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  • Of little words... - Nissa Howard
    focus to push through my temporary limitations and make that kill But for the sake of this cow any cow any animals having a good death my integrity showed up like a huge mama bear and put me in my place I now see this is the moment my skin was ripped from me My yearly shedding has shown up as a skinning I dare not move until my new skin grows in my wild man my Greg nar my king Other big news my brother has finally moved out of the house Yip Yip Yip He s working on getting his stuff out of our garage and shed but he s out of the house and I am purging and moving and rearranging and deep soul cleaning This is great for my local or near by tribe dwellers because now my witchy cave work space is craving an in person circle now that he s out So sisters I m thinking a November 14th circle Mark your calendars if this calls to you and keep an eye out for registration I kinda thought those circles were done with but no with the brother gone I see that this house and this tiny bit of earth I live on are rich with sacred space juju and it was right to stop holding circles when he was here I feel like a boogie dance of excitement at the vision of circling again in person I can t wait Let s see oh that s right The next thing I wanted to catch y all up on is the winds of Soul Craft are shifting again For those of you who have been on this path with me from the beginning or at least a couple of years then I m sure this declaration is familiar There is a beautiful sunrise in my heart at realizing this is just another natural cycle of things I remember having full on melt downs when I made changes in Soul Craft because I had fear around being seen as flaky or unreliable I love that old version of myself she has taught me a lot anyway I now own that this is part of being the hollow bone for my life and my business Change with the change Last year the change was to take the blog off of public and make it more private for subscribers only This will be changing again so I can more effectively grow how I am seen I still want to do something for subscribers only because you rock and I love your presence with me I am of little words so I can hear what inspired action is on the horizon for you On the internet front I smell big winds of change Thinking of rebirthing my work under my name coming out from behind the name Soul Craft gulp I am a soul crafter so this essence will always be a part of what I do And

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  • The moment I realized I AM living my dream... - Nissa Howard
    And then my mind was able to breathe In that moment the juggling became lit up with light and life the stress became an awareness of how blessed I am to GET to do all these things and time opened up to make room for all of it to happen with ease Yes things will still get stressful Yes it s not always the version of the vision I envisioned However it is still my dream coming to life and now with acknowledging it it can come to life So I whipped up the pie crust and pie filling and let it sit while I tended to my client After the session I made the pie had some lunch started laundry got meat out to thaw and played in the lush world of flower essence medicine making before grabbing an afternoon iced coffee and created some more messageseverywhere content Acting through my to do list with the heart of awareness that I m living my dream NOW made everything so damn delicious and uplifting Life just got a lot brighter I am living my dream Wow that feels so good to step up into And I m dreaming bigger new things while I m living my old dreams now Isn t it sad that I almost missed this message Isn t it sad that I ve spent the last few years not remembering Isn t it awesome that my soul speaks to me Thank you soul for speaking And thank you mind for listening Thank you body for changing with the change of this perspective Is it possible that a dream of yours is here and now too Have you been passing it by without acknowledgment ownership and celebration Feel free to share in the comments XOXO Nissa Share this Share Facebook Pinterest Twitter Google Tumblr Email Post navigation What does it take to make a warrior a queen Chasing Crows Leave a Reply 9 Comments on The moment I realized I AM living my dream Be heard Cancel reply Sort by newest oldest Guest Cat 10 months 6 days ago yes yes yes hearing these words and living them too my thought is everything is spiritual making everything meaningful even the mundane especially the mundane I love you wild woman love and light Reply Share Hide Replies Guest Pearl 10 months 19 days ago I am so inspired Thank you Nissa for the reminder that I am already in the middle of my dream And to be more present with that I really needed to hear this Perfect timing Blessings on You Reply Share Hide Replies Author admin 10 months 18 days ago You are welcome Pearl I m glad it lifted you into your roots Reply Share Hide Replies Guest Jamie 10 months 19 days ago This spoke to me When I m up at 2 30am with a wet toddler who needs to snuggle to get back to sleep or I m trying to herd said toddler

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  • Chasing Crows - Nissa Howard
    tree to tree to follow me It s been so cool I am pretty sure I m beginning to understand the crow language It s a mixture of deep visual observation opening the creative side of my brain and FEELING the sounds they make So today I m gonna share a video I took the other day I was watering my plants when not only were some crows very vocal they were very active well all but one anyway and that is what this video is about So this is me chasing them in the sense that I dropped what I was doing and gave my focus to this moment And then I ended up being a goofball by the end and called it Nissa s Nature Narrative So I invite you to sit with me and listen hear the sounds of the crow with all of you and open to feeling what you feel what do you notice in this time Share this Share Facebook Pinterest Twitter Google Tumblr Email Post navigation The moment I realized I AM living my dream Of little words Leave a Reply 4 Comments on Chasing Crows Be heard Cancel reply Sort by newest oldest Guest calendula51 8 months 26 days ago Thanks that was caw Reply Share Hide Replies Guest Cat 9 months 13 days ago those crows they speak to me too sister no surprise there lol love and light my lovely Reply Share Hide Replies Guest Angie 9 months 21 days ago Crow has been visiting me again Lol Whenever I get too involved with the mundane crow appears Sometimes at the house or when I drive to town Yesterday Had one walk into the middle of the road and stare at me until I stopped and told her I see

