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  • Eating Yourself Happy: Dreamers & Doers Talk Eating Hacks – Dreamers // Doers
    which include single size hummus almond butter freeze dried edamame yummm Gesche Haas CEO of Dreamers Doers 5 Go Un healthy Take your favorite potato salad recipe and use mashed chickpeas instead I use lemon juice and pickle brine instead of mayo Eat with crunchy veggies Fast high protein vegan nearly 0 fat Jo ven a Whatmoor co founder of Clutch Talent founder of New York Women in Tech Skip normal pancake batter and cream two eggs and one banana together I like to add walnuts pecans coconut chia seeds blueberries or any combination of these things Cook them like normal pancakes then top them off with some honey Sugar free bread free delicious I love these even more than real pancakes Kells McPhillips Special Ops at Dreamers Doers 6 Make Gourmet Simple I love making a veggie lentil and brown rice farro or other grain pot with stock economical and covers the food groups Diana Murakhovskaya co founder of Monarq Trader Joe s Grilled Chicken Strips 4 99 for 12 oz with some fresh mozzarella avocado and their Balsamic Glaze or a sweet Balsamic Vinegar if you re gluten free like me Chaya Cooper founder of Click2fit I make salad or grab a whole avocado tomato apple for my lunch Often times I just bake skinless chicken thighs with some root veggies salt and pepper and olive oil Anya Eydman Anya Eydman Career and Personal Coaching 7 Join a Food Coop I just joined the Park Slope Food Coop myself to get back into organic foods In the past I could really feel the difference in my energy levels when eating this way Dawn Quaker COO of Dreamers Doers 8 Practice Mindful Eating The single best thing I ve started doing recently is connecting my st ress with emotional eating In the last few years I began relying heavily on a sugar boost for comfort when I was stressed in the form of cake cookies but also bagels rice pasta So now not only am I tracking those feelings of discomfort but I m also breathing through them Asking myself what s going on and if there s something better I can do for my body mind instead I havent had refined sugar in over 2 weeks Karen Young founder of Ouishave 9 Skip processed foods I try to eat and buy as much fresh food not out of a bag box can as much as possible when grocery shopping This is an easy rule to follow for me and has made my habits much healthier Mitali Rakhit founder of Vilasify Services To Make Healthy Easy For You 1 Natur eBox healthy snacks delivered right to your door including dark cocoa nom noms Kim Chen Director of Consumer Technology at PatientsLikeMe uses NatureBox for healthy food on the go 2 Hungryroot veggie noodles and delicious sauces delivered to you including turnip noodles with toasted walnut pesto Even my meat loving boyfriend said he could have Hungryroot for dinner everyday

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  • Advice – Dreamers // Doers - Page 3
    over the years their best intentions weren t Advice Resources Relax Retreat Top Getaways for Entrepreneurs As someone who is constantly working towards my goals I struggle with guilt anytime I m not doing something productive It s a constant challenge to keep physical exercise me time and girlfriends in my life Taking Advice Inspiration Life Resources Questions to ask before giving up We ve all been there freaking the

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  • Advice – Dreamers // Doers - Page 2
    Answered The most valuable part of Advice Optimum You Reality Resources Why Dreamers Doers believes in Giving AND setting Boundaries courtesy of Adam Grant At Dreamers Doers we work hard to unite trailblazing women who are givers it s our secret weapon for making dreams happen We enable women to leverage each other as a resource Advice Inspiration Life Optimum You The Importance of Self Mantra How to Create Your Own What is a mantra I have a mantra I believe in the virtue of words I believe that there are words powerful enough to offer strength in time of weakness For me Advice Optimum You Reality Uncategorized The Battle with Self Doubt and How to Beat It What is it about that moment You know that instant when you get off the phone with someone important and realize you d said something wrong You missed opportunities to come across the way you d Advice Great Reads Inspiration Reality Uncategorized October Doers Digest Hi Dreamers Doers This page is crowdsourced brought to you by you We ll be updating this page frequently to keep you up to date on amazing opportunities jobs and much more This is a dynamic list that we will be Advice Inspiration Life Optimum You Uncategorized Eating Yourself Happy Dreamers Doers Talk Eating Hacks Balancing our health with a busy schedule can be tedious to say the least Free time is scarce so we often find ourselves filling every spare second with hitting snooze or cramming chocolate Advice Inspiration Life Reality Resources Ask Me Anything with Megan Hannum Megan Hannum is a rockstar a partner at FundedBuy a venture consultant to Comcast ventures Megan has worked with hundreds of startups and accelerators to get them set up efficiently and optimize their operating expenses Advice Great Reads

