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  • Welcome - Nissa Howard
    full truth Being in this realm also brings you the spiritual support to nourish you as you forge new lands of your Self The goal is wholeness as you are for WHO you are scars and all Diggin deep owning up letting go moving on and crafting life through choices made soulfully That s the gist Peruse these pages to explore more information about the details knowledge is power after all And sometimes knowledge is a knowing that needs no words to talk one into saying yes Thing is a wild soul path is one of instinct and trust Chances are if we are going to make some energy medicine magic together you already know it All you have to do is take that action with me Soul Craft Sessions One on One Sacred Cocoon Magic Just For You Deepening the transformation Step on through Learn More Soul Craft Circles Online and In person Excavate Ruminate Activate Circle with me November 15 2015 A day for wild women to gather and restore in sacred space RSVP To Grab Your Spot Only 65 Sacred Sound Items Customized Sound Healing Now taking names for the list See why mine are different Order

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  • Get Soul Notes - Nissa Howard
    and circles This tribe is a community of whole begins belonging to themselves They pick up their soul skin and begin the path of becoming who they are and creating their own beliefs truths and agreements I am on this path with you as your guide I can teach and lead you to your own way of being your own sacred space Step on through Share this Share Facebook Pinterest

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  • Blog - Nissa Howard
    Share this Share Facebook Pinterest Twitter Google Tumblr Email How do I get through not knowing what I need to do 2 0 by admin on December 10 2015 in Wild Within 4 Comments I do it anyway I cling to the self compassion that life IS a practice I give myself permission to fuck up I open my explorers heart that eagerly heads into the unknown adventure When doubt or fear or shame set in I breath deeply Name it talk to it and set up camp for the night I do it Read more Share this Share Facebook Pinterest Twitter Google Tumblr Email Knowing Who You Are take 2 by admin on November 30 2015 in Wild Within 2 Comments Who are you A question that haunts many a human heart and mind For those who answer the calling of this question it seems to ignite a spirit of searching wondering and exploration The seeker becomes like Indiana Jones the answer to this question becomes like the treasure Indie is scouring the world for The hunt for it creates a Read more Share this Share Facebook Pinterest Twitter Google Tumblr Email Feels like execution by admin on November 24 2015 in Wild Within 4 Comments Tomorrow Wednesday is the day of my surgery To many surgery isn t a big deal and I admit in the bigger picture it probably isn t For me in my wildish nature it s more than a procedure and the stories behind it are not important to me I know and understand why this is triggering so much trauma and more importantly Read more Share this Share Facebook Pinterest Twitter Google Tumblr Email Hole in my head by admin on November 11 2015 in Wild Within 4 Comments Well this 18 minute

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  • Bone Readings - Nissa Howard
    of us and me guiding you through a journey to her I give myself over to being the hollow bone for the lady of the bones and the bones themselves In this space the lady of the bones will look into your heart and blow into me the truths to be revealed Then I blow that into the bones and toss them out of the black leather they rest in all of this is on the reading Readings last anywhere from 25 45 minutes and I have yet to do a reading that didn t carry an element of healing through song rattle and big magical holy shit moments The feedback I m getting from past clients is astounding The most common theme I hear is that of surprise at the healing that took place and how the reading seem to cut through a lot of bullshit and get to the core I don t know how to sell you on these you are either a yes or a no When you purchase there will be a section in the payment process that allows for a note to seller please share your issue or situation in this box OR leave

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  • Soul Craft Sessions - Nissa Howard
    mama lovin and big soul sister hugs Be seen heard allowed encouraged and moved towards wholeness Each session is a unique as you so just be prepared for anything and open to trusting the magic of sacred space the sacred space within you These sessions are done via Skype and they can be recorded upon request A minimum commitment of 3 sessions within 9 weeks is required for this choice Unless I have need to change this I m going off the honor system for this choice Upon checkout you will be purchasing the first session then we ll set up your remaining two session dates and you will be responsible for paying via this checkout before each of the remaining two sessions 125 for a 90 ish minute session Please arrive on time I create a space for you before you arrive and being on time is a way to honor the space held for you Plus I m adapting a new policy late arrivals will result in decreased time for your session Bone Readings The Bones A set of shattered elk bones who have a long story with me and if you are a subscriber you have access to some of the story via my soul notes page Anyway these bones are some old school divination magic I can t really tell you too much about these right now because the are deeply sacred All I can say is those who choose this reading just know this is for you All I need is your issue or situation and then I ll let the bones do the talking I can t sell you on these you are either a yes or a no 45 All readings will be delivered in a MP3 file via email The reading will

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  • Sacred Sound Makers - Nissa Howard
    in one form or another As a huntress I love the animals I kill I love them all year long I love their bones that I display or make into alter pieces Sometimes my dogs love their bones too My family and I cut and wrap the meat ourselves therefore these animals become a part of my family s health and life force This is precious The hunt is ancient sacred fun and fulfilling It is an honor to take this connection to another level by using the hide to create sacred sound Hides are hand scraped and processed by me and I journey to learn something about that animals life and it s death This itself is a several day labor intensive project So if you re wondering why these sacred items come at higher money price well if I still have to convince you of their value after the last paragraph then maybe these rattles aren t for you Seriously though I am literally covered in blood sweat and tears by the time a rattle is born This is valuable to me The medicine each rattle carries is valuable to me I believe the animal who gave it s life to become these wild medicines deserves to be valued Every rattle head is stuffed with Eastern Oregon Sage that I harvest from my family s century farm Corn wheat stones etc are used to create it s sacred sound It s so funny the corn goes in and out in and out in and out until the rattle sound is what it is meant to be This sound is the medicine of the rattle s spirit Through the art of Shamanic Journey I let each item create themselves through me and then imbue their spirit energy medicine into

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  • Soul Craft Circles - Nissa Howard
    with sacred voice This is not a space of this is how you should live and this is how you should deal with things This is a sacred space for you to figure out how to know feel and express your truth as it resides in who you are This is a place and time to learn how to be who you are and discover what that feels like This is a place to be supported as you own and process what you learn about who you are This is a place to figure out your light your dark and how these realms within you form a whole and work together This is a place to fall in love with all of who you are This is a place to discover what your wholeness is on your terms without judgement This is place to listen to your inner voice and become your own guide My intention as the guide of this space is to hold the circle with the integrity of the following truths every person has a right to their truth and their process compassionate observation offering insight each being matters as an equal to the other not clones but equals diversity being willing to see that what you disagree with is one part of the whole and isn t wrong shadows have an important message to share what you send out comes back to you times 3 support without labeling attachment or agenda there are limitless possibilities there are many ways to see and move energy wailing or passionate expression of an emotion is ancient release a gentle holding of a difficult moment honor the what if keep asking questions explore discover and honor every layer show up with authentic self accountability you are responsible for your happiness

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  • Contact Me - Nissa Howard
    Crafter Sacred Individualist Energy Alchemist See More Contact Me instashow source nissa howard cache media time 3900 columns 7 speed 1300 easing ease in out auto 3500 popup easing ease in out Name First Last Last Email Website Subject Message Captcha Share this Share Facebook Pinterest Twitter Google Tumblr Email Copyright 2016 Nissa Howard All Rights Reserved The Arcade Basic Theme by bavotasan com Send to Email Address Your Name

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