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  • The Legend of Notch — Justin O'Conner
    partying with famous people able to do whatever I want and I ve never felt more isolated https twitter com notch status 637563038258868224 Mr Persson walked away from Mojang with over a billion dollars as part of the Microsoft deal Most of us would trip over ourselves for the opportunity to make even 1 1000th of that and everyone likes to grandstand about what they would do and how they would spend it But most of us have never been in this situation Notch Official GDC via Wikimedia Commons My impression of notch and this lines up with other impressions of him from various con goers and media personalities is that he is your stereotypical basement programmer type The kind of guy who might have turned to programming and computers when real social interactions were more difficult than learning code The sort of man who strives to prove himself based on his own ideas and merits When you thrust an unimaginable amount of money into the lap of a person like this well I can see the makings of a storm of existential crises See guys like notch are always working on new ideas because they like working on new things The idea of making something that people enjoy is thrilling it s the driving force in these peoples lives When you give them essentially unlimited money that drive dies No longer do you have to work for anything in your entire life You can be content to just sit back and enjoy yourself until you die Why do anything that looks like work All of that combined with the first world problems of being a rich person have probably taken a toll on notch I m sure he will adjust and I predict that he will get bored of

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  • Satoru Iwata's legacy and the death of fun in games — Justin O'Conner
    for Now that he is gone the question looms over our heads that ominous specter of Where will Nintendo go now Iwata had a very clear vision and was the steel wall of defense against the shareholders push toward quick cash in mobile development Without his guidance can Nintendo stay on course Everyone is asking this question it s adequately covered in a thousand other places some of them more respectfully than others More pressing to me however is the loss of the ideals that he championed Nintendo with Iwata behind the wheel was the fun company You go to Nintendo s console when you just want to have fun Whether it s the Wii or the Wii U no one can dispute that Nintendo s games have an intense laser focus on pure fun without any of the cruft that weighs down modern games I m willing to bet that Mr Iwata was a driving force behind that focus That spirit of fun is so sorely lacking in the industry right now Games are more serious than ever Every time I hear the word cinematic in relation to a video game I cringe I don t need every game to be a Hollywood esque drama slamming me in the face with heavy topics and overdone cutscenes Sometimes I just want to pick up a controller and have fun for 20 30 minutes Guess what Every time I find myself wanting to do that I turn on the Wii U Without Iwata will Nintendo continue to be the fun company Probably That s their niche now and most of the games they announced at E3 this year fit into it well enough Indie games also frequently concentrate on raw fun factor With the games industry in Japan waning however and

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