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  • Spawn On Me | sony
    surface is smooth and doesn t have that thumb grating mesh that the nub of the old PSP had They are raised just enough to give you the movement you need but don t interfere with the system s profile They feel like scaled down versions of Dualshock sticks which is definitely a good thing Two slightly convex handholds are placed on the back of the device and provide a comfortable place to rest your hands It did take a little bit of getting used to to figure out the exact way to orient your hands when playing with both sticks especially because I didn t want to drop it but after a minute or two it felt like playing any other PSP Interacting with the front and back touch screens showed just how responsive the system was and how nice they both feel Although very smudge prone they had just enough tactile feel to make you know that they serve a purpose Launching Pad Vita launching well is going to be very dependent on the titles that come out when it drops on Valentine s Day I would say that the Vita might have one of the strongest launch lineups a handheld has ever had Some of those games were playable at the Social Club that night and from what one of the reps said they will rotate games in and out for the six week period the club will be open Some of the games there that night were Hot Shots Golf Reality Fighters Modnation Racers LittleBigPlanet2 Sound Shapes and Uncharted I believe Sony s platform is amazing for indie developers so I ran over to Sound Shapes by Jonathan Mak maker of Everyday Shooter and tried it out for a bit Due to time constraints I jumped on a game already in progress and unfortunately didn t get a chance to go through the tutorial but I can say that what I did play was cute fun and really interesting It seemed like they mixed a platformer with a music game Going from screen to screen rolling or jumping on objects and characters added new sounds and beats to the delightful soundtrack I m not sure what your mission is but I really would love some more time with that game Next up was Reality Fighters After seeing the AR games that came with the 3DS I wanted to see what Sony had up its sleeve I picked up a copy and let it run for a bit Again I didn t have a chance to run through the controls but the Augmented Reality was awesome You tell the Vita to pick a ground point and it uses the camera to project the background under your fighters You can move the camera around the gamespace in real time to change things up as well The game felt really responsive it looked great and the ability to import your face into the game worked quickly and seamlessly I

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  • Spawn On Me | Spawn On Me Episode 52: Galloping Games Developer Conference
    meet greet over at the Galloping Ghost Arcade We even have an interview with the owner Doc Mack Cee has a review of the Xbox exclusive Screamride and there s a return of the Breakdown So much happens it must be heard to be believed Guest Info gghostarcade shareefjackson Don t Forget to Follow Us stubbystan kahjahkins spawnonme spawnpointblog dantherobot If you like what we are doing let us know by subscribing to us on Soundcloud iTunes Podomatic and Stitcher Send all email feedback feedback thespawnpointblog com Donate for more Dopeness like this Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window Click to share on Twitter Opens in new window Click to share on Tumblr Opens in new window Click to share on Google Opens in new window Click to share on Reddit Opens in new window Like this Like Loading Related Tags Games interview Review shareef jackson thespawnpointblog com Xbox 1 Comment spookymulderfbi Reply Gentlemen great cast as always Re ScreamRide I definitely agree about the price tag I personally would love to see something more like Bullfrog s old Theme Park game in the xbox marketplace awesome shout out btw Theme Hospital is also super fun and

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  • Spawn On Me | Episode 46: “Retro”actively Speaking
    streaming might mean to consumers and try to figure out if all MMO s should just go free to play after Elder Scrolls decides to drop subscriptions Before we boogie out of episode 46 we ask the age old question Are videogames too long Check out RETRO MAG http readretro com Follow Daniel https twitter com danielkayser Don t Forget to Follow Us stubbystan kahjahkins spawnonme spawnpointblog dantherobot If you like what we are doing let us know by subscribing to us on Soundcloud iTunes Podomatic and Stitcher Send all email feedback feedback thespawnpointblog com Donate for more Dopeness like this Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window Click to share on Twitter Opens in new window Click to share on Tumblr Opens in new window Click to share on Google Opens in new window Click to share on Reddit Opens in new window Like this Like Loading Related Tags Elder Scrolls Game gaming Microsoft MMO thespawnpointblog com Twitter videogames Xbox Xbox One 2 Comments Medium Punch Reply Yo Came across your blog during a random event of is there anything worth reading on kotaku gawker network when I saw the Black Lives Matter stream event Listened to

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  • Spawn On Me | Spawn On Me Episode 42: I Challenge You To Duel…Marksman
    s desire to play some of Cicero s old 360 games We talk heists being added to Grand Theft Auto Online and Halo 5 s beta We also forecast the fun that was had at our 42 Lounge meet greet Finally we announce the name of our SOMGOTY winner Don t Forget to Follow Us stubbystan kahjahkins spawnonme spawnpointblog dantherobot rogisxlegit If you like what we are doing let us

