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  • Spawn On Me | We got an Xbox One. Here’s our Impressions…
    cable TV through there as well Setting up the Xbox to control the volume and power on both my TV and soundbar was a breeze Additionally my cable box which uses RF signals instead of IR signals was also very easy to configure to be controlled by my new 500 black box y xhe6jV APwM height 400 Say It Don t Spray It The future is here You want your Xbox to do something Just tell it what to do The Kinect 2 0 takes voice control and attempts to turn it up to 11 Anything that s not gaming can be done using your voice In fact one could argue that Microsoft discourages you from using the controller by putting essential apps many layers deep within a menu structure You can even turn the console on and off using only your voice Pretty next gen indeed A typical day begins with me saying Xbox On the Xbox powers itself on along with my tv and soundbar within 15 seconds Most voice commands are intuitive enough and once you learn the vernacular of the Xbox s command structure very easy to execute I ve found that voice commands work about 95 of the time and if it doesn t work the first time voice commands work the second time Whereas with the original Kinect I used the voice commands sparingly at best I default to controlling my Xbox One using only the power of my voice with the met expectation that it will do what I want Rose Colored Glasses Not all is perfect in the world of Microsoft s everything box Things we took for granted for the last 8 years and expected to be improved or at worst remain the same in certain cases have been made worse Party chat works most of the time If you re not in a specific game cough Battlefield 4 cough you can feel free accepting an invitation to your friend s party However once a party starts you must remember to select the Turn on party chat option Why isn t turning on party chat the default I ve just gone through the trouble starting a party why wouldn t I immediately be able to speak to them Getting to the friends list is a bit of a chore and once you get there you realize it needs some tweaking Available on your base level friends page is access to your profile your number of friends the capacity has thankfully increased to 1000 access to your twitter like followers as well as your messages achievements and your game DVR Members of a party chat are automatically invited to fellow members game instances but if you re not in a party inviting a friend to a game is frustratingly difficult Achievements settings and just about any app is difficult to access via the controller The Achievements interface is especially bad and much more obtrusive and obnoxious than it ever was previously None

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  • Spawn On Me | The 5 Ways The VGX’s Shot Themselves In The Foot….Again
    television 3 DOING IT LIVE If you are doing a three hour show you either need bigger games to show OR more gameplay of the games you are showing Dying Light and Broken Age were cool to see running but besides that there were no other live demos shown The audience wants to see the games and only the games The surrounding fluff feels disingenuous and panders to people who don t care about gaming at all The production was all over the place with hosts missing cues lighting and cameras not being on or on their marks The show came off in an unprofessional manner You want it all to seem off the cuff but shirtless is a different thing altogether Also does the show need to be this long You could totally condense that show down to a 45 min livestream and hit all the marks while not boring folks to death IF the VGX s continue hopefully Keighley and crew will take that time into consideration 4 THIS AND THIS 5 NOT COMING WITH THE GOODS With the exception of No More Sky and Broken Age there wasn t much meat on the bone for folks to really be that excited about Sure the new Titan types were interesting but that was akin to showing off different classes in any shooter Telltale who I love had some announcements but they were small and not very detailed Nintendo did what Nintendo did although the interaction between Geoff and Reggie is always funny But at the end of the day it didn t feel like there was much to call or text a friend about and that was disappointing especially because that is what this show is supposed to be for Another VGA VGX has come and gone and all the hope that we might have had for a bigger better awards show seems to have let me down again If feels like another case of two steps forward one fall into a pit of spikes no pun intended or at least another year of waiting to be sadly disappointed yet again Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window Click to share on Twitter Opens in new window Click to share on Tumblr Opens in new window Click to share on Google Opens in new window Click to share on Reddit Opens in new window Like this Like Loading Related Tags Awards gameplay Games gametrailers gaming Geoff Keighley Nintendo People SPIKE TV Television Twitter VGA VGX Video videogames 11 Comments Rikus Reply Article is SPOT ON December 9 2013 at 9 43 am thespawnpointblog Reply Hey Rikus thanks so much for checking out the story and the site and for your feedback I really appreciate it I used to think the show could be better but I know that the folks I would like to see involved don t take the show seriously either December 9 2013 at 10 07 am Martin Reply I didn t watch

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  • Spawn On Me | BlackGirlsCode’s S.T.E.M Program Might Produce Gamer’s Next “Flower”
