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  • How do I get through not knowing what I need to do 2.0 - Nissa Howard
    It is my land after all my creative soul creating my life When the storm of overwhelm rumbles in I stop and let the storm take away the heavy stuff that isn t really meant to be done I navigate the adventure with my instincts and feeling senses for the mind chatter is like quicksand Uncharted territory of any kind means having to make my own paths and experience what is in front of me I do it anyway Because my soul has a fire burning to be more than what I am thank you Bear medicine Because through the discomfort of fear there is the thrill and truth of vulnerability Because sharing that truth spreads new seeds on the wind to inner landssapes everywhere Because being who I am feels authentic when I m living what feels right to me And so it begins a new adventure Focus on what is being created Feel what is wanting to be created Choose actions that express who you are and what you create Fall down Screw up Get mad Make love Have faith Begin again Like this post Please share Comment Tell me how you get through not knowing what to do Share this Share Facebook Pinterest Twitter Google Tumblr Email Post navigation Knowing Who You Are take 2 6 week update Nuclear Coffee Leave a Reply 4 Comments on How do I get through not knowing what I need to do 2 0 Be heard Cancel reply Sort by newest oldest Guest Lydia Kimble Wright 4 months 19 days ago I accept my state of not knowing Journal about it Then I stop to hear the voices of my divine beings and my heart In the end it s left to me to choose the way and once done I

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  • Knowing Who You Are...take 2 - Nissa Howard
    in feelers we feel and shown off in the choices we act upon I ve talked about the great mystery of the universe and how we have a great mystery within us too I m seeing this great mystery as a treasure of who I am and it s a treasure I will find by never fully finding it It s the searching that keeps me growing moving forward continual curiosity What if the answer to who am I is a remembering not a discovery Just thinking out loud In Soul Retrieval the bits and pieces of your soul are returned to your present consciousness and they bring with them the ingredients of your soul that have been tossed aside or forgotten This is such a gift Remembering that you have this potential or that dream is a remembering of a part of who you are I love doing Soul Retrievals for this reason To witness one s remembering of wholeness and who they are is beautiful It s like the treasure is found from within it s been there the whole time and there is so much to remember that we can keep remembering or unearthing our whole lives What if the remembering is a beginning again And it s a new beginning every time you remember who you are A real time present moment choice to shift back into who you are just as you are no crazy life threatening escapades to find the treasure that is your authentic whole Self Beginning again is the energy of the East and the fool archetype We are never stuck on a path or to a mission we can break up any pattern at any time Does who you are not feel quite right Begin again Toss out the map of

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  • Feels like execution... - Nissa Howard
    circle of sisterhood each one in the circle has their own way their own voice their own needs Each of these represents an aspect of me in this vision even the small making that I m so eager and willing to kill off As a holder of such circles I know the power and sacred movement that unfolds when all are seen heard honored and allowed A perfect example of how to treat myself as I am on fire with many inner voices today I claim and belief that I am sacred space that YOU are sacred space and as I hold sacred space for outside of me can also be held with the same integrity inside of me As a holder of sacred space I observe and adjust the energy of the container as needed As a holder of sacred space I stand for all truths to be honored and create room for opposing truths to be true as opposites and still occupy a common room As a holder of sacred space my job is to see hear honor and allow ALL voices and expressions Therefore I can do the same for me right now right Yeah duh of course I can apply this to how I treat myself in this tender and terrifyied moment Right now in this moment I can use this a ha magic opening to make space for both the intentional knowing of what is dying in this execution as well as the knowing that a part of me can t be known until after it s over To honor the part of me holding the docket of who what is being executed I see and acknowledge that list I see on there the small maker the envious comparisons the quitter and I acknowledge that it will most likely just be a part of these things that these too are things humans feel so it doesn t mean I failed the kill if they show up again that it may take more than one death to end them This feels intense Scary Hot To honor the great mystery part of me that tempts me to release the need to know what will be executed tomorrow in surgery I acknowledge that stepping out of the rigid regime of control and expectation the source of the thing that keeps evading my consciousness will die and I will become subtly changed via my essence and this isn t something I can plan for expect or explain it is only something I can feel and be To honor my role as space holder I see hear honor and allow all of this and create a safe container for my truths within myself As I listen with my sacred ears I hear the list maker of knowing and control settle and cool down because it seems to be eating the possibility that it s not their essence that will be executed but the agreements to the old stories they have

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  • Hole in my head... - Nissa Howard
    and what I m going to do about it and why I will be offline for the remainder of the year My assistant Jen may be reaching out to y all on my behalf so stay tuned for whatever happens There is still a lil bit of room for Sunday s soul craft circle Wild women do you need some time to gather and reset Join me as we travel the inner lands of strength and learn from the sources of strength that surround us I d love to see a full house so if you feel nudged join the circle It s 10am to 4pm here at my Queendom cave of sacred space I have cats and dog if that is a deal breaker for you Password holeinthehead Share this Share Facebook Pinterest Twitter Google Tumblr Email Post navigation Humaning Conundrum Great Mysteries Feels like execution Leave a Reply 4 Comments on Hole in my head Be heard Cancel reply Sort by newest oldest Guest Brenda Roberts Cline 5 months 9 days ago Sends love and lots of healing energies your way sister See ya soon Reply Share Hide Replies Author admin 5 months 9 days ago Thank you