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  • Spawn On Me | GTA V Next Gen drops on November 18th!
    type http loc www rockstargames com V www rockstargames com V to see the all new trailer today from 9 00 a m Eastern Time Grand Theft Auto V for PlayStation 4 Xbox One and PC will feature a range of major visual and technical upgrades to make Los Santos and Blaine County more immersive than ever In addition to increased draw distances and higher resolution players can expect a range of additions and improvements including New activities New weapons New vehicles Additional wildlife Denser traffic New foliage system Enhanced damage and weather effects and much more Grand Theft Auto V for PlayStation 4 Xbox One and PC will also feature enhanced radio selections with over 100 additional new songs and new DJ mixes from returning DJs across the game s 17 radio stations All players who pre order the game will receive 1 000 000 in game cash to spend across Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online A host of new exclusive content also awaits for players returning from the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions including rare versions of classic vehicles to collect from across the Grand Theft Auto series such as the Dukes the Dodo Seaplane and a faster more maneuverable Blimp activities including wildlife photography and new shooting range challenges new weapons and more Enhancements to Grand Theft Auto Online include an increased player count with online play now for up to 30 players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One All existing gameplay upgrades and Rockstar created content released since the launch of Grand Theft Auto Online will also be available for the PlayStation 4 Xbox One and PC with much more to come Existing players on PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 will be able to transfer their current Grand Theft Auto Online

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  • Spawn On Me | Bundles of Xbox One Bundles
    in English Sunset Overdrive Bundle Also announced today at the Xbox Gamescom conference the Sunset Overdrive Xbox One bundle contains the version of the console that many people were enamored with when it was first shown late last year That s right the white Xbox One that was originally given only to employees of Xbox at the console s launch will now be made commercially available in this bundle Scheduled to be released on the game s October 28th release date this bundle will contain a white version of the Xbox One console a white Xbox One controller a headset HDMI cable a digital copy of the game and all Day One content for Sunset Overdrive No word on if the chat headset will also be white This bundle will cost 399 99 in the United States 349 99 in British pounds and 399 99 Euros This bundle will not be available with the Kinect peripheral Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Bundle The last and most different console bundle announced today is the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Xbox One bundle This bundle features an specially Call of Duty Advanced Warfare skinned version of the Xbox One a similarly skinned Xbox One controller with special sound effects a chat headset HDMI cable and a 1 TB internal hard drive instead of the standard 500 GB versions Additionally a digital Day Zero copy of the game with all of the benefits that come along with this edition of the game plus additional in game content This bundle will release on November 3rd to coincide with the Day Zero release of the game and will cost 499 99 in the United States 429 99 in British Pounds and 499 99 Euros This bundle will not be available with the Kinect peripheral So

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  • Spawn On Me | 8 Minutes of Quantum Break Gameplay…But Will You Want to Play It?
    I do in X FPS is shoot enemies why would I want to do that August 13 2014 at 1 33 pm Cicero Holmes Reply There are plenty of games where the mechanic is new fresh Super Mario Bros when it was released was incredibly innovative the game mechanics were very compelling You obviously haven t listened to our podcast Spawn On Me because there we say don t play Watch Dogs because of exactly what you re saying August 13 2014 at 3 49 pm spideynut71 Reply There are plenty of games where the mechanic is new fresh Name just 5 August 13 2014 at 4 58 pm Cicero Holmes Reply This exercise is silly but I ll indulge 1 The aforementioned Super Mario Bros 2 Pac Man 3 Galaga 4 Max Payne 5 Gears of War If perhaps you were talking about current titles over the last few years 1 Heavy Rain 2 Dance Central 3 Batman Arkham Asylum 4 Mass Effect Series 5 Grand Theft Auto V August 13 2014 at 5 37 pm spideynut71 Um yeah I was talking about current games since we re talking about NEW innovative gameplay And what exactly is innovative about all of those games HR is just one long QT event Batman AA Mass Effect and GTAV are you serious Dance Central is of course innovative because of no controller so I ll give you that 1 but 1 game is far from plenty August 13 2014 at 6 02 pm Cicero Holmes Heavy Rain was more than just a QT event The story and the fact that any of the protagonist could die had never been seen before Batman AA was the first superhero game that was truly great Never before had players been able to actually FEEL as powerful as the Dark Knight Plus Detective mode was innovative truly compelling Mass Effect I don t even think this needs to be explained The greatest RPG series of the last 10 years easily GTA V The ability to switch between the three main characters screamed gimmick when announced but it couldn t be more wrong Not only did it work but switching between characters always brought you into new funny in the case of Trevor bizarre situations August 13 2014 at 7 02 pm spideynut71 1 How was the story innovative and 2 the protagonist being able to die had never been seen before WTF kind of drugs are you on Sure you could carry on with another character which was new but it also ruined the game for many people That s not an innovative feature many other devs would ever bother copying Actually the Spider man 2 movie game is widely considered the first great superhero game The CQC was better more fluid than any other game had done to that point but nothing truly innovative I loved the ME games but what exactly was the innovative part The dialogue choices was done very well but as