    with Beta Beta is an arcade puzzle platform designed to make learning how to code more fun The Beta team of developers which includes folks like Errol and Patrice King along with Chris Moody created the program to use codePop a tweet sized game programming language Players are given a great deal of control including the ability to create and customize every aspect of their game world The workshop is designed to encourage student driven learning as participants think analytically design play and code in real time What s unique about Beta is that it blurs the line between playing a game and creating a game So we re excited to see some of the things that the girls will create and do with Beta To learn more about Beta Visit http www betathegame SP Playing and later wanting to make video games proved to be my gateway into technology What are your hopes for the young ladies going through your programs DK PC We hope that by introducing our girls to coding and STEM in general at such a young age that we will help bridge the digital divide and help build their confidence to become tech leaders and creators We ve also seen that our girls have built lasting relationships with other participants in the class and those relationships can take them even further in the field SP Did gaming in any way inspire you If so what games did you play are there any that you would pass down to any young women you know Or are there any games out there now that would get them more into tech or programming Donna Gaming definitely inspired me to continue learning code I was an avid Metal Gear Solid player I also enjoyed games like Ico and Baldur s Gate a lot of RPG stuff These games inspired me to learn more about coding so I can one day build my own game I m happy to see that there are a lot of initiatives out there now to get more kids involved in coding and game development Beta for example and the Hopscotch app Peta I wouldn t say gaming inspired me to learn coding but it definitely allowed me to develop a love for technology For me growing up I wasn t your average girly girl I think at one point I had every video game system you could imagine from Atari to Nintendo However the game I played the most was on my grandmother s PC she bought back in the 90 s It was a Tandy 2000 and it came with a MS DOS Operating System It was a Mario like game but it had a math learning component I remember being addicted to that game and playing it day in and day out SP What advice would you give to young girls who are curious about tech or programming Donna I d say go for it Have them ask their parents to sign

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  • Spawn On Me | The Sound Shapers – Old_PopTarts
    since the first Nintendo system all the way to the Vita I ve always been into platformers and who doesn t love music A game that mashes them both intrigued me I m familiar with Jonathon Mak from the game Everyday Shooter so this game definitely caught my eye It s a very interesting concept and works very well in action It s a gem that I hope everyone has a chance to play TSP How do you plan out your levels Music first or art TART I like plan out my music first and get the basic layout of each screen before I start to shape my level I find it s much easier to start with symmetrical shapes for the whole screen and tweak from there If you rush and just place notes randomly there s a chance your level won t be as polished You can have a whole song done but as you progress you replace certain sounds with entities from the game to compliment or replace without compromising the integrity of your song TSP Do you make your levels on the PS3 or Vita TART I had an unwanted visitor in my home back in May so unfortunately I don t have access to a PS3 at this moment Soo I do all my Shaping on the PS Vita which is extremely intuitive and very well thought out I favor the touchscreen pad in tandem It really makes shaping and positioning a breeze TSP What are your favorite levels that you ve made and why TART I would say my favorite level I ve made is Escape from Guantanamo Bay It was my first fully fledged level albeit short sweet and to the point I believe it s a well rounded level I m currently working on my next Sound Shapes level and it s a bit more ambitious than Escape from Guantanamo Bay and I am having a blast making it I really can t wait to release it and see what others think of it TSP What is your favorite level you ve played and why TART Picking a favorite level I ve played is an extremely tough choice There are many works I am fond of by creators such as Daftbomb TheBeejAbides and TonyTough among countless others Favorite levels from each would be Cheer up Buttercup by Daftbomb and A Nightmare on Church Street by TonyTough each respectively and in no particular order If I missed you I am terribly sorry TSP Any tips or tricks that you ve learned TART Save and save often I ve heard of hours lost on projects due to nasty bug that is to be resolved soon I have fortunately not had this issue knock on wood I am still learning as I go so I may not be that helpful I gladly pass that on to Daftbomb and his instructional levels for just this I will point out that you must take your time and

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  • Spawn On Me | Sound Shapers
