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  • Get Soul Notes - Nissa Howard
    and circles This tribe is a community of whole begins belonging to themselves They pick up their soul skin and begin the path of becoming who they are and creating their own beliefs truths and agreements I am on this path with you as your guide I can teach and lead you to your own way of being your own sacred space Step on through Share this Share Facebook Pinterest

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  • In the direction of being me... - Nissa Howard
    It s true I ve been hiding behind the mask of a business name An even truer truth is that I am my business and my business is me I m in a group of soul o prenuers led by the incredible Heather Dakota And in her Wise Woman Society she has helped me voice this truer truth Today I was in a business attunement session with her and heard myself own that I am a wild woman and in my true nature change is a way of life just like the earth So because I change my business has to change It was a total DUH moment that opened a door to some inner world freedom What once was held in the mouth of fear of being flaky and unreliable is now a vibrant energy body of ease and permission fueling the vehicle in the direction of being me I will change with my change I am open to allowing the direction of being me in my story of now so I don t find myself off course The direction of being me will have it s seasons but the soul soil is still the same What I m unearthing here is some deep inquiry around who I am and what I do and how I do it And what I m discovering is that it is as much of a shedding as it is an accepting accepting who I am accepting the weaknesses accepting the mess accepting my power of choosing I see clearly that the direction of who I am isn t necessarily a definitive path to a destination of who I want to be or see myself becoming Rather it s a stepping up and into what already is simply me Take it or leave it Here are some of the questions I ve been digging with What new responsibilities can I activate to support this direction What am I hiding that is ready to be seen What are my core qualities that are holding the lantern for my movement What nourishes my being What can I put into action to do this Where do I need to open space in myself and my life I am also discovering that I am in constant motion as a living being on this planet in this universe I am always moving somewhere The biggest question I ask and I ask often is am I moving in the direction of being me Did you find yourself answering any of these prompts I d love to here from you in the comments below Big LOVE to you Nissa Share this Share Facebook Pinterest Twitter Google Tumblr Email Post navigation Percolation Humaning Conundrum Great Mysteries Leave a Reply 10 Comments on In the direction of being me Be heard Cancel reply Sort by newest oldest Guest Martina 6 months 1 day ago Beautiful and heartfelt Shedding and finding that center of It s me Take it or leave it is an

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  • Percolation... - Nissa Howard
    just about to overflow to the first crackle of heat being voiced to verifying the alchemy is complete by the darker color and the comforting aroma The signs are all there pointing me in the right direction guiding me to let it wait and listen more deeply it will all be okay Actually it is already okay percolation is the space of contained activity in between the start of something new and the consumption of something new I realize in this moment that what is important for me to consider is the questioning Asking all the questions Feeling my responses to them Distilling what is true Then drink with intention when the alchemy is complete It s not so much who am I that is being asked it s the am I who I am Am I who I am What within me points to yes Follow that and I am free Do you feel stirred by this If so I d love to hear from you in the comments below And feel free to share the crap out of this if you think it will stir something in someone else Big love Nissa Share this Share Facebook Pinterest Twitter

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  • Of little words... - Nissa Howard
    focus to push through my temporary limitations and make that kill But for the sake of this cow any cow any animals having a good death my integrity showed up like a huge mama bear and put me in my place I now see this is the moment my skin was ripped from me My yearly shedding has shown up as a skinning I dare not move until my new skin grows in my wild man my Greg nar my king Other big news my brother has finally moved out of the house Yip Yip Yip He s working on getting his stuff out of our garage and shed but he s out of the house and I am purging and moving and rearranging and deep soul cleaning This is great for my local or near by tribe dwellers because now my witchy cave work space is craving an in person circle now that he s out So sisters I m thinking a November 14th circle Mark your calendars if this calls to you and keep an eye out for registration I kinda thought those circles were done with but no with the brother gone I see that this house and this tiny bit of earth I live on are rich with sacred space juju and it was right to stop holding circles when he was here I feel like a boogie dance of excitement at the vision of circling again in person I can t wait Let s see oh that s right The next thing I wanted to catch y all up on is the winds of Soul Craft are shifting again For those of you who have been on this path with me from the beginning or at least a couple of years then I m sure this declaration is familiar There is a beautiful sunrise in my heart at realizing this is just another natural cycle of things I remember having full on melt downs when I made changes in Soul Craft because I had fear around being seen as flaky or unreliable I love that old version of myself she has taught me a lot anyway I now own that this is part of being the hollow bone for my life and my business Change with the change Last year the change was to take the blog off of public and make it more private for subscribers only This will be changing again so I can more effectively grow how I am seen I still want to do something for subscribers only because you rock and I love your presence with me I am of little words so I can hear what inspired action is on the horizon for you On the internet front I smell big winds of change Thinking of rebirthing my work under my name coming out from behind the name Soul Craft gulp I am a soul crafter so this essence will always be a part of what I do And

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  • Chasing Crows - Nissa Howard
    tree to tree to follow me It s been so cool I am pretty sure I m beginning to understand the crow language It s a mixture of deep visual observation opening the creative side of my brain and FEELING the sounds they make So today I m gonna share a video I took the other day I was watering my plants when not only were some crows very vocal they were very active well all but one anyway and that is what this video is about So this is me chasing them in the sense that I dropped what I was doing and gave my focus to this moment And then I ended up being a goofball by the end and called it Nissa s Nature Narrative So I invite you to sit with me and listen hear the sounds of the crow with all of you and open to feeling what you feel what do you notice in this time Share this Share Facebook Pinterest Twitter Google Tumblr Email Post navigation The moment I realized I AM living my dream Of little words Leave a Reply 4 Comments on Chasing Crows Be heard Cancel reply Sort by newest oldest Guest calendula51 8 months 26 days ago Thanks that was caw Reply Share Hide Replies Guest Cat 9 months 13 days ago those crows they speak to me too sister no surprise there lol love and light my lovely Reply Share Hide Replies Guest Angie 9 months 21 days ago Crow has been visiting me again Lol Whenever I get too involved with the mundane crow appears Sometimes at the house or when I drive to town Yesterday Had one walk into the middle of the road and stare at me until I stopped and told her I see

