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  • A Growl Comin' From The Cave - Nissa Howard
    ntle not mean No message just the drive to do it my way This is for sure Yeppers just call me cave woman y all At least one part of me will answer to it This growl it had so much umph in it It had a pulse a life force of pure motivation I kept asking it for a message and nothing came The message to me IS the growl The message to me is to use that growl as the engine behind my purpose There is no explaining or debate about it It is void of labels and boxes and judgement Simple energy thrusting forward Returning me home to myself Keeping those who fear the growl at a distance Let s face it not everyone likes a growl I m the kind of person who hears thunder or an animal growl and it thrills me to my bones Some people hate it What kind are you Explore your inner responses to these questions Is there a growl in you Where in you body do you feel it How does it feel What triggers it What does it require from you to settle down and be loved We are

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  • Answering the Call of the Cave - Nissa Howard
    m pimping myself to the world with little return so why give out what isn t equally returned What I have to create is sacred to me so I must protect who sees it so it isn t tainted with the judgements and negative emotions it might stir in others And then I think why create at all if it means I ve got to hide it This shackles me on the surface but there is a deep resonate engine driving my creative inspirations upward and it is constantly pushing me forward regardless of the shackles that slow it down Is this what purpose does Is this what purpose is A need to do or create something that the thinking mind could walk away from but the feeling and knowing never goes away Fuck this is a trip into uncharted territory who and what nurtures obstacles in order to protect the identity of the people I ve re written this to be generally speaking The agenda of so called diversity nurtures obstacles and the manipulation of this agenda not only nurtures but spreads the disease of separation which by itself is an obstacle if this is unclear you just may need to ask me about it sometime The voices tapes and programs of not doing it right not being trusted to handle things in a certain way totally nurture my obstacles I get that there is more than one way to do something I just wish I could be treated with the same respect Past and present people that hold me to my old patterns is a painful obstacle I nurture these obstacles by listening to the part of me that buys into this shit that part of me that is wounded by this shit That voice is clear the rage around it is clear and so it s easy to hear This part of me is so tiny such a small pocket of who I am but it s clarity is easy to see The rest of me the bigger parts of me that are capable of helping this sad lil part are not so clear they are made of of air fire water and earth a bit more elusive and mysterious in their voice I guess I just need to be okay with this It helps to write this out I see that I just need to spend some time loving and hearing that loud wounded little piece of me There is powerful release of resistance in being heard I need to just take a moment enter stillness with this piece and hear her wail rage and say all the gritty dirty true things so they can become a different truth that his more helpful I also see that I m nurturing obstacles by resisting the reorganization of people in my life Shits gotta shift who and what nurtures success again with the identity protection Oh my stars am I blessed with a herd of truly amazing beings

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  • Bear Medicine & Showing Up - Nissa Howard
    only two hides but I had to remove the skull and paws which I d never done before This was a showing up and a trust that magic is made of I was so blessed to have Pixie come out later that week to help We dehaired the buck hide and took the bear skull out together And ya know one of the reasons I love working with the remains of wild animals is that when you get into dismembering their remains the inside of the their bodies show you how to do it as you uncover bit by bit And I feel from this that instinct connection It reminds me of life when you show up for something especially an unknown it s not so much about knowing what to do before you do it it s all about uncovering how you can do it one bit at a time One step at a time One knife slice at at time and the body with show you where to go next photo by Pixie Campbell Once we got the hide off the skull the bears third eye chakra burst open reached out and grabbed my third eye and pulled my forehead to the freshly skinned skull I was given visions from his spirit of his life How he lived in awe of the stars Searching through the night for a wide open space to see as many as he could I saw him in clearings looking up and filling his breath with those stars I saw how he knew there was more than just being a bear not that a bear was not great it is He knew that he had more to experience that he couldn t experience in a bear body He showed me that this is one reason for being willing to die so young For things must die when embarking on a new choice Young ideas sometimes need to die too in order to choose another idea that will have a better life I also saw that his spirit hadn t been able to move on and he wanted to be held in fire until the group could be a part of his transition Then I was released from his skull and Pixie and I went back to our day We finished up said our good byes and I lit his candle photo by Pixie Campbell Gathering day Oh man I was so excited and happy I met and held space for incredible women who carry impeccable integrity of sisterhood Each one of them touched and opened my heart Healing the wounds of tribes and relationships past These are the wise women of today and they radiate authenticity The deer hide was laid out when we circled up and then we laid out the bear on top Bravery happened Courage to feel the pain of sorrow and grief happened Walking through resistance in order to connect to unknown happened These women reached out and laid