    Optical Illusions with a really hard way to find the exit Thanks to getouzen for that great inspiration Cowboy Bebop by DUSTINISGOOD I m a fan of the Anime In fact I believe it s the best Anime series ever especially because of Yoko Kanno s Soundtrack She s a genius and this level is a great tribute to it The way Dustin drew those characters is unlike anything else in Sound Shapes I really hope he finishes it one day and adds Jet Black and Einstein to it RED by Tony Tough I had that Bus Dream by BeejAbides and Life is Too Short by jool2306 are also three of my most favorite levels because these three great creators tell stories in their levels I haven t seen anything like it in the SS Community Levels There are a lot more levels that come to mind right but these are just some of the gems you find in the SS Community TSP Any tips or tricks that you ve learned Gasssst The best trick is to play a lot of community levels because it shows you what is possible and gives you some input which makes your own creations better In my own levels I always try not to mix up too many different objects and to not end up with a totally chaotic looking level It helps to make a thumbnail if you want your level to be played or at least a name because no one likes to play the unnamed levels right TSP What would you like see added to the game in future updates that would make your creations even better Gasssst I think the best thing for me would be if you could choose to place notes over two screens which would give you the possibility of making longer melodies Ones that run on 32 steps instead of just 16 and maybe a few more Instruments to play with like for example a Violin or a funky slap bass guitar or more snare and bass drums In fact just more of everything that sounds cool Huge shout out to Gasssst for all of his help with the SoundShapers project you should check out his other levels here Next week come back to check out our interview with SoundShaper Annoy337 Read More The Sound Shapers Gezouten November 14 2012 1 Comment After Sound Shapes was released there were many creators who put their creative stamp on the community Some did this by utilizing the objects and sounds given in new and interesting ways Some of them attached themselves to particular themes and ran wild In the first initial months the ESC escape level theme devised from community favorite Daftbomb bubbled up to the surface The ESC theme is one where the user has to find a way out of the level via some hidden exit This week s shaper was one of the first to really make his name by using the ESC theme to create awesome levels This week s shaper is Gezouten or as I like to call him GEZOOOOTEN One of my favorite Gez levels has to be his Halloween themed Unhappy Trees I m always amazed at how quickly the shapers come up with levels and really good ones at that I believe the HLWN theme was announced on a Wednesday and this level was up before the weekend The brown and orange color palette mixed in with the spooky soundtrack really plays into the theme and carries you along the story of all the abused trees you find in the forest It was great to see Gez get in touch with his storyteller side and pull off such a memorable level in such a short amount of time Revenge of the Mad Faces is a cool level to look at but even better to listen to Once the drum loop hits it really gets excited to get to the next screen I have a real affection for tight drum loops and funky kicks and Mad Faces totally has them The reconstructed faces look really cool and the level can be surprisingly difficult in spots It s a great mix of art music and platforming Lastly Gezawesome Vol1 takes you to this trancy kind of techno place Its music feels like a Deus Ex level with its pulsating synth notes Imagery of being miniaturized and placed within a music lovers dream is what makes this level so cool The attention to detail with things so symmetrically placed must have taken him a long time to create and the payoff at the end is totally worth it We spoke with Gez about some of his favorite levels and how he makes them TSP Give a little background on yourself and why you decided to play Sound Shapes GEZ Playing Sound Shapes was a coincidence I finished some games on the PS Vita and was searching In the PS store for something different I remembered that I saw some games with music Involved When I saw the description of Sound Shapes In the PSN store I knew this could be THE game for me Why Because I create music and logos for fun since I was a kid TSP How do you plan out your levels Music first or art GEZ Most of the time when I start creating a level I have a basic idea of what I would like to create but mostly the finished level is something totally different For example UFO ESC I wanted to make a level where you entered a UFO and saved the world from the aliens I got stuck in designing it and had some other idea s for some levels so first I worked on the Another Problem level When I returned to UFO ESC the ESC escape idea was launched and suddenly I saw it in a totally different way Other times I just create the sound and then the ideas for the graphics come Revenge of the Mad Faces was one of those levels TSP Do you make your levels on the PS3 or Vita GEZ I played the PS3 version a few times but never created anything on it And the feeling on the PSVita is really great The only problem is that I get so addicted when I get some spare time the Vita is in my hands TSP What are your favorite levels that you ve made and why GEZ Another Problem and all the other ESC levels Daftbomb came up with his brilliant Problem level theme and it inspired me so much When I played his level I couldn t keep the smile from my face I needed a lot of time to finish his level and after all it wasn t that hard So I contacted Daftbomb to ask what he would think of making a series of ESC levels it would be a successor to the 1SL series I used to play a lot of escape games some years ago and loved to make some of my own I must say most of my ESC levels