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  • Discovering Quadro #2a Action types
    including hardware control e g screen and keys luminosity Windows actions to control windows layout maximize minimize move left or right etc Media actions which let you control whatever media is currently playing videos or music Great now we know we can control the container but what about the content Working with applications The most interesting and core ability of Quadro is managing and launching commands for applications on Mac and Windows regardless whether they reside on your OS or a lost window of your browser Say you have Chrome with ten open tabs In most cases probably more Somewhere you have Gmail or Facebook To create a new email you would normally have to recall Chrome scan thru your tabs activate the correct tab and click the Compose button to create a new email With Quadro all that takes just one tap If you have Gmail open the tap brings the right tab into focus and hits Compose If it s not opens it in a new tab wait it s loaded and hit Compose The same happens when you switch keeping the last example to the Gmail palette Or vice versa if you click on the Gmail tab Quadro instantly loads the Gmail palette with all its actions Obviously this is what happens with native applications as well In a time when web apps are on the rise and for good reasons we realized how important it was to leverage the experience between these two seemingly separate worlds Working with the web Speaking of web Quadro also features two dedicated action types the Launch webpage and Search online The first one is quite easy as it s practically like having touchable bookmarks The second is way more interesting For instance tapping on your Search on TED pad lets

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  • Discovering Quadro #1 Modularity
    reasons First we believe that only a strong shared philosophy can give life to meaningful design We pride to be unbalanced towards the purpose instead of the mean Second the scope of every mission really is the foundation of all surface operations Starting to speak about the features would have been like dressing up starting with the shoes So we defined the context and motivations we underlined the benefits and now we are getting to the meat Finally Multidimensional modularity You may have seen the term modular thrown in our landing page between personal and automatic While reading this and looking at the interface beside it you may have thought sure the interface is composed by modular elements That s true but that s not all Let s speak about the other dimension the physical one Quadro interfaces can span different devices so you can combine your iPhone and iPad and if you re lucky even more devices to build a bigger and super futuristic control dashboard In reality it s the daemon application residing on your computer which can be controlled by multiple instances of Quadro from different devices but let s not focus on technicalities Help us on

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  • 3 Core Benefits of Working with Quadro
    its method to the other common solutions namely mouse and keyboard Touching a colored iconified pad which position and hierarchy has been decided by its user is a substantial improvement compared to the act of moving a cursor to nested menu which contents are visually mute and frankly impossible to master But one could wonder if this is better than hitting a shortcut Besides being undemocratic and mostly pro s prerogative the feeling of productivity given by hotkey activation is usually fake Bruce Tog Tognazzini Apple Computer employee 66 and still revered UI expert ran a cool 50 million of R D on the Apple Human Interface and found this Test subjects consistently report that keyboarding is faster than mousing The stopwatch consistently proves mousing is faster than keyboarding And more It takes two seconds to decide upon which special function key to press Deciding among abstract symbols is a high level cognitive function Not only is this decision not boring the user actually experiences amnesia Real amnesia The time slice spent making the decision simply ceases to exist Sounds frightening But most of our lives are constellated by these events so we better accept it and try to reduce these occasions to the possible minimum We have to say as correctly noted by Jeff Atwood in this post on his CodingHorror blog that Tog himself asserts that when the keyboard shortcut is already memorized and well understood it s a clear productivity win What we argue here is whether the burden of learning thousands of shortcuts for all of their apps is something people should or want to do What Jeff adds to the table is the extreme value of a two handed input which can result in solid productivity gains Buxton 1986 We couldn t agree more but we are proposing Quadro for the hand not holding the mouse to avoid lots of useless cognitive steps So by reducing the cognitive barriers and leveraging direct manipulation we can get a quicker connection between idea and execution Which brings me to the next not by importance Quadro goal making you stick to your flow state Flow One of the scarcest resources out there and at the same time the most important is the ability or art as someone could argue of keeping a state of flux while working And God knows how much your computer can be counter productive when you need to get somewhere Wikipedia defines flow as follows Flow also known as Zone is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus full involvement and enjoyment in the process of the activity In essence flow is characterized by complete absorption in what one does and speaking of flow in the workplace Because flow is associated with achievement its development could have concrete implications in increasing workplace satisfaction and accomplishment If you substitute trivial interactions with automations and simplify the rest adjusting activation methods to

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  • Hello World
    the past and improve the future Automation seems to be the solution notifications are now seen as the future of interaction but this uniquely accounts for reactionary tasks For things that spur out of the mind instead from the blog post and spreadsheet to the design masterpiece there is still a lot we have to do by ourselves We are creative beings and until the computer will fulfill anything we imagine by itself we need a new instrument to improve every small interaction There is a lot of mediation between ideation and result and it s time for a change WHAT Quadro is the ultimate tool for digital creators It s the first personal interaction system for your any software and it s meant to simplify and improve the quality of interaction while stripping down to the minimum all necessary operations that turn abstraction into results It could be seen as the next step in keyboard evolution one that provides you with functions automations and data manipulation features in context with your task at hand WHY AGAIN Softwares potential to empower content creators from the casual image manipulation to professional engineering keeps growing and offering new means to bring our ideas to life But as the possibilities arise we find confined to the old tools to navigate this infinite array of commands data and files And if potential increases so does the time we spend with our computers While this should feel like leading an orchestra it is actually more like having a lot of instruments scattered chaotically in a big ass room We believe it s time for a revolution in how we interact with our software and that a unified while completely personal tool could deeply change the efficiency and pleasure of computer life With this vision a

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