr Reply Another good show Had to pass on the spoiler though lol March 4 2014 at 1

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  • Spawn On Me | Spawn On Me Episode 2: Beta Boogaloo
    Artist Gorilla Palm Don Most https soundcloud com gorillapalmdonmost If you liked this episode please rate and subscribe to us on iTunes Stitcher Radio or via RSS y CjYEi4PEqF4 height 400 Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window Click to share on Twitter Opens in new window Click to share on Tumblr Opens in new window Click to share on Google Opens in new window Click to share

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  • Spawn On Me | OlliOlli Mixes Up A Salad Grind Of Awesome
    daunting you quickly learn the cadence of pulling off a move then adding a quick grind to build speed and momentum This inertia is important both for finishing the level and clearing upcoming gaps in the track The learning curve can be steep if you want to complete each level s task but man is it satisfying when you do Seeing your score grow with each perfected trick never gets old and committing each stage to memory so you can get better scores is never tiresome y zzv8Pgyot2s height 400 I m Better Than You Taking a page from the genius that is Spelunky s daily challenges Roll7 added their own version for OlliOlli They even did one better by letting you practice your run before having to take on that particular day s course I ve found that weirdly no matter how much I practice it adds an extra level of angst to my daily run I get so nervous trying to put up a good score that I wind up falling on my face way earlier than I d like even with that said I m really happy the option is in there The Award For Whoever was in charge of music for this game needs to be hugged promoted and paraded through the Canyon of Heroes I ts been a very long time since I ve played a game where the fusion of soundtrack and gameplay worked so flawlessly together Pulsating bass y tracks featuring various genres ranging from Electronic to Bebop Jazz are there to soak in and add to the total experience If you would like to check out some of the songs go here Check out track number eight Long Arm from The Roots it is by far my favorite and is REDONKULOUSLY DOPE

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  • Spawn On Me | Spawn On Me Ep1: Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself
    some point I love the wii u but Nintendo has made many missteps with marketing finding a target audience January 27 2014 at 11 11 pm thespawnpointblog Reply We will totally discuss some of that on the show I had a Wii but gave it away a couple of months after seeing how little it offered me But we can totally talk about is January 28 2014 at 3 10 pm Arobin10 Reply Sorry I meant wii u but I m definitely looking forward to hearing discussion on it the other consoles titles January 28 2014 at 9 33 pm Cicero Holmes Reply I felt a little dirty not mentioning the WiiU as if it doesn t exist Not having the console I ve missed out on one of the best games of the year in Super Mario World Having said that I think I have some very strong feelings about where Nintendo is as home console maker in the current gaming environment SPOILER ALERT It s not overwhelmingly positive But accentuating the positives not so virtues of the system the system maker is absolutely something we ll tackle on the show January 30 2014 at 3 31 am Colin Fisher Reply Well I had to give it a listen for my main man Cicero You guys were talking about the amount of people that you usually play with within a group whilst gaming I think it depends on the experience In squad based gameplay like Battlefield 4 where your squad can really help determine the outcome of the game I think having a core of 5 playing together and communicating well is paramount I also think this group size caters towards the console crowd really well The 4 8 player amount works really well for keeping a close group that works well together However The best gaming experiences I ve EVER had And Cicero knows I ve played a LOT of games a LOT too many have been in DayZ and World of Warcraft And both of those have been with large groups Now in DayZ we had a group of 16 and we had a night of repairing a chopper To put it into a nutshell we repaired the chopper were scared to death of dying had hackers attack us tried to take a screenshot together hackers shot down the chopper while said screenshot was happening laughs were had tears were shed But my ultimate gaming experience as much as I hate to admit it was in World of Warcraft defeating the Four Horseman boss encounter with a 40 man raid It was a boss encounter that required all 40 people that were playing to be coordinating and communicating with extreme efficiency We spent months refining our strategy and when we finally killed the boss it was the biggest sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that we ve ever had in all of gaming So to wrap it up I believe that small groups are the more convenient group

