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  • Try-A-Whiskey Tuesday - ItsOnMe | The Gift Card Reinvented
    try a whiskey Tuesday holiday and we re hoping that you can help The concept is very straight forward so we ll keep the tutorial short 1 Invite a friend 2 Go to a bar 3 Choose a whiskey you ve never encountered 4 Drink that whiskey Nothing like immediate satisfaction for the fruits of your labor huh If you want to score a round of whiskey on us give

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  • A Cafe for Vegans to Adore - ItsOnMe | The Gift Card Reinvented
    Las Vegas Arts District One of the most popular menu items is The Tree of Life pita This wrap features roasted peppers avocado tomato pickled onions and mango cilantro ginger vinaigrette with vegan cashew crema and parmesan made from nuts Above is the David s Bizness Special Chicken curried quinoa beets chickpeas and avocado lined up neatly on a bed of braised kale carrots tossed in vinaigrette Photo credit to

    Original URL path: http://blog.itson.me/post/138500867627/a-cafe-for-vegans-to-adore (2016-05-02)
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  • Sunday Supper Edition: Andiron Steak & Sea - ItsOnMe | The Gift Card Reinvented
    but not too strong We have dinner to eat So let s go with something classic Like a G T with twist of lime This place is famous for steak AND seafood You can t leave without exploring both Take a dive and start with a mound of fresh shellfish before finishing it off with a hearty steak A prime time dish this 36 oz tomahawk will surely satisfy your

    Original URL path: http://blog.itson.me/post/138422032342/sunday-supper-edition-andiron-steak-sea (2016-05-02)
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  • Soon there will be more plastic in the ocean than... - ItsOnMe | The Gift Card Reinvented
    2 3 million trees are needed to offset CO2 from production and transport of gift cards from 2005 2012 2012 production packaging and transport of gift cards equivalent to 14 560 cars In 2012 10 000 000 gallons of water was needed to produce and package gift cards Today you have the opportunity to Gift Green and Gift Local with ItsOnMe Boasting the lowest carbon footprint in the industry Supports

    Original URL path: http://blog.itson.me/post/138359739187/soon-there-will-be-more-plastic-in-the-ocean-than (2016-05-02)
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  • Weekend Mimosas Outside - ItsOnMe | The Gift Card Reinvented
    and a bottle of Champagne What you do with it is totally up to you You should probably just pour it in a glass and drink it though Whether it s the hair of the dog or you re just trying to relax and enjoy the rest if your weekend you ll be in the right place Wonder on down to Park on the corner of Fremont Las Vegas Blvd

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  • Fresh off the Block - ItsOnMe | The Gift Card Reinvented
    Here s a sneak peak at some of the amazing butchers cuts you ll find inside Skirt Steak Cowboy Marinade Aka Ushi Cattle Tri Tip Garlic Lemon Kobe Black Flat Iron Florentine Rub Aka Ushi Cattle Hanger Fresh Herbs USDA Natural Prime Make sure to grab a little somethin from the cocktail menu We recommend the rye manhattan You know because it goes great with steak and bacon With scrumptious

    Original URL path: http://blog.itson.me/post/138289122694/fresh-off-the-block (2016-05-02)
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  • Tear up Vegas on 3 Wheels - ItsOnMe | The Gift Card Reinvented
    on a 3 wheeled scooter Trikke Tours can make that happen Take an afternoon to get up close and personal with the cool architecture murals and historic sites that the city of Las Vegas has to offer Choose where you want to explore including downtown the funky arts district infamous Fremont Street and more Know someone that would love to participate in a Trikke Tour Give the gift of adventure

    Original URL path: http://blog.itson.me/post/138225419523/tear-up-vegas-on-3-wheels (2016-05-02)
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  • Fresh Squeezed Gifts - ItsOnMe | The Gift Card Reinvented
    s no wonder why Vegas locals love The Juice Standard Going on a cleanse Just thirsty for something great With two locations you re never too far away to stop in to grab a bottle Give something from the heart that s good for the heart Send someone a juice right from your phone with the ItsOnMe app Recipient will receive an e gift card that they can redeem right

    Original URL path: http://blog.itson.me/post/138161002088/fresh-squeezed-gifts (2016-05-02)
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