I start designing it as a normal level but in the process I always get ESC ideas and in the end I created another ESC Another Problem was designed with the intention to make a level including optical illusions The original level was bigger but I deleted a part to keep the level small to make sure the ESC part wasn t too hard After publishing the level I added some hints in the level because in the first publication it was too hard to find the exit Now when I make an ESC level I always try to give away the solution in hints or in the thumbnail The thumbnail of Another Problem almost tells exactly what to do and in the level there are a few other hints When you put those together the answer is easy to find AMIGA PP Hammer Tribute was a level I made because I was wondering for years why no one republishes those fantastic AMIGA classics Even after 20 years they are still great PP hammer Push Over Gods perfect games for a handheld c mon SONY It s a pretty hard level to get trough but hey it s a game Revenge of the Mad Faces I made a soundtrack the Mad Faces and Revenge came later As the creators of Sound Shapes said You d be angry too if someone was jumping all over your face It s not an easy level but not impossible It starts off as an easy level but when you are half way through the level the mad faces are getting really mad Unhappy Trees HLWN was my first story based level The Halloween theme a week was launched and I totally had no Idea what to do with it I first made a Halloween soundtrack and wanted a forest as setting While I was making the forest I got an Idea of what the story could be So I made a sentence that told the basic story and worked on one screen without knowing what the next would be It has a lot of humor in it when you look at the details TSP What are your favorite levels you ve played and why GEZ There are so many fantastic levels I love all the levels from Daftbomb TT TheBeejAbides Anoy337 jool2306 gassst and Earl leegraves Escape Suburbia ESC TheBeejAbIdes When you first play this level you get confused more than once This is what an ESC level should be It has great challenges and nice graphics Beej knows how to make great graphical musical story based levels Fatal progress Anoy337 Damn that was hard My top time was 49 minutes but it was worth my time There was one screen almost at the end of the level that I had to replay so many times but it was too good to stop It s sad that people give up so easy on harder levels because there are many great levels not finished because of that TSP Any tips or tricks that you ve learned Look what others do you learn a lot from them and don t be afraid to ask for advice Make a nice thumbnail for your level If you are looking for a random level you will always pick the ones with a nice thumbnail Make sure that your level is boxed in It s never nice to play someone s level and fall into empty unedited places Play Daftbomb s tutorial levels they are the way to success TSP What would you like see added to the game in future updates that would make your creations even better Layers put objects In front or background Suicide button When you get stuck return to previous checkpoint It s frustrating when you are almost at the end of a level you get stuck and have to restart the level Probably very expensive Why not make an app for android iPhone where you can play some community levels It could be good advertising Multiplayer levels it would be nice to play together and could create a new wave of levels And why not be able to pass levels to another user so you can work together on one level or make your own version of somebody s creation I again want to thank Gez and EVERYONE who had decided to be a part of this project People have been really excited to hear the stories and inspirations that have birthed all this great content If you have any thoughts questions or comments leave them below and if you have the game get out there and start creating Read More The Sound Shapers Jool2306 November 7 2012 8 Comments The SoundShapers is a series of articles and interviews that spotlight a different member of the Sound Shapes community weekly Check out other posts here Thought provoking cheeky humor is a beautiful thing and subtle humor isn t an easy thing to convey in real life let alone in a videogame Jool2306 a French member of the SoundShapers community has found both a way to be aesthetically beautiful and to inject his own comedic timing into his levels Here are a couple of thoughts about my favorite Jool levels and Jool gives us his perspective thereafter This week s SoundShaper is Jool2306 8 th Wonder What I really appreciate about this level is the attention to detail put into each wonder My favorite was the Great Pyramid and the Coliseum Jool s genius idea of traveling to the all these majestic sights through a really cool central hub not only made sense as a platformer but made the player feel like they didn t know what was coming next His addition of an 8 th wonder was nicely done and was a fun surprise Egg Story Is a cute trilogy that chronicles the life of an egg and his travels Jumping on flecks of salt and pepper to navigate your way around a kitchen stove is just one of the clever ideas implemented by Jool in his level It s both playful and makes you think that Jool would be a great storybook writer As you go from story to story you are treated to a previously on screen which gives a small recap of what happened in prior levels It s a really nice touch and shows how well thought his levels are Life is Too Short This is by far my favorite Jool level It is in essence a level that you watch instead of play It was really interesting