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  • Application Process | Manara Award
    Palestinian Territories and can show a positive problem solving approach You are not eligible for Manara if you Are applying with an initiative which has been completed more than two years ago Are an individual below the age of 18 Are a government agency government institution or international organisation Do not have your place of work business in Jordan Lebanon or the Palestinian Territories You are not working in the areas of the competition Apply with an initiative that addresses gender inequalities outside of Jordan Lebanon or the Palestinian territories or in one of them Selection Process Manara s selection process is straightforward After the end of the application period Manara s team will only consider applications from applicants who are eligible if you apply please make sure you are eligible Manara s team will hand over the eligible applications to Manara s independent jury The jury consists of six known gender experts and activists from various backgrounds Each jury member will assess all applications according to Manara s selection criteria If you want to win read our criteria carefully and show in your application how you fulfill them At the beginning of April the Jury will come together and finalise a shortlist All shortlisted candidates will be invited to participate in Manara s competition event The event will take place mid of May During the final event one winner out of each focus area will be selected For all dates and deadlines please check our timeline If you have questions feel free to contact us via the contact form Manara s Criteria Manara assesses your initiative according to four main criteria I Tangible social impact Your initiative should improve gender equality and possibly initiate social change It is also important that you reach your target group in a meaningful

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  • Download Center | Manara Award
    Download Center Language English العربية Download center Budget Template Arab Eng Budget Sample Arab Eng Application Guide English Template Organisation Eng Arab Template Individuals Eng Arab Contact us تواصل معنا Manara is a regional project aiming for gender equality through a competition for local initiatives in Jordan the Palestinian Territories and in Lebanon In contrast to the dominant public debate which typically highlights weaknesses in the field of gender equality

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  • Jury and Partners | Manara Award
    Women She produced over 250 documentaries Read More افرأ المزيد Ghida Anani Ghida Anani is a professor at the Modern University of Business and Science and an assistant professor at the Faculty of Public Health in the Read More افرأ المزيد Mai A Temraz Mai Temraz is a communications engineer Currently she is the Mentorship and Women s Inclusivity Program Coordinator at Gaza Sky Geeks which is Read More افرأ المزيد Miryam Aucar Myriam Kairouz Aucar is a practicing lawyer and previous member of the Committee on Women s Affairs and of the Committee of Foreign Relations at the Read More افرأ المزيد Zahira Kamal Zahira Kamal is the secretary general of the Palestinian Democratic Union party chairwomen and board member of several women s organisations e g Read More افرأ المزيد PARTNERS JNCW The Jordanian National Commission for Women JNCW is one of the earliest National Machinery established to promote Abeer Dababneh Abeer Dababneh is a lawyer in the area of women s empowerment and works passionately in this field At present she is Eileen Kuttab Associate Professor in Sociology in Birzeit University and a passionate women s activist towards human and women s IWSAW The Institute for Women

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  • FAQ | Manara Award
    you conducted a project which contributed or contributes to gender equality What will the jury consider when reviewing applications Together with gender experts Manara has developed a comprehensive set of criteria according to which applicants are judged You can find the selection criteria here Will selections be published Manara will publish around 9 short listed candidates on its website We don t work in Jordan Lebanon Palestine can we still apply No You have to work in one of those countries Can we apply with an initiative that has not yet started No My application was not successful can I get feedback We do not provide feedback to declined applicants Do I have to finish the application form in one session No you can start working on your application and come back later Can I edit my application once I have submitted it Once you have submitted your application you cannot edit it anymore What is the application deadline The deadline for application is midnight GMT 2 20th March 2016 I missed the application deadline can I still apply No Applications will only be accepted until midnight GMT 2 of March 20th I am having trouble with the application form upload If you encounter any problems please contact us by using the contact form Can organisations apply with different initiatives If your organisation has more than one initiative you can apply multiple times My work doesn t fit neatly into any of the areas entirely My work doesn t fit neatly into any of the areas What do I do You have to select the area which suits the most Can we apply with one initiative in two areas No you need to choose one area for your application Competition Event What is the competition event Manara has a two

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  • PRESS | Manara Award
    Monday February 8 2016 Award for gender equality initiatives opens for applications BY JORDAN TIMES Sunday January 31 2016 German funded award to recognise gender equality initiative Contact us تواصل معنا Manara is a regional project aiming for gender equality through a competition for local initiatives in Jordan the Palestinian Territories and in Lebanon In contrast to the dominant public debate which typically highlights weaknesses in the field of gender