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  • Soul Crafting the Body (there's a recipe in here) - Nissa Howard
    can feel touch smell fresh cut grass hear the wind in the trees and taste delicious food Our spiritual beings wouldn t know this ecstasy without our human being bodies Okay so the body matters How you feel about your body How you care for your body Do you listen to your body Do you take time to experience your senses Today I feel like doing something I ve never done before give you a recipe ritual Recipe first Fudgey Peanut Butter Cups can be doubled In a small pot slowly melt at a medium heat 1 2 c raw virgin cold pressed coconut oil and when it s almost completely melted turn off heat and add 1 2 c raw peanut butter or whatever you want have or sunbutter for the nut allergics 1 3 c raw honey can be reduced to 1 4 c if you want a darker chocolate experience 1 2 c raw cocoa powder splashes of vanilla dashes of instant espresso powder optional Wisk all these ingredients together until well combined Then use an immersion blender in the mix for several minutes The mix will smooth out and volume up Let cool for about 15 20 minutes While cooling prepare your treat recepticle I use a mini muffin pan lined with silicone cups You can use big muffin pans lined with paper cups Or something else If you have silicone molds or cups it will be easier to get to while ravenously enjoying your treat and easier to clean But use what you have Pour into plastic lock bag and seal Clip a small corner of the bag to make an opening to dispense the yummy goodness And begin bag piping your yummies into whatever cups you are using Place in fridge until set Keep in fridge Ritual Time You can prep for this while your yummies are setting in the fridge Smudge your self and your home While doing this take DEEP breaths and let your worries go Seek out the end of your exhale and drop your Self into the body feeling yourself open shift and relax Keeping reaching for and connecting more to that silence at the end of your exhale Enjoy the experience of your senses Let go and BE Do something that feels luxurious to you A cup of something in a candlelit bath A nap Meditate Yoga Journal write Draw Whatever it is take 30 minutes and do it for YOU And do it with heightened senses FEEL what you are doing Experience the feeling of what you are doing and experience it from the inside of your human body When it s time to eat your fudgey treat remain in the bigness of your being What does it really feel like to grab the refrigerator door and open it Focus on feeling the coldness of the pan Open your heart to the beauty of the dark lil yummies Let the floodgates of excitement roll out of your cells

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  • Soul Crafting The Body Archives - Nissa Howard
    in Soul Crafting The Body What That s right the body This miraculous meat suite that ages and evolves and regenerates new cells every day It is our vehicle for feeling Without this body we wouldn t feel Without feeling we aren t guided on our own wild path of life Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said We are not human beings having a spiritual experience We are spiritual Read more

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  • energy alchemy Archives - Nissa Howard
    fear sickness set in I breath deeply name it talk to it and let it be a part of the journey I do it Read more Share this Share Facebook Pinterest Twitter Google Tumblr Email Visiting the Moon by admin on April 14 2014 in Empowerment This weekend has been full of yard work and beautification of my land My body is ecstatic with exhaustion My mind is clear thanks

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  • Energy medicine Archives - Nissa Howard
    about man vs woman to him it s about being one with that I proudly took his name This oneness has been the premise of our entire relationship Oneness is wholeness when both parties are who they are in harmony with the other Harmony is not exempt nor independent of conflict Harmony however does require respecting the other as a whole being separate from you I am in love with the fact that we do this for each other Our oneness is not at all contingent on us being the same In fact our oneness thrives on us being different We ve had epic brawls We ve wounded each other It s been bloody and messy like a tornado tore through the village of our relationship I ve said I m like an elk who migrates when the land is no longer nourishing He s replied with no matter where you migrate to that land is still me I not only fell in love with but continue to be in love with a partner who believes in us as a whole one This is a strength and a quality I respect so much it makes me melt with desire to be his and him to be mine I drive him crazy with my fiery quick wit and passionate intensity He infuriates me with needing to think so long about how he feels I make him gut laugh so hard he cries and hugs me in appreciation He makes me feel like a Goddess because he puts my needs and wishes before his He can t stand how my creative soul dances across the spectrum of things to do I want to punch him for trying to fix my problems I make him feel like a valuable man by telling him how proud of him I am He fills me up by believing in me It s simple we see each other as flawed perfect and whole We see our relationship as flawed perfect and whole He is a divine masculine who serves me because it makes him happy to see me feel beautifully pampered I am a divine feminine who feeds him with gratitude and purpose We are whole in our individual selves and whole in our oneness And we keep choosing each other It is Winter Solstice the return of the sun the return of all the masculine energy that comes with the sun As I m stirring the cosmic waves of the Solstice this year my heart has flooded with gratitude for this man in my life He embodies the beauty service and power of the divine masculine I appreciate his BEing all that he is I believe that we need to honor the man men who provide this earth the qualities masculine I offer a holla out to all the good men out there who are wild who are warriors at heart who dare to brave the unjust world without violence in order to remain here and

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  • moon Archives - Nissa Howard
    This weekend has been full of yard work and beautification of my land My body is ecstatic with exhaustion My mind is clear thanks to the hungry soil that gobbled my mind chatter up I swear I heard the Earth burp with satisfaction My heart is blushing at the newness of my landscape My soul is open to receive magic Read more Share this Share Facebook Pinterest Twitter Google Tumblr

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