to see how he came about making the level but the story is one that we can all identify with It is a commentary of sorts on the bits and pieces that make up much of the human experience on the planet Birth love relationships family and death are all represented by quirky single image tableaus The way the level plays out it actually pretty beautiful the timing and music were crafted in such a way to evoke all the right emotions I really like this level and highly recommend it Jool took some time to tell us his thoughts on his levels as well 8th wonder as in 95 percent of levels shared by players you begin on a point A and you have to go to your right to reach point B and finish the level I wanted to give an original beginning and multiple ways that the player can take in order to get around the level but still have a central hub So when I thought about the rectangular screen there were 8 possible ways up down left right and the 4 diagonals So I had to find a good concept with 8 screens around the starting screen So what could be better than the 7 world wonders plus an 8 th that must be original After that I thought about putting on the center of the main screen a globe with the map of the world and put a red cross on the exact location of the 7 wonders that I designed I thought this was a good concept and I wanted players to explore each wonder I wanted them not to have to rush to the finish item and possibly miss some wonders so I put the 7 doors and 7 switches in each wonder After that I googled a lot of wonders chose the best ones and reproduced them with the aid of photos But I had a very bad surprise doing this level At the beginning of my work there was a corridor between the main screen and each wonder with the name of the wonder so it was really better than the current level published When I reached my 6 th wonder I had the message too many elements on the screen your action is deleted I saturated the level memory and I wasn t able to finish my level It was a nightmare So I had to make choices and reduce my hopes for this level I deleted each corridor and reworked them a little bit to get back some of the memory and be able to finish it That s why some of the wonders aren t beautiful for example the one with rocks is the Grand Canyon but I m still not satisfied with it I think with more space it could be much better The last screen with Sound Shapes was essential for me I was thinking of what they would feel after visiting the 7th wonder to discover that the 8 th is this game Egg Story I played a lot of levels and the start item was always placed in a common way I wanted to propose something new something unusual that nobody did I was watching a cartoon with my son and I saw a hen laying an egg then something clicked in my mind I thought immediately that it would be an amazing beginning for my level So I began to draw the hen after that I thought about eggs all the ways to eat an egg so I created a restaurant and added the man with the spoon I then looked at the available colors white and black immediately gave me idea of salt and pepper but I wanted some difficulty so I added red spices in the screen with the egg on fire Then I watched the checkpoint elements and it started really looking like an omelet I also tried to put a touch of humor in my level And again I oversaturated the memory So as I still had a lot of ideas in mind I decided to do more than one episode on this subject and it s how the saga began If you ve played episode 2 and episode 3 you ll notice that I try to incorporate more elements to the story In ep2 when the dad speaks he asks to save the egg species and find a priest on the top of a mountain It s like a quest when you climb the mountain you will have some references to videogames Mario that took the wrong pipe Pacman that wants to be saved too the Boulderdash boy with a big rock over his head Gravity rush girl and her cat When you reach the top the old priest will ask you to destroy the earth and you finish the level I always try to finish the level with something exciting that will give player something to look forward to next episode In ep3 you have to find a secret base and for this you have a little challenge with a clue on a painting But before you will visit an egg town with some jokes a cinema with some parodies Spider Egg for example and some nods to other creators like TonyTough of Ninja and on the last room of cinema the film played is the last scene of the Buttercup level from TheBeejAbides I love when possible to put some nods to the SS productions that I loved And in between Egg episodes I always do a very quick teaser level called Egg Episode is coming with little jokes inside the first was on a cinema the second on a road and the third on a magazine with the invitation for player to play previous episodes in the meantime If you haven t tried them they are very quick they have only 1 screen and are finished in no more than five seconds For Life is Too Short My idea for this level was born with the will to do a level with a totally different style from the existing ones A level that tells a story but a story that the player can only follow and not act on it That s why the level is done vertically and which story could be better than the story of life I had this idea to propose something very quick 38s but that could have a big emotional impact I wanted that when the popup with the number of notes on the screen of the player appears at the end he says Wow that was great and unusual At the beginning I wanted to only do a descent that you can t stop to stress the idea of the shortness of the life But as I put two drawings for each life period