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  • What keeps you up at night? – Dreamers // Doers
    I m terrified of my job For no real good reason I work hard every single day to push out excellent code and make myself someone people can rely on I often work 7 days a week and sometimes don t even sleep at night because I m working I know I m doing a good job I make sure to have 1 on 1s with various managers in the company regularly to ask about how I m doing and what I can do to improve and they never tell me anything I don t know if it s the lack of feedback or impostor syndrome or what but I constantly feel like I haven t done enough I keep thinking that I should leave the company so that I can have for lack of a better term a life but I know that I ll just end up working this much wherever I end up I have anxiety and panic attacks sometimes on my way into the office I work I go home and I go to bed I moved to NYC without knowing anyone but a handful of coworkers so it s not like I have friends or family to keep me distracted That all being said I m getting better I don t bring my laptop home anymore so that I can force myself to have a break I ve been hopping around trying to find a church I can connect with I ve gone on a few dates Though work has been keeping me up at night and is always in the back of my mind I m trying to get better at not being stressed out about it It s so hard though I miss my parents and my sister and my family All I can really do is pray that it ll be better drink some calming tea and hope that it actually gets to be the happy place I thought it would be I just want to have someone hug me and say that it ll be alright And now that I m more aware that I m doing this to myself the question is there am I working to distract myself from loneliness Or is my loneliness distracting me from my work 3 My Worst Enemy I m a founder I left finance 2 years ago I d consider myself very put together But sometimes this entrepreneurial journey wears on me so much to a point I even feel like a fraud for calling myself a founder I feel like I am working so hard to constantly sell the vision to myself to others On one day everyone including myself is SO bought into it I think I am killing it And then the next day without even a warning the façade just explodes and the world comes crumbling down On those days nothing will resonate Even if I get the most amazing feedback from customers it just rolls off me and

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  • “What does Dreamers // Doers mean to you?” – Dreamers // Doers
    lot of pressure I always quit and went back to a day job This time though having D D has made a difference I feel like I have a community and lots of support I think if I d had a support system before I wouldn t have quit my entrepreneurial endeavors None of the girlfriends I grew up with are starting companies and this was the first time that I found true peers willing to listen and provide advice from a woman s point of view Seeing other women who have already done things makes it seem real and attainable That makes it easy to bypass self doubt because you might feel like no one else is trying to do what you are doing We discuss anything from raising capital maintaining personal balance to how fertility issues affect our professional choices I ve been able to make connections with new clients VCs and other amazing founders who are working just as hard towards building their vision I on boarded one of my bigger clients through DD they reached out to me after finding my profile in the DD directory SO valuable to see other women doing various projects you get to see the steps they are making Helps break it down in your mind and makes it real and attainable When someone asks for help for an event or a client you get to look under the hood Being part of a majority having a safe space to discuss issues related to the full spectrum of what it means to be a woman in business I ve found that women are surprisingly unwilling to use their voices in public forums and social media This for me reinforces even more how powerful D D is because women are not having important discussions in other places online It has improved my productivity and since joining I ve had that extra boost to hit a number of key milestones As a bootstrapper it s also easy to get sidetracked since there s no investors breathing down your neck for milestones Somehow with this group I get a sense of accountability to push forward succeed for the group even if no one is really keeping tabs on me like that It s sort of like earning my keep I suppose I love the interaction with younger women and older women I can t tell you how much I love this aspect of D D I have learned so much from that I have loved working with women 10 years younger than me and seeing posts from older women in the group Having an accountability group that s unbiased and not hyper connected to my day to day Sometimes I feel more comfortable sharing personal life events and struggles with everyone because they are outside my immediate network I know that what I ve done in 4 6 months with D D would have taken twice as long to accomplish on my own either

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  • The Importance of Self-Mantra + How to Create Your Own – Dreamers // Doers
    believe this works Our minds shape our perceptions we project these perceptions onto ourselves and others The result If you think I am capable I am beautiful I am talented artistic compassionate etc you WILL be all of these things The opposite is also true Here s what I say when my mind is clouded by negativity I close my eyes and repeat these words with insistent compassion I will not promise you that repeating this mantra for one day will exhume you from whatever troubles have buried you I will not promise that you will always believe your mantra In fact my mantra often begins in a questioning tone and needs to be repeated about ten times before it takes on any form of certainty I will promise however that over time your mind will become more invested in your mantra Whenever you begin to pile negativity on yourself this little ray of sunlight within you your mantra will peek out sooner and sooner It will learn your patterns and come running ready to to catch you before you ve even fallen How to create your own mantra Of course your mantra is incredibly personal to you You have the will to follow or deny any number of these steps You may already know what you want to say to you Choose whether you want to address yourself as I or you This is a fascinating distinction I use you because I like the idea that a more knowing divine part of me is talking to the part of me that is simply human However I also see how the I could be an incredibly unifying way of combining this duality within ourselves Choose three or more adjectives that you would describe yourself as on your kindest day on

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  • career – Dreamers // Doers
    that instant when you get off the phone with someone important and realize you d said something wrong You missed opportunities to come across the way you d TAKING THE PATH LESS TRAVELED REFRESHINGLY HONEST CONTENT Subscribe Follow Get more content like this in your inbox You ll be the first to get thoughtful content and updates FACEBOOK LOVE LIKE FACEBOOK LOVE LIKE TWITTER ACTION My Tweets 2015 All Rights

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  • confidence – Dreamers // Doers
    that instant when you get off the phone with someone important and realize you d said something wrong You missed opportunities to come across the way you d TAKING THE PATH LESS TRAVELED REFRESHINGLY HONEST CONTENT Subscribe Follow Get more content like this in your inbox You ll be the first to get thoughtful content and updates FACEBOOK LOVE LIKE FACEBOOK LOVE LIKE TWITTER ACTION My Tweets 2015 All Rights

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