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  • Shamanism Archives - Nissa Howard
    am currently enrolled in a 5 week course through a terrific site called SouLodge In this autumn season the lodge session is focusing on shadow work It is a dark delicious realm of my inner world that has surprisingly opened my heart I went into this course thinking it would be a Read more Creative High by admin on March 18 2012 in Creativity Empowerment Inner World Inspiration Relationship Self

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  • Spark in the Dark - Nissa Howard
    remains of life and gratefully lovingly sort seeds to save for the time of rebirth in the coming Spring When I pulled all my seeds out of hiding today I felt myself notice that I was beginning this action of rebirth during the time of rest and darkness This awareness brought me immense chocolate like satisfaction for my spirit Life begins in the darkness the resting time Life sparks its conception in the darkness I caught myself realizing how many times I haven t noticed the renewal of Spring until it has sprung I have missed SO much The life of Spring begins in the darkness now So I implanted those eager soil wombs with these little universe pods of food life As I hummed songs and oogled love from my heart to each one I was welcoming each conception with giggles and encouragement Yes it is funny to think about now Yet in that moment it felt amazing to give rebirth to these future plants in an environment of love magic and connection I know they will taste better for it too In a couple of weeks another round of rebirth will happen with other species of plants and you can bank on the fact I will be duplicating this joy giving love oozing magic making connection with each of them too Like the soil we need to rest when we face our own cycles of death Like the harvest we can choose what seeds we take with us to replant in our inner world Like the life beginning in the darkness we too can sort through our seed bank of the lessons we ve learned and wounds we ve healed We can pick the seeds we want to plant tend to nourish and enjoy the fruit of We

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  • 12 Keys to a More Creative, Stress-Free Life - Nissa Howard
    Creative High post will find these steps fertilizer for your creative progress Enjoy Post navigation Creative High And the Thunder rolls Leave a Reply 2 Comments on 12 Keys to a More Creative Stress Free Life Be heard Cancel reply Sort by newest oldest Guest kelli 4 years 1 month ago Thank you again for the inspiring words creativity and I haven t been friends for a while but I

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  • Stories On Repeat - Nissa Howard
    Broken trust Not good enough Excuses are heavy to carry after awhile Every one of my stories has their own reasons for being on repeat And these reasons matter I need to understand them in order to own the wisdom hidden in the heart of my stories The reasons for the story is like a road map to understanding myself But it s having my stories on repeat that has me held hostage in the past before road maps were invented It s the repeat that keeps my cells from feeling and allowing love It s the repeat that has me lost and unclear It s the repeat that keeps my stories from being the sacred wisdom keepers I believe they are meant to be I WANT them to be sacred wisdom keepers of my life I want to understand my stories and the reasons behind them so I can give myself a fucking break Be free Think for myself with what is in front of me I want to understand the reasons behind my stories so I can excavate the sacred out of the scared Get it out in the open to breathe move I want to honor the triumph in my stories It seems that I m forgetting to tell this part of the story to myself For the stories on repeat don t seem capable nor willing to even consider triumph Because triumph ends a story doesn t it If there is triumph success or happily ever after which I think is bleeecckkkch then the scared in the story dies and is reborn as sacred Wisdom Freedom Movement out of the past and into what s true NOW And ooooh how my mind gets addicted to pain to stories to repeat binge watching it like I binge

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