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  • Michael DuBois
    domain specific algorithms Today I m building the front end for Expedite a home mortgage app that s transparent friendly and intuitive Before that I designed and built the user interface for Agrisaurus an app that teaches you to garden more efficiently I lend my spare time to interactive art projects currently a web comic featuring day to day life on the Death Star Portfolio Github LinkedIn Email Portfolio All

    Original URL path: http://michaeldubois.me/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Agrisuarus UI | Michael DuBois
    white is often associated with cleanliness energy and happiness I knew I wanted to use a bright tint for the app s background However to reinforce the vintage feel and incorporate more of the brown tones representative of soil I chose an off white tint I then added subtle canvas and burlap textures to help ground the design Streamlining the User Flow The original Agrisaurus prototype was needlessly complex It had multiple pages and began new sessions on a dashboard page that listed the user s garden beds presented alerts and displayed nonessential information like the week s weather When I joined the project I knew immediately that we need to cut through this cruft and bring the core functionality of the app to the surface I worked with my project manager to identify a more intentional user flow through the app We carefully considered the process that a gardener goes through as they plan a garden and reduced it to three simple steps Design Plant and Manage which I prominently featured as the main button tabs of my new designs After discarding the dashboard we realized that the app really centered around the Design tool since it formed the spatial representation of the user s real life garden To embrace the idea that the Plant and Manage tools were really just temporary diversions from the garden I converted these tools to lightboxes and devised an animated transition wherein the lightboxes slid up from the bottom of the screen as though the user was raising a notebook into view These adjustments really improved the cohesion and simplicity of the app Dealing with Time and Space One of the trade offs we quickly identified was the tension between displaying temporal and spatial information Initially we found it necessary to separate the spatial garden design from the temporal tools for planting and managing but there were drawbacks to separating these displays For instance in the Plant feature where we showed a timeline it was difficult to indicate to the user which plants were which since we could not show the user where the plants were located in the garden One long term design goal for Agrisaurus if the project had continued was to integrate time visualization into a unified spatial view I did manage to take one step in this direction by coloring the outline of crops in the garden according to their lifecycle state i e default planted harvestable compostable but we had many more ideas in store Freeing Users to Experiment Another tension we discovered was that between providing recommendations and allowing users to make their own decisions We knew it was important for users to be able to diverge from our recommendations if they knew better or simply wanted to try something different In our plant date scheduler we enabled this user agency by providing fixed recommendations but allowing the user to experiment with different planting dates Instead of just asking the user to set a planting date with

    Original URL path: http://michaeldubois.me/portfolio/agrisuarus/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Farmscape Website | Michael DuBois
    designed the Farmscape logo and built multiple iterations of the website as my skills evolved As internet capable phones and tablets rose in popularity I converted the site to the responsive one page design you see here It consolidated our key benefits and services into a single skimmable page and prominently featured our Quick Contact Form at both the beginning and end for optimal conversions Farmscape is now the largest

    Original URL path: http://michaeldubois.me/portfolio/farmscape-website/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Agrisaurus Plant Placement Algorithm | Michael DuBois
    the same general region The Goal Traditionally gardeners solved this problem by marking off a rectangular region of their garden and labeling it onions but our premise at Agrisaurus was that we could arrange crops more efficiently by intelligently circle packing them Thus we needed a solution that would cluster small crops of the same type into tightly packed groups without disrupting our ability to efficiently pack other larger plants like tomatoes and kale according to their height and radius To start I read our documentation on the plant placement algorithm and did a little bit of research on circle packing I learned that in unbounded space it is most space efficient to pack circles of equal diameter in a hexagonal arrangement If you go to Home Depot or pass by a shipping yard you re likely to see bundles of pipes packed like this I figured this was our best bet since the space between existing plants in the garden would be arbitrarily shaped However I still had to figure out how to integrate it with our standard placement algorithm which was designed to pack circles of differing diameter while also accounting for the shadow cast by each plant My first solution was to use the standard placement algorithm to place a single plant of the given crop Then by testing collisions at the appropriate locations around the first plant I could place additional plants of that crop in a hexagonal grid until all plants were placed or all space in the region was exhausted This solution hexagonally packed crops around existing crops in any shape necessary but was difficult for a user to manually alter since it arranged the crops in such strange shapes I proposed that it would be more convenient for users if we grouped the

    Original URL path: http://michaeldubois.me/portfolio/agrisaurus-plant-placement-algorithm/ (2016-04-25)
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  • scrollimator | Michael DuBois
    Michael DuBois Home About Portfolio Say Hello Portfolio scrollimator Scrollimator is a simple scrollspy library intended for powering animations with the user s scroll position View it on github Categories

    Original URL path: http://michaeldubois.me/portfolio/scrollimator/ (2016-04-25)
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  • cpp-priority-queue | Michael DuBois
    Hello Portfolio cpp priority queue A Priority Queue implementation in C This implementation uses a triad of heap sorted arrays instead of Node objects to avoid memory allocation at insertion

    Original URL path: http://michaeldubois.me/portfolio/cpp-priority-queue/ (2016-04-25)
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  • decision-tree-java | Michael DuBois
    Portfolio decision tree java A generic discrete decision tree in java useful for classifying data with a finite set of labels The repository contains an example that predicts a US House Representative s party based on their voting records See

    Original URL path: http://michaeldubois.me/portfolio/decision-tree-java/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Concept 001 | Michael DuBois
    001 Concept art for a stealth graphic novel project posted with permission of the writer Materials Holbein opaque black ink a 2 Raphael Kolinsky brush 102 crow quill nib Strathmore

    Original URL path: http://michaeldubois.me/portfolio/concept-001/ (2016-04-25)
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