it was really too quick and there wasn t time to watch these pictures so I added these little dots to slow the player s fall and it was also a way for the player to stop and see all the details in the drawings I tried to select the 2 best images of each life period with sometimes a humorous the censured bed a nod to TonyTough in teenage period the level played on the Vita is A Nightmare On Church St by TT and a solid story the man and the girl that meet in the disco then the wedding their house the work the conception of their baby The future father that touches the belly of the future mother the family Strangely enough on this level I hadn t been blocked by the memory issue even though the drawings took a lot of elements To finish off the design I wanted to create a beautiful presentation page to attract players so I did this baby near this old man and it was ready to be played In fact Life is Too Short is my best creation I think or at least the one I m most proud of After hearing Jool explain how he made his awesome levels we had to talk with him Below is our interview TSP Give a little background on yourself and why you decided to play Sound Shapes JOOL I m a 31 year old French guy totally fond of videogames I ve been playing more than 20 years on all platforms I m always looking for games that propose original concepts I have a love of music so when I saw the review of Sound Shapes I thought that this game was perfect for me I was an absolute fan of a wonderful game called Rez on Dreamcast a conceptual shoot em up that asked you to create the music by shooting enemies Before Sound Shapes I never tried a game that proposed for you to create your own level and I was pretty sure to be bad at that but I tried the experience TSP How do you plan out your levels Music first or art JOOL Usually I plan music first and then I adapt the level design to my music in order to avoid just adding notes to fill blanks and give the level a messy sound But sometimes according the concept of my level I m compelled to create the art first and then add the music example Life is Too Short In Seasons for example the starting point was the idea of using the classical song Four Seasons by Vivaldi so I reproduced first the melody and then I created each season TSP Do you make your levels on the PS3 or Vita JOOL I play and create usually on Vita I think that this platform is perfect for this kind of game In this way I can stay with my family my son can watch TV and I can stay near them With my Vita to play create some levels or as my wife says doing my bips bips But recently I discovered something very useful on PS3 that I will talk about later so I use both finally TSP What are your favorite levels that you ve made and why JOOL Without you I did the darkest level of the community according to me The theme is extremely upsetting I thought about the most horrible thing that could happen in my life and this level is the result I never played a level that gave me a sad feeling so I wanted a deeper level of feeling with very explicit scenes This level isn t about happiness or fun it s just drama that can happen in the real life And I adapted the melody to this dark atmosphere The Way to Tribute When I began to create levels I was happy about them and I played some Beej Daftbomb or TonyTough creations and I just cried seeing the difference of quality between mine and theirs The idea of this level is born with the will to thank them for doing their great job and the passion that they put inside their levels I mixed up some of their levels to create a funny story about searching for a way to tribute I will give only one example at the end of TT s A Nightmare on Church St it s a Freddy Kruger hand that shows the way to exit In TT s Red this is the story of little red riding hood revisited in Beej s I Had That Bus Dream Again we can see buses in clouds My first screen begins like this Red who is in front of a guy sleeping on an hammock dreaming of buses says Wake up Fred you must show me the way Life is Too Short In this level I propose something different than my usual levels In only 38 seconds you will live a life from the birth to the death Maybe my best production but for sure the one I m most proud of Pizzzza 1SL after playing a lot of Daftbomb s 1SL 1 Screen Level I wanted to create an original one Being half Italian I love this country This level is a nod to Italy and especially to its wonderful food It all takes place on a pizza mushrooms and olives will be your friends but be careful about deadly tomato sauce The 8 th World Wonder In this level I ask you to discover what is the 8 th World Wonder by exploring the 7 first You will travel from Mexico to Nepal passing by Italy or Egypt and you will have a nice surprise at the end An Egg Story Episode 1 2 and 3 for the moment and a special Halloween episode in this saga you will follow the amazing journey of an egg Just laid he will discover himself in a restaurant What is the fate of egg and will you have the will to destroy the earth How will this story finish Will he find a path to solve the conflict with eggeaters Will he really destroy the earth Keep tuned episode 4 is coming And at least one more episode after 4 TSP What is the favorite level you ve played and why JOOL Cheer Up Buttercup by TheBeejAbides it has been the first level that I played that proposed something different A great level with lovely music a touching story and a high level design I loved it so much that I recreated the last scene of this level in 2 different levels that I made to make tribute to his great creator work A Nightmare on Church St by TonyTough for me this level has been a