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  • Cord Cutting - Nissa Howard
    powerful forgiveness ceremony brought to my teacher Jan Engels Smith of LightSong School of Shamanic Studies This training comes from the Egyptian lineage of going before the time the cord was created to severe the connection Thereby erasing all karma from both parties and receiving your power and or tied up soul parts back Share this Share Facebook Pinterest Twitter Google Tumblr Email Copyright 2016 Nissa Howard All Rights Reserved

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  • Power Animal Retrieval - Nissa Howard
    is born with over 400 helping spirits And of these spirits a power animal is born into the world with you Other power animals come to you when you are ready for them or need them greatly Sometimes our life situations disconnect us from the relationship and retrieving a power animal or two can bring back that support Share this Share Facebook Pinterest Twitter Google Tumblr Email Copyright 2016 Nissa

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  • Extraction - Nissa Howard
    in a high state of energy only to walk out feeling dull or heavy or completely whacked out of your happy state What happens here is that the low vibration energies from the lights other peoples emotions etc are lodging themselves into you system Extraction is also used for low vibration energies that are of your own experiences Regular extractions bring you back into balance before those low vibration energies

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  • Compassionate Spirit Release - Nissa Howard
    incarnate beings Once upon a time attached spirits were forced out of a host in a violent and power hungry struggle between spirit and healer Compassionate Spirit Release is acknowledging that spirit in a good way to engage it in healing the wounds that keep it on this Earth and guide it through the process of crossing over in a whole and willing state This is a win win win

    Original URL path: http://www.soulcraft.me/energy-medicine/compassionate-spirit-release/ (2016-05-02)
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  • Curse Unraveling - Nissa Howard
    that latch into a person s energy system and breed misfortune anger patterns or whatever the emotion of the curse was that was thrown Sometimes these curses are passed down from generation to generation Sometimes carried through lifetimes Sometimes the curses self imposed via the vows we make or the guilt we use to punish ourselves Unraveling curses removes them from existence frees the carrier of their influence and allows

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  • Power Filling - Nissa Howard
    air fire water earth sacred space My intention behind power filling is to receive the gifts from nature helping spirits or the elements and imbue them into the core of a person s energy system Making them bigger more energetic focused vibrant This can also be done into an item found in nature and taken home as a sacred tool for daily doses of power fueling Share this Share Facebook

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  • Thought Form Repatterning - Nissa Howard
    thought even if it isn t true or positively progressive We are creating what we want and what we don t want by this process So what can you do when you find yourself in a thought form that isn t serving your highest good Re pattern it This technique dissects the thought form transforms the energy of it into a propulsion of fuel for a thought form that serves

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  • Welcome - Nissa Howard
    full truth Being in this realm also brings you the spiritual support to nourish you as you forge new lands of your Self The goal is wholeness as you are for WHO you are scars and all Diggin deep owning up letting go moving on and crafting life through choices made soulfully That s the gist Peruse these pages to explore more information about the details knowledge is power after all And sometimes knowledge is a knowing that needs no words to talk one into saying yes Thing is a wild soul path is one of instinct and trust Chances are if we are going to make some energy medicine magic together you already know it All you have to do is take that action with me Soul Craft Sessions One on One Sacred Cocoon Magic Just For You Deepening the transformation Step on through Learn More Soul Craft Circles Online and In person Excavate Ruminate Activate Circle with me November 15 2015 A day for wild women to gather and restore in sacred space RSVP To Grab Your Spot Only 65 Sacred Sound Items Customized Sound Healing Now taking names for the list See why mine are different Order

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