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  • Spawn On Me | Xbox
    is as easy as pushing the controller s Xbox button twice This will bring up the Snap Center apps list This option is perhaps not as quick as saying Xbox snap but is much easier than some of the other controller based operating alternatives so far Like Video Clips In an effort to make user created video clips more social users will be able to like clips using the Smartglass app currently only available using the Smartglass beta app As of right now the only place to see the likes is via the Smartglass app Perhaps a big screen addition will be made in a future update New Language Settings Now Kiwis the Irish and Austrians will be able to control their Xbox Ones using their native dialects Austrian German New Zealand and Irish English are now selectable language choices You do not have to live in those areas to choose those languages either How do you say Xbox Record That in German Somebody please tell me So there you have it These are the new additions that Xbox One users can look forward to next month No official release date has been given but we ll be sure to update you if and when we do find out Do these additions make you a happy owner Do you feel like Microsoft isn t doing enough Let us know in the comments below Read More Forza Horizon 2 is Today s Intentional E3 Leak from Microsoft June 2 2014 1 Comment Playground Studios maker of the surprisingly fun Forza Horizon announced today via IGN that the rumored sequel is indeed a reality and will be shown at next week s Electronic Entertainment Expo E3 Forza Horizon 2 will be a joint venture with Playground Studios and the Forza Motorsports series maker Turn 10 Studios and will have a version of its big brother s Drivatar feature set The game will feature hundreds of vehicles headlined by the 2015 Lamborghini Huracan Like its predecessor the centerpiece is the Horizon Music festival so expect to hear lots of great tracks as you drive around the vistas of southern Europe A weather system is also scheduled to make its debut a first for a Forza game Forza Horizon 2 is scheduled to be released on the Xbox One and the Xbox 360 this fall Sumo Digital will be making the 360 version while the folks at Playground run lead development for the Xbox One This announcement pushes yet another game out of the rumor category and into the confirmed column for E3 which begs the question What s left for Microsoft at E3 Quantum Break has been pushed to 2015 and is rumored to not have a big presence if any at E3 Sunset Overdrive released several gameplay videos in advance of their press conference demo Now Forza Horizon 2 is being announced early How many other exclusive titles can we expect to see from Redmond come their June 9th press conference It s been confirmed that there will be a 2014 release within the Halo series but whether it s the suspected Halo 2 Anniversary or the rumored Halo The Master Chief Collection is anyone s guess Is this really enough to garner the mindshare of the gamers and other onlookers for arguably the biggest gaming news day of the year I don t think so It s already known that the Sony first party title The Order 1886 has been delayed to 2015 leaving the one exclusive title that we know about from the Japanese game maker being the already delayed Drive Club The news of the Sony delays put Microsoft in a very good position seemingly desperate for positive momentum going into E3 but it looks like they re unnecessarily deflating their own hype balloon by announcing so many things early Are you still excited for the E3 console press conferences What games would you like to see that haven t been announced confirmed as of yet Let us know in the comments below Read More New Xbox New Xbox Experience May 29 2014 0 Comments The Xbox One update 1406 has just been released to beta previewers and it looks to be one of the more significant outward facing updates yet What s in a Name In another move that shows that Sony s Playstation 4 is heading in the right direction one of the first inclusions in the update is the ability for users to use their real names online Soon the days of wondering who RighteousBong69 is will soon be over That is if he chooses Users will have the option of providing their real name to all of their friends none of their friends or any combination therein No you cannot choose just your Favorites as of yet but it s already been suggested to Microsoft so it may make it s way into the update by the time it s released to the public Additionally the user will have the option to allow friends of friends to see your real name in the hopes that friends once removed will see it and add you All the Space You Need FINALLY external storage has come to the Xbox One External storage support promised before launch has finally made it to the console External hard drives must be USB 3 0 or higher and must have a capacity of 256 GB or higher No word on if there is a maximum storage threshold Also note that there is only one USB 3 0 port on the current Xbox One the one on the left hand side of the console next to the optical drive so there won t be an option to attach multiple HDDs simultaneously We Don t Need No Stinkin Kinect There will also be some changes that clearly had the new Kinect less Xbox One in mind Now in the settings is an option to instantly sign one of the local users by default

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