revelation and since I played it the way I create levels has totally changed This level provides all the things that a player can dream of a wonderful melody an amazing level design and an enigma to find the exit When I played it I wasn t anymore in Sound Shapes but really in the TT nightmare AMAZING 1980 by Daftbomb all his levels breathe of a job well done a lot of details a level design with a very special and mastered feel He has this strength to propose something aesthetically very strong and lovely to play and this one is just great Another Problem ESC by Gezouten he created a new kind of level with some reflection and good sense of observation And both the design and melody of his levels are always very good he is very good with his use of geometry I love a lot of other productions but I would need 10 more pages to speak about them so here are just some of the must be played levels CowBoy Bebop by DUSTINISGOOD One Way by Yodalex JAM ESC by Gasssst Lively Days by Reinokid Fatal Progress by ANOY337 TSP Any tips or tricks that you ve learned JOOL Doing my levels I found some interesting things at the beginning I was trying to align elements manually and I wasted hours to do it I noticed that the metallic grid is really useful to do it a balance mix between this option ON and OFF can save a lot of time In the same menu you can change the range and doing this you can have some flats and sharps For musicians it s great to produce melodies Recently after that I played Ninja with the amazing new TT s technique to create animation I tried too Doing this you must reproduce the same screen for more that 10 screens if you want to have something correct And on Vita when you want to copy paste a groups of elements it s just a nightmare You point on an element with your finger doing this you select another one you unselect etc I wasted hours on it And I thought that on PS3 there isn t touchscreen so I was curious to try it And it s 100 time easier because you can select with a box a group of elements and all elements inside this box will be copied in the same time Marvelous After publishing levels I always ask the feedback of very skilled creators and it helps to see if something is not good in my level TT and Beej give me golden advice for example and some of their advice has led me to modify my levels to make them better thanks guys Also I think that it s very important to play a lot the community levels to see how other players create their levels it can give you great new ideas When I play a level my expectation is to have a feeling so when I create a level I try to put inside an original concept and try to give a different feeling to the player A smile when they reach the cellar in egg town and they see attached on the wall a calendar with an egg playmate on a beach on her knees Anger when for the 87 th time they are killed by tomato sauce etc and community levels are wonderful for this I advise players to test a lot of different creator s levels to see their way to work TSP What would you like see added to the game in future updates that would make your creations even better JOOL Definitely an upgrade about the limit of the number of elements that you can put on a screen and on an entire level There s nothing worse than reaching the full memory on a level that you create when it s not finished Also more than 3 colors for lines triangles circles a panel of colors would be better when you want to create more beautiful things The possibility to modify the BPM by screen and not for the entire level when you want to stress a point on a specific screen or hurry the player for example and add some new sounds new loops would be great for melodies I really want to thank Jool2306 for taking the time to be a part of the project and shed some light on how he operates You can tell how much he loves this game and community His levels are top notch and some of the best that the Sound Shapes community has to offer I can t wait to see what is next from him and everyone should take time to play all of this levels and see his growth as a storyteller and an artist Thank you all for voting for us in the BlackWebBlog Awards and although we didn t win it we got damn close We wouldn t have been able to do that without you all Again thank you for the support Check us out on Twitter spawnpointblog and check out our stories under the hashtag SoundShapers every week Lastly we are looking to help our friends in NY especially my borough of Brooklyn after the devastating Hurricane Sandy Our Chip In donation page to the Red Hook Initiative is here if you would like to help http spawnpoint chipin com sandy relief Read More The SoundShapers Tony Tough October 31 2012 0 Comments The SoundShapers is a series of articles and interviews that spotlight a different member of the Sound Shapes community weekly Check out other posts here In this day and age there aren t many emotionally evocative and poignant stories told in gaming very few spark the imagination or tug at your heartstrings Without sounding too hyperbolic I believe the levels that TonyTough has crafted are some of the most beautiful art I ve had the pleasure to experience in a long time He has figured out ways to tell new and interesting stories and re imagined classics as well Red I first became aware of Tony via his level Red I was struck initially by its screenshot a worried depiction of Red Riding Hood I did a double take because I hadn t really seen anyone make lifelike portraits or images in Sound Shapes before seeing Red So I jumped in and was treated to an awesome show of craftsmanship ingenuity and cleverness While playing the age old tale I observed