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  • Empowerment Archives - Nissa Howard
    crazy Him dragged there by his sister in law and ready to slink into the walls The moment we saw each other soul collision I blinked my eyes in slow motion and a flash of light went off in my head When I opened my eyes that dark music hall was atwitter with sparkles all around him The music went to the background I welcomed his eyes into my heart For him the music stopped all together all he saw was me all we wanted to see was me I didn t believe in my heart until then He didn t start living until then The rest of the night was a primal soul conversation of magnetic honesty We saw each other plain and simple There was an other worldy understanding of what we say in each other Authentic and brutally different than anything we d known before The polarity of who we are as individuals filled in each other s blank spaces Life finally had a home Our first official date was within a week Engaged within 5 months Married now for 9 years Me could do without the marriage thing Would be with him just because We had to elope privately for me to go through with it Him always wanted to be married and couldn t wait to have a ring on his finger What he s learned from me about love to feel love takes courage and self exploration What I learned from him about love he was willing to take my name because it isn t about man vs woman to him it s about being one with that I proudly took his name This oneness has been the premise of our entire relationship Oneness is wholeness when both parties are who they are in harmony with the other Harmony is not exempt nor independent of conflict Harmony however does require respecting the other as a whole being separate from you I am in love with the fact that we do this for each other Our oneness is not at all contingent on us being the same In fact our oneness thrives on us being different We ve had epic brawls We ve wounded each other It s been bloody and messy like a tornado tore through the village of our relationship I ve said I m like an elk who migrates when the land is no longer nourishing He s replied with no matter where you migrate to that land is still me I not only fell in love with but continue to be in love with a partner who believes in us as a whole one This is a strength and a quality I respect so much it makes me melt with desire to be his and him to be mine I drive him crazy with my fiery quick wit and passionate intensity He infuriates me with needing to think so long about how he feels I make him gut laugh so hard

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  • bearmedicine Archives - Nissa Howard
    I was gifted a bear hide last year It came to me frozen so I just put it right into the freezer Thinking the hide was just the body of the bear without the head and paws It was a small black bear so I was thinking I d just make rattles and a drum out of it And so it Read more Share this Share Facebook Pinterest Twitter Google

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  • soulcraft Archives - Nissa Howard
    d just make rattles and a drum out of it And so it Read more Share this Share Facebook Pinterest Twitter Google Tumblr Email Soul Crafting the Body there s a recipe in here by admin on March 13 2014 in Soul Crafting The Body What That s right the body This miraculous meat suite that ages and evolves and regenerates new cells every day It is our vehicle for

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  • Visiting the Moon - Nissa Howard
    much needed slumber I felt a contrast of energy I was being drawn out to her as her brilliant light drew me inside myself So I listened and I got up to join her party in the night sky Insanely bright A day within the night Once I joined her party she settled into the quiet zen master full of sage wisdom and nurturing mystery The contrasting energy was growing I felt myself get big enough to reach the moon and that expansion had me drawing deeper within like roots going deeper to facilitate the taller branches I am struggling to find the words to describe this feeling it was ecstasy purity simple easy and BIG The kind of big that makes me feel the medicine of equality By this I mean I m not special or greater than anyone else and this is a great realization because in this truth I feel motivation to create the cards and courses I want to create simply because my soul wants me to Allowing myself to energetically get SO big last night brought me to the humility that took the need to be worthy out of what I want to create The purity and power of this contrasting medicine has me seeing and believing that just wanting to create what I want is the reason End of story No more discussion The outcome of the creating isn t the point the point is creating because you want to because it feels good because your soul share with you a story to be told I am baffled at the concept of humility being the medicine for the worthy wounds I feel there is more here and I am excited to explore this concept within my inner wilderness But for now I say good

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  • How I get through not knowing what I'm doing. - Nissa Howard
    ival Maddened by the dehydration of why am I not getting the hits Hunted by the monsters within I do it anyway It is my land after all my creative soul creating my life When the storm of overwhelm rumbles in I stop and let the storm take away the heavy stuff that isn t really meant to be done I navigate the adventure with my instincts and feeling senses for the mind chatter is like quicksand Uncharted territory of anything means having to make my own paths and experiencing what is in front of me I do it anyway Because my soul has a fire burning to be more than what I am thank you Bear medicine Because through the discomfort of fear there is the thrill and truth of vulnerability Because sharing that truth spreads new seeds on the wind to inner landssapes everywhere Because being who I am feels authentic when I m living what feels right to me photo quote by Nissa And so it begins a new adventure Can I keep going Keep my focus on what I create and away from what you think about it Will the desire to surrender to be seen come as abundant nourishment God I hope so I crave it to be so Thank you for witnessing My wish is to uplift and inspire you And I pray that all the social cyber blah blah blah and I will find a way to love each other so I can be fully seen and begin really doing my work Which by the way my website is up and has information on what I do and what I offer Blessings to you of your own adventure being fun and authentically YOU Nissa Like this post Please share Comment Tell me how

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