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  • Start where you are...and get to know your own rhythm - Nissa Howard
    breath that keeps me from having a still enough shot to pull the trigger on blogging and many things related to my soul crafting business There is another held breath within me that keeps me from using my voice not out of fear or doubt or sabotage it s out of needing to keep things unsaid for now because I am not done processing my stories and the lands I m traveling have soil of solitary steps So I won t say I m sorry because I ve done nothing wrong I will say I m finding the more I remember myself the more my true natural rhythms form their own time frames and seasons My cave time is now entering record breaking number of days months seasons My seeds have been started late in terms of almanacs and calendar planning Winter never happened within me it s waiting to be experienced this summer Early mornings are rising me before I think I should be up The voice that sees what time it is what season it is what day it is is rebelling from what these things SHOULD be and creating the time season days and rhythms of what best SERVES me And I m letting it alter my entire world All this creative chaos began being really great the moment I chose to believe that surrender does not equal submission Surrendering to the re calibration of my inner world Dreaming of the rebirth it will bring me Right now my story is one of BEing and DOing what is ease filled mindful beautiful and nourishing Like I said it s where I need to be I wonder is the next step in wanting to be where I need to be All I know in this moment today is

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  • 6 week update & Nuclear Coffee - Nissa Howard
    the grounds and with every dose of adding water the earthy froth of grounds shifts shapes and I open my inner vision to divine any messages or reflections from the shapes forming in the filter Such as It s fun to use moments and actions in my everyday life to open a connection of sacred listening to my sacred soul self Okay so once the pot is finished I add a heaping tablespoon of the grass fed butter coconut oil and raw cocoa powder Both the coconut oil and cocoa powder have anti inflammatory properties that I m needing right now The fats from the butter and oil give instant energy to the brain and helps kick start the digestion system for easier assimilation of nutrients from other ingredients AND for helping it eliminate the waste Raw cacao has tons of minerals that are naturally occurring since it s not processed Then the honey I buy local and raw Not just for economical support also for body building against allergies I like to just pour in what feels right I ll guess it s 2 tablespoons worth In my observation everyone has a sweet tolerance threshold so if you are not a super sweet person try the 2 tablespoons worth and adjust from there The raw cocoa can be bitter Finally add in 2 4 drops of peppermint essential oil depending on your love of mint to chocolate ratio Now I know there is a shit ton of controversy over whether or not one should ingest essential oils I am not here to tell you it is safe or not I do it in this situation and if you aren t convinced it s safe you can use peppermint extract A little side note normally I add about half a tablespoon of maca root powder at this point However right now with recovery I find it is too stimulating for me It is an amazing energy booster and the original reason I started calling this concoction nuclear coffee Finally insert an immersion blender and get to town on this baby Work the liquid until nice and foamy Pour into your favorite mug mine is the cauldron mug you see above made by another dear sister friend Jennette Nielsen with her smashing rubbish couture Drink and fill the cup of your body with a boost of mint chocolaty energy Did you like this post Feel free to share it pin it on pinterest for the recipe or email to a friend Thank you Cheers Nissa Share this Share Facebook Pinterest Twitter Google Tumblr Email Post navigation How do I get through not knowing what I need to do 2 0 Start where you are and get to know your own rhythm Leave a Reply 6 Comments on 6 week update Nuclear Coffee Be heard Cancel reply Sort by newest oldest Guest revolutionaryhabit 1 month 1 day ago I cried My kitchen right now is my nourishment and creativity too I said

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  • Bear Medicine & Showing Up - Nissa Howard
    only two hides but I had to remove the skull and paws which I d never done before This was a showing up and a trust that magic is made of I was so blessed to have Pixie come out later that week to help We dehaired the buck hide and took the bear skull out together And ya know one of the reasons I love working with the remains of wild animals is that when you get into dismembering their remains the inside of the their bodies show you how to do it as you uncover bit by bit And I feel from this that instinct connection It reminds me of life when you show up for something especially an unknown it s not so much about knowing what to do before you do it it s all about uncovering how you can do it one bit at a time One step at a time One knife slice at at time and the body with show you where to go next photo by Pixie Campbell Once we got the hide off the skull the bears third eye chakra burst open reached out and grabbed my third eye and pulled my forehead to the freshly skinned skull I was given visions from his spirit of his life How he lived in awe of the stars Searching through the night for a wide open space to see as many as he could I saw him in clearings looking up and filling his breath with those stars I saw how he knew there was more than just being a bear not that a bear was not great it is He knew that he had more to experience that he couldn t experience in a bear body He showed me that this is one reason for being willing to die so young For things must die when embarking on a new choice Young ideas sometimes need to die too in order to choose another idea that will have a better life I also saw that his spirit hadn t been able to move on and he wanted to be held in fire until the group could be a part of his transition Then I was released from his skull and Pixie and I went back to our day We finished up said our good byes and I lit his candle photo by Pixie Campbell Gathering day Oh man I was so excited and happy I met and held space for incredible women who carry impeccable integrity of sisterhood Each one of them touched and opened my heart Healing the wounds of tribes and relationships past These are the wise women of today and they radiate authenticity The deer hide was laid out when we circled up and then we laid out the bear on top Bravery happened Courage to feel the pain of sorrow and grief happened Walking through resistance in order to connect to unknown happened These women reached out and laid

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