objects being used in ways I hadn t thought of before and narrative pushed out in a storybook format It really gave me a new understanding of how the game could be used to tell stories and provided a little insight into how Tony s mind worked With its number of plays and likes you can see why it is a community favorite The Ninja part 1 I had expectations of awesomeness going in Tony again stepped his game up and did some really smart things with perspective that I hadn t seen before By making things smaller on the 2D plane it gave them the appearance of being a background element It gave a faux foreground and background to this level fleshing it out even more and adding depth to each panel The story of a ninja warrior getting revenge against a rival family because of a death isn t new but Tony s telling was fresh because he figured out how to implement ANIMATION within the Sound Shapes engine by making a flipbook in his levels My jaw totally hit the ground A stick figured ninja flipping through the air and stabbing his adversary sounds simple but I don t even want to know how he brainstormed that out It shows both how innovative he is and how flexible the engine was It opened up a whole new way players could think about building their levels Nightmare on Church Street I bypassed this level at first but after reading our interview and how glowingly Tony talked of it I had to take a run through Funny enough after playing it it became my favorite Being a huge horror movie fan this level spoke to me Moving from a dark cemetery to a haunted house sets up most of the platforming but use of certain elements that form beds pianos and chandeliers is what impressed me so much Even with the well

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  • Spawn On Me | Spawn On Me Episode 10: 9 out of 10 Rappers love Call of Duty.
    everything from the Nexus 7 Watch Dogs controversy to how to discussing Patrick Klepek and Zoe Quinn s How to not let the internet trolls win panel at PAX EAST That plus Kahlief shares the story of his failed attempt at joining the Klan If you liked this episode rate us on iTunes Stitcher and Libsyn Check out our site thespawnpointblog com follow us on twitter at kahjahkins sutbbystan spawnpointblog

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  • Spawn On Me | Microsoft’s 180, Still Leaves Gamers With Lots Of Questions.
    disc based games will work in the same manner as your Xbox 360 ones did You will be able to trade and loan your discs as you see fit All region locks are gone In my opinion this is a huge flip flop on the part of Microsoft I expected this somewhere down the line but not this soon Along with the public outcry there had to be some unfavorable preorder numbers or the Jimmy Fallon effect that made this come about so quickly Either way it s a win for gamers of all stripes because now we get to focus on the important part the games The ball again is in Sony s court and I have to wonder if this muffles some of the feel good rhetoric promoted at E3 What if anything will they do to possibly sweeten the pot now that the feature set playing field is even more level With all that being said there are still many questions gamers should be asking Will gamers now feel safe to buy their XB1 There will surely be a PR bump from this mea culpa but will those new adopters forget the other bits and pieces that they previously weren t happy about like the always connected Kinect A friend of mine brought up a great and possibly troubling point in reference to MS s all seeing eye He pondered since the XB1 needs the Kinect to function what happens if it craps out Does that make your XB1 pretty much useless How will MS deal with warranties on the peripheral will they be tied together in some way Also since they are dropping the proposed plans of reselling your digital titles how will that impact their digital marketplace What if anything does that do to the

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  • Spawn On Me | Spawn On Me Podcast 95: Drawn to Jaffe
    Tumblr Opens in new window Click to share on Google Opens in new window Click to share on Reddit Opens in new window Like this Like Loading Related Tags console David Jaffe Drawn to death gaming greg miller Kotaku me on playstation 4 sony spawn Stephen Totillio videogames 1 Comment Brandon Smith Reply really fun and interesting podcast I really enjoyed the conversation about race I found myself wanting to jump in and make comments though as I suppose is the perpetual downside of podcasts On the subject of African American or Black I feel like it always needs to be said that ANY word can be a pejorative Calling someone a girl can be an insult if it s said the right way As black people we tried to move away from black because it had become a pejorative used by white people to degrade people of color But African American wasn t a better answer because most black people have no affiliation with Africa The reality is that labeling people simply doesn t work It s the same as what white people go through in 2016 when someone says what ethnicity are you Most modern white american teens are at LEAST 4 different versions of white Few can say I m Italian or I m Polish The concept of a label has simply lost relevance On the subject of why more black people don t go into game development I think there s a ton of reasons as you guys said I think a good chunk of it has to do with the we don t want you here culture of gaming I absolutely understand that a great chunk of it is unintentional but growing up in the 80s and 90s there was a lot of subliminal messaging

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