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  • Spawn On Me | The 7 games this year that got us in the mood for Kwanzaa
    the formation of a pirate government in an attempt to become self sufficient and although ultimately unsuccessful it definitely galvanized the people of the Caribbean The fulfillment of the dream of rising to prominence is seen in the Freedom Cry DLC which sees Adéwalé Edward s former first mate in command of his own ship purchased with the spoils from his time on the Jackdaw y dDl5VOgeT s height 400 Ujamaa Cooperative Economics There are times when you have to blaze a trail for others instead of walking the established path There are times when the idea you have is one you believe in but one you are having trouble getting others to believe in enough to support financially Do you give up when that happens NO You make it happen anyway Now you re not confined by constraints of anyone else but you I m sure the myriad independent game developers within the gaming space can relate to these obstacles and triumphs As gamers we re better off because of them The Ujamaa game of 2013 Resogun The Playstation 4 exclusive Resogun is from developer Housemarque developer of Super Stardust HD and Super Stardust Delta Like the Super Stardust series it s a twin stick shooter that keeps you confined to a certain world though this time it s more a cylinder than a globe You choose your ship each with different attributes to fight off waves of invading alien ships while trying to save the galaxy s last surviving humans Think of this as if the arcade classic Defender and the aforementioned Super Stardust were mashed together into a beautiful masterpiece something gorgeous challenging and fun This is a game that should not be missed y XNIsKC1YDYo height 400 Nia Purpose What do you do It s one of the first question we ask someone we re meeting for the first time What we re really asking is How are you supporting yourself What ARE we doing Once we hit a certain age our purpose in life is a question we invariably ask ourselves What if the world as we know it has come to an end What would your purpose for life be then Would you cherish all other life that you find or would you selfishly destroy everything to preserve yourself The Nia game of 2013 The Last of Us Regarded by many as an evolutionary step in storytelling and visual fidelity Sony owned studio Naughty Dog s Playstation 3 exclusive The Last of Us begins by introducing us to our male protagonist Joel on the day after his birthday A bacterial fungus has turned most of civilization into infected violent not humans I refuse to call them the Z word The Infected force Joel and his daughter from their home Racked with fear guards shoot and kill Joel s daughter as they seek refuge in one of the quarantine zones Fast forward 20 years Joel has become a smuggler and through a series of unfortunate

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  • Spawn On Me | Next-Gen Is Starting Off With A Bang
    ones who already have Playstation Plus accounts will be able to load up their system day one and play this gorgeous SHUMP from the folks that brought you Super Stardust HD I ve been asked a couple of times what are my most anticipated next gen launch games and this one is always at the top of my list I haven t seen the game running in person but from every video I ve seen it has all the whiz bang glittery bits that you d expect from a launch game plus a solid quarter muncher foundation I CANNOT wait to get my hands on Resogun y RvBwuzdatrc height 400 PS4 TO PS VITA FUNCTIONALITY As a one TV family there are many nights when the battle royale between Grey s Anatomy and Grand Theft Auto is waged My loving and caring wife usually lets me blow off all my steam via gaming but there are nights when we let Shonda hang out and we listen to her spin her sordid tales of forbidden hospital love During those nights I either crawl under the covers in the bedroom and cry or I play on my PC But now with this improved level of remote play in theory I should be able to continue some of my gameplay while she has control of the TV When the PS4 was announced and the talk of some new level of connectivity between the two devices emerged it absolutely was one of the main factors in my next gen purchase I can only hope that during the life cycle they really put their money where their mouth is on this front because it would really create the ecosystem that many Sony enthusiasts have been looking for y spEqbZmDcng height 400 NBA 2K14 Last but certainly not least is my most anticipated launch game Putting aside that I m a huge basketball fan I really think that 2K Sports is giving gamers its true preview of what console gaming will look like in the future with their title Their latest video showcases some more of the ridiculous player modeling and detail they ve been able to achieve and shows how these new consoles open up the possibilities for even more immersive and emotive players on court Everything from lighting to movement looks like it has gotten a overhaul Players plant their feet realistically and emote like their real life counterparts If they can nail the presentation bits and pieces they can build upon the empire where they already reign y 5BJR6z1W7Ew height 400 Gamers and critics have been very cynical about any and everything imaginable lately and I honestly don t get it We are about to embark on a new and exciting time and developers are plugging away on games that we may or may not love but it IS the time in which new ideas are hopefully being formed Console gamers will have a level of graphic fidelity in their set top boxes

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  • Spawn On Me | We Won A Black Web Blog Award!!
    the shine I believe they deserve I can t believe we ve been live for almost two years already and are now starting to hit our stride It s been a really interesting ride but with the help of friends family and our amazing audience we are growing and getting bigger There are some ideas I ve been thinking about implementing and hopefully you ll see that fruit soon That info will come to light soon but I again really want to thank everyone for helping me meet and obtain this goal Everyone who voted for us shared information opened doors and shared valuable advice We couldn t have done this without you and we want you to be a part of this BUT FOR NOW IT IS TIME TO DANCE Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window Click to share on Twitter Opens in new window Click to share on Tumblr Opens in new window Click to share on Google Opens in new window Click to share on Reddit Opens in new window Like this Like Loading Related Tags 2013 Games gaming People 5 Comments Mineeva Reply BOO FREAKIN YAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH Knew you could do it My heartfelt

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