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  • Humaning Conundrum & Great Mysteries - Nissa Howard
    on expanding See the way I see it is the great mystery within and the great mystery of the universe need each other One cannot exist without the other The outer great mystery needs my human experience to keep expanding and my inner great mystery needs the expanding to move through the humaning And maybe the umbilical cord between the two is my human awareness and human freedom to choose where I put my awareness Humaning can be rough Feeling big powerful magical and supported comes with a big powerful magical feeling which can often be misread and misunderstood as too much or overwhelm or painful I have been experiencing this of late I have decided that my life is awesome I have decided to breathe from a place of gratitude for my life In this tiny shift of being I have opened myself up to receiving support love sisterhood and healing I have given myself permission to feel what is felt and do the work of alchemizing what isn t of love wholeness and truth What feels so nourishing and comforting to the power within me my inner great mystery can often feel like hot pokers of pain to my human humaning I am noticing that the fear and anxiety I feel as I near my surgery is the same intensity as the love and support I feel from those who are gathering around me in support and sisterhood I notice how my body the earth in my body rumbles and shakes the same what with both of these opposing feelers I notice that this is very intriguing to me how can fear and love exist in the same place What if the structure I ve built to bring balance and understanding to my inner world is now an illusion and I am in fact free floating with only my awareness choices to root me Humaning can be rough Humaning can be easy Hey if fear and love can be the same shake and tumble in me why not rough and easy Heheehe Seriously though isn t it interesting that big powerful magical expansion can register in the body the same as fear anxiety rage and insecurity This baffles me but in that curious child like way In every heartbeat I explore and question digest and reflect This also gives me hope hope that there is a simpler more free way to feel hope that all the structures I ve built around my emotions are lies that I can burn away and make space inside for no longer shaming the way I feel How I human is up to me and you If the feelers all feel the same within the earth of my body and it s only my awareness and choices that express them as different then maybe wholeness is the only absolute in the great mystery of me my life and the universe From the perspective of awareness and choices I keep coming back to the

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  • Welcoming the inner artist - Nissa Howard
    card making or coloring with my lil girl who isn t so little anymore gulp I created art through the filter of taking risks and trying to DO things I ve never done before like taking my deer and elk hides from a successful hunting season and figuring out how to process them and make sacred sound medicine And well uh let s face it this is now one of my most successful aspects of Soul Craft So yeah even our filters and masked truth can produce incredible and unexpected magic But my point here is that even though I have been telling myself the story that art is not a valuable commodity nor a worthy use of time my actions have been living out a filtered version of another true story A more current story This new story being played out through filtered actions is one of deep desire to create beauty as art as well as create function as art This filtered story of my actions has been laying out my story of now Now I have a hubby who wants me to do what makes me happy He sees my value in who I am and not so much in what I do Priceless My current season of life is one of crazy transforming and I m kinda in resistance to it which we all know makes it harder and in this resistance I m finding that I have a huge repressed resource of creative power in my art self And this art self wants OUT She has shit to say and is making my body slow down with pain to the point that the only thing I can do is the slow luxury of staring at a canvas and crying myself onto it with colors and textures My story of now weaves a very different tale A story that tells me I have freedom love and space to begin again in any way I choose When I listen to both sides of this story with a sacred ear I hear a new true story being told Instead of hearing my folks tell me it s not worth my time and hearing in this the lie that I m not worthy of beauty and only valuable based on how much I get done I m hearing now the memory of them telling me that the painting I brought home was really good I m remembering their impressed confusion at the disturbing sculpture I created in class I m seeing how one of my high school paintings is still displayed in their home Tucked in a corner but still displayed My sacred ear is hearing that maybe just maybe the stories they told me were their fears based on their own life struggles My sacred ear is hearing that I had good reason back then to follow that story Ranch reality is one of much doing Animals rely on their caretakers Nature is not something you can plan

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  • Checking In...with me. - Nissa Howard
    awhile It craves respect The soul soil it roams in is over worked and needs to sit fallow for awhile The seeds will come to take their place in the soil when the time is right Do not map out my crops and plant my seeds this time around Please let the wilds seeds of my wholeness be planted by wild means of elementals and ease When s the last time you checked in with you Inside we all have needs messages prompts from soul What are the subtle truths wrapped in beauty awaiting to be heard by you What is aching for the space created when attention is paid Blessed be dear one Nissa Share this Share Facebook Pinterest Twitter Google Tumblr Email Post navigation Shattered Bones Changing the plot Leave a Reply 2 Comments on Checking In with me Be heard Cancel reply Sort by newest oldest Guest Cat 1 year 3 months ago that last time I checked in with myself fully was last Sunday when I ended up on the bathroom floor wailing from my deep then I went into the forest and honoured the scars of my life they are no longer wounds but the

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  • Bone Readings - Nissa Howard
    of us and me guiding you through a journey to her I give myself over to being the hollow bone for the lady of the bones and the bones themselves In this space the lady of the bones will look into your heart and blow into me the truths to be revealed Then I blow that into the bones and toss them out of the black leather they rest in all of this is on the reading Readings last anywhere from 25 45 minutes and I have yet to do a reading that didn t carry an element of healing through song rattle and big magical holy shit moments The feedback I m getting from past clients is astounding The most common theme I hear is that of surprise at the healing that took place and how the reading seem to cut through a lot of bullshit and get to the core I don t know how to sell you on these you are either a yes or a no When you purchase there will be a section in the payment process that allows for a note to seller please share your issue or situation in this box OR leave

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