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  • Top Mistakes Founders Make (And How to Avoid Them)
    product market fit The Airbnb guys sold cereal to stay alive Obama Os and Captain McCain s in DC They made 40k off that one adventure alone Why did they have to do that No one would invest until their ostensibly crazy idea had passionate users and a thriving marketplace in NYC with distribution figured out Ultimately the best investors couldn t ignore the combination of a huge potential market and strong product market fit with distribution figured out The resulting growth from getting those things right was the icing on the cake Even after the Y Combinator YC accelerator program most of the top YC companies to date needed at least a year to get to the point they could raise a Series A from a VC firm Weebly never even got an A Sequoia invested the first VC money years later in what was called a growth round Give credit to the Weebly founders for sticking things out so long without the instant gratification of easy capital that so many flaky founders seek Growth alone isn t sufficient to build a great company evidenced by the demise of some high profile on demand startups recently Tikhon Click to Tweet Growth is the result but not the cause Determined founders stick around until the growth comes Bonus points and higher valuations await those who additionally prove effective and sustainable distribution channels before raising Determined founders never hurt Who else would struggle on for so long on so little to get all those foundations right before the growth really kicks in Focus on growth as your one key metric at your own peril Click to Tweet You are incredible You are incredible INCUBATORS ACCELERATORS Gesche What particular incubators accelerators do you like What are the top mistakes of people trying to get in who don t ultimately get in Tikhon These days it s harder to get admitted into Y Combinator than Harvard going by the published percentages anyway In terms of the accelerators on the radar YC is widely considered the Harvard of the space And they re outstanding especially for consumer B2C products But let s mention some others I ve heard Alchemist is a great accelerator for B2B startups Lemnos Labs is absolutely amazing for hardware companies I ve heard good things about Rock Health for healthcare 500 Startups and TechStars and AngelPad all have great mentors and companies Founders make companies great not accelerators Accelerators are good for accelerