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  • Spawn On Me | Xbox One
    showed gamers a bunch of titles that are coming up for their next gen system and here are the ones I found most compelling SUNSET OVERDRIVE y FqJdZQPBDF0 height 400 A gorgeous vibrant art style Multiple user created weapons or at least user inspired designs might be implemented Seems to take place huge spaces with cool ways to traverse Looks like gleeful destruction tone of the game looks very light Quantum Break y E087GDdXYl4 height 400 Alan Wake style episodic format connected to a TV online show Real next gen graphic leap Looks like it will be really interesting with time manipulation story telling Can t wait to see what gameplay will look like if action oriented or more story based Project Spark y m37sVEgJrOA height 400 Amazing sandbox for kids Kinect and Smartglass capable Looks like a great gateway for children to learn game creation Wants to go head to head with Sony s LittleBigPlanet Below y Cg4NdftZGY height 400 I hope it s not Xbox Exclusive although a great get on the indie front Love the art and music from the Sword and Sworcery folks Great logo and graphic design by Cory Schmitz Sound Shapers Already have a pedigree of putting out amazing games with immerse quirky stories TitanFall y z5sqPxbLmIU height 400 MS killer app Looked amazing quick responsive everything you expect from a COD game Respawn Mechs looked really dope and super fun to control Traversal looked really good and clean Hopefully Mech Human combat will be balanced This should be a pretty strong launch lineup when the Xbox One comes out later this year I can t wait to see what other treats they have up their sleeve What games perked your interest are you buying a Xbox One at launch Let us know what games you d like to see on this list in the comments below Read More UPDATE Xbox One Is Taking Over Your Living Room May 21 2013 3 Comments The new Xbox has been revealed to the world and it is clear at least for now that this new box is more about taking over your living room as a all in one media hub than it is about being the game machine we ve all hoped it would be The Xbox One wants to be the Picture in Picture live TV Skype monster that you might have been waiting for but with a smattering of games announced at this presser we can only hope that E3 will provide the stage for games that we want Most of the Kinect functionality like live switching looked cool but gimmicky and not for mainstream gamers I m still not sold on voice commands for most of my console needs and going this route makes me want to see the interface and navigation even more Lots of unknown factors are still abound backwards compatibility is a huge one and I wonder if the addition of a Blu Ray drive might kill hopes for that They might figure a cloud based solution but nothing has been discussed yet UPDATE A Polygon com article just relayed that message that backwards compatibility will NOT be in the Xbox One due to hardware architecture changes Don Mattrick has killed the notion of the always on box in a interview shortly after the press conference with Geoff Keighley of Gametrailers com but information popping up on Wired com states that secondhand players will have to pay a fee to play games already purchased Wired reports that game discs must first be installed onto the Xbox One and if owners want to use the disc with a second account that owner would be given the option to pay a fee and install the game from the disc This suggests that once installed games may no longer require their discs This sounds like a direct blow to the used market held by Gamestop and possibly Gamefly and depending on the price of said fee could hurt gamers as well A couple of game announcements like a new Forza game a new IP called Quantum Break by Remedy studios formerly Infinity Ward head honchos showed little and will presumably get more shine during the E3 conference EA Sports dropped some new info on all of their franchises with a montage of what graphical advancements have been made It looked impressive but not overly so Also MS revealed that they will have their own version of the share functionality that Sony showed earlier this year No snappy name as of yet but I m sure it s coming Overall the presser was decent The box physically doesn t wow me and is HUGE the services don t jump out at me and we won t see any games for another three weeks I think they had a great chance to capitalize on the things Sony missed out on and they just didn t hit the mark like I d hoped We will continue to follow up on whatever new findings come about and share them with you once they drop so continue to check out the site for updates and new news It looks like E3 this year will have lots in store and hopefully some new and exciting games for all of us to salivate over Let us know what you thought of the conference any takeaways you found interesting and also anything you are excited disappointed about below Here is the reveal video y E6Bn6fWM height 400 Here is the Press Release from MS that breaks down a bunch of the bits and pieces REDMOND Wash May 21 2013 A new vision for the future comes to life today as Microsoft Corp unveils Xbox One the all in one gaming and entertainment system created for today and the next generation At Microsoft headquarters in Redmond Wash the company showcased how Xbox One puts you at the center of all your games TV movies music sports and Skype Xbox One is

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  • Spawn On Me | On My #E3 Radar: CounterSpy
    wild on what this game could be The game in question is called Counterspy an upcoming title from San Francisco based Devs Dynamighty This espionage tale mashes classic action side scrolling with a gorgeous art style reminiscent of old school James Bond movies The distinct Cold War Era visual style fleshes out the world in which you play the role of a super spy trying to save the world from mass destruction In an interview on the Playstation Blog Lead Designer David Nottingham gives us the back story As an elite member of C O U N T E R your goal is to infiltrate sabotage and strike at the heart of two opposing Super Powers embroiled in a frenetic Arms Race that threatens the existence of humanity You are countering the insane plans of these Cold War foes raiding their seemingly impregnable bases and undermining their mad military machinations all before they can launch their ever more ridiculous weapons of mass destruction against each other I for one love to see games like this on the market and when it comes out you will be able to pick it up on PS3 PS Vita or Mobile devices To get

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  • Spawn On Me | 82: Who in the Sessler is Sammie?!?
    iTunes Stitcher SoundCloud Leave a Review Clammr It Subscribe via RSS Subscribe on Android It s a spooky scary time of the year in Brookago So it s a no better time to bring back our newest minister Adam Sessler Adam has so many great things going on and we get right into to it Between his new movie Lumberjack Man and his excitement about the kickstarter upcoming video game Friday the 13th The Sess is everywhere What would a show with Adam Kahlief Cicero and Shareef be if there wasn t a ridiculous amount of hilarity Enjoy episode 82 of the Spawn On Me Podcast Show links Check and support the Friday The 13th Kickstarter Go buy Lumberjack Man Follow Adam Sessler on Twitter Support Spawn On Me Help future proof Spawn On Me Donate to our Patreon Get your Spawn On Me Merch Review us on iTunes Follow us on Twitter Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window Click to share on Twitter Opens in new window Click to share on Tumblr Opens in new window Click to share on Google Opens in new window Click to share on Reddit Opens in new window Like this

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  • Spawn On Me | 83: Nobody Cares About Your Game
    in Brookago as Cicero and Kahlief talk about some this season s big titles Are people even excited for their release and in the case of Batman Arkham Knight re release We also get into the quagmire that is YouTube Red And what s this new thing that Mike Bithel is working on This and much more on the latest episode of Spawn On Me Click to share on Facebook

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  • Spawn On Me | FireWatch
    celebrate than to bring on one of our favorite writers from one our favorite outlets Laura Hudson of Wired Slate and the sadly now defunct OffWorld joins us this week in Brookago We dig into the impact that Offworld has had on gaming journalism and storytelling what it was like to team up with Leigh Alexander to foster this space for diversity and how these stories affect the gaming landscape

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  • Spawn On Me | leigh alexander
    and how these stories affect the gaming landscape for the future In our Breakdown we talk about the beauty of inactivity and how Zelda has forever changed the way games are made Show links Check out Laura on Twitter Check out Laura s newest piece on FireWatch Zelda Turns 30 What have we learned The Beauty Of Inactivity Listen to our last episode Support Spawn On Me Help future proof Spawn On Me Donate to our Patreon Get your Spawn On Me Merch Review us on iTunes Follow us on Twitter Read More Spawn On Me Podcast 91 A Brookago Retrospective January 5 2016 0 Comments Listen Here 1 30 31 Download Listen in a New Window iTunes Stitcher SoundCloud Leave a Review Clammr It Subscribe via RSS Subscribe on Android The new year is upon us and it only felt right for us to get a bit introspective On this very special episode Kah Cee take a look back on the amazing year that was 2015 in Brookago We compiled some of the most poignant thought provoking and absolutely hilarious moments from our shows and present them to you Whether you re a lifelong Brookagoan freshly moved in tenant

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  • Spawn On Me | The Last Of US
    my favorite gaming characters and franchises As I wrote in my Saint s Row 4 review he totally changed my created character and thus my experience with that game for the better just by voicing my avatar But I think at this moment in the world of voice acting especially within the gaming sphere Troy Baker is the cream of the crop and I would love to see him combine his talents with the Naughty Dog staff I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below or on social media If there are any other roles you think Baker might be a great fit for I would love to hear that as well Read More You Do Have Things To Play Ya Big Baby August 8 2013 1 Comment dropcap style 4 text A round this time of year the yells from the mountaintop are numerous and deafening from gamers about how they don t have anything to play Well we at the TheSpawnPoint are going to do you a favor and tell you what to play until you all get your grubby hands on all that luscious next gen hardware in a couple of months THE WALKING DEAD 400 DAYS The bridge between TellTale s blockbuster hit Walking dead game and its sequel comes in the form of this small but awesome game called 400 Days You as the player come across a gas station with a bulletin board with numerous pictures and messages This serves as the character select screen for you to experience the vignetted backstory and journeys of the upcoming games cast Although shorter than the episodes of the first game the stories feel fresh and fleshed out In classic Walking Dead style you will be put in some hand wringing situations that will leave your hands petrified while trying to figure out the right thing to do The game leaves you off right in the perfect spot salivating for more It s a great quick play and for fans of the series is just what we wanted BIOSHOCK INFINITE DLC My feels on this game are already well documented but with incoming DLC the game is going to be even better Clash in the Clouds is the first morsel from the Season Pass to be released and its super fun Traversing over and around the gamespaces on the ziplines feels great the arena combat although a tad repetitive gives the player a massive amount of challenge Blue Ribbon Challenges in fact are your motivation and the bane of your existence Performing certain tasks while dispatching baddies gives you a score boot and some personal bragging rights while you try to top the global leaderboards The DLC is a entertaining tide you over until the narrative stuff comes down the pipe I wish it had a little more to offer than stationary figure models and background music but it still can provide hours of enjoyable gaming y 9AY53zao4RA height 400 DRAGON S CROWN Right

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  • Spawn On Me | amazon
    Reporter Jessica Conditt to Brookago and talk about her journalism journey Why was Justice Scalia s gaming defense an interesting side to his overall legacy We also explore what other hip hop stars we d like to see play in fighting game tournaments Show links Check out Jessica on Twitter Check out Jessica s Gaming While Black Article Lupe beat Diago Listen to our last episode Support Spawn On Me Help future proof Spawn On Me Donate to our Patreon Get your Spawn On Me Merch Review us on iTunes Follow us on Twitter Read More Twitchizon Amaitch Twitch has been Acquired by Amazon August 25 2014 0 Comments In the deal that nobody saw coming Twitch was acquired by Amazon com today for a sum reported to be around 1B What does this mean for the gaming community going forward Time will tell If they integrate such fantastic things as their Prime service into a video game streaming website things can get real crazy real fast And will Bezos light a fire under the heels of the Twitch team and finally get long standing issues like chat ironed out Will Twitch raise the maximum bitrate allowed currently 3500kbps now

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