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  • Competition | Manara Award
    event therefore includes presentations of the shortlisted candidates and the jury and the audience will vote the final winners Another main aim of the event is to enhance networking and cross border learning The shortlisted candidates will therefore participate in a networking event and a reader will be published shortlisted candidates for replication opportunities and further outreach of the shortlisted candidates Why apply The shortlisted candidates will gain experience publicity and contacts from the event itself Besides they will receive a certificate for participating successfully in the competition The winners can additionally choose one of the following awards according to their needs and GIZ rules and regulations Funding for a short project phase 3 month only for officially registered organisations Training PR promotion i e website development printing material Learning journey All awards will be concretely planned for the winner together with ORF team after the final event An implementation plan will be developed that answers specifically to the winners needs and fits GIZ rules and regulations The award will be implemented jointly between July and September 2016 TIMELINE Start of application phase Monday February 8 2016 Start of application phase Explanatory Session Jordan Thursday February 18 2016 Explanatory Session Jordan Explanatory Session West Bank Monday February 29 2016 Explanatory Session West Bank Explanatory Session Lebanon Wednesday March 2 2016 Explanatory Session Lebanon Explanatory Session Gaza Sunday March 6 2016 Explanatory Session Gaza Test deadline for review Thursday March 10 2016 Test deadline for review Application Deadline Sunday March 20 2016 Application Deadline The announcement of the preliminary list of candidates by the jury Sunday April 10 2016 The announcement of the preliminary list of candidates by the jury Competition and networking event Saturday May 14 2016 to Sunday May 15 2016 Competition and networking event Award implementation Wednesday June

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  • | Manara Award
    society organisations in this field to continue their work and inspire others to follow their example Turning to Jordan Lutter described the rate of female participation in the labour market as surprising and disillusioning With a rate below 20 per cent the share of women participation in the labour force in Jordan is the lowest in the region she said adding that this low participation is impeding Jordan s economic development If you think of the relatively high enrolment rates of girls in secondary and higher education the costs to the society are enormous if we do not manage to have them participate in larger numbers in the labour market after completing their education she stressed JNCW Secretary General Salma Nims agreed saying that the economic participation of women in the labour market is a paradox We really do not know how we got to where we are now We are going backwards on many levels and we are unable to create the needed base to increase women s participation in the labour market Nims said We need to re evaluate our strategies and at the same time face the extremist thoughts and ideologies in our society that could be a major contributor to the low female participation in the labour market and other social issues in general she added Nims expressed hope that the award will contribute to change in this area Former Minister Asma Khader and Birzeit University sociologist Eileen Kuttab who are among several jury members for the award both said the prize would show women as capable of making a difference and creating positive initiatives rather than merely as victims MANARA is open to individuals and organisations that have found creative and effective ways to achieve gender equality within their fields and countries the organisers statement

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  • | Manara Award
    Marieke Gattermann programme adviser at the German agency GIZ s Open Regional Fund for MENA ORF MENA We want these entities to give their ideas and success stories to other women and to encourage women to learn from these experiences and inspire others Gattermann told reporters In order to add a different perspective MANARA will showcase positive practices from the Middle East through a regional competition and encourage gender advocates to exchange ideas and learn from each other she said Rawan Ababneh advocacy and gender equality expert for ORF said the award is targeting individuals and organisations that conducted gender equality projects in the social political economic research and filming documentation fields Achievements towards gender equality vary in Jordan the Palestinian Territories and Lebanon Ababneh told the press Even though women s rights and their wellbeing are still at risk women have achieved remarkable results in tackling inequality she added Ababneh said the idea behind the award is to support and promote the local community and to focus on the positive image of women GIZ ORF MENA Project Coordinator Mohammad Kolak said the award will focus on the following areas women as active citizens capacity development and capacity building for decision making Applicants must be residents of Jordan Lebanon or Palestine aged 18 years or older who are addressing gender inequalities and can show a positive problem solving approach according to Kolak He added that the applicants should have an ongoing initiative with finished results no later than two years away The prize consists of 10 000 euro for three initiatives that could be from any of the three countries Kolak told reporters According to Ababneh the official launch of the award is expected to take place on February 8 The application period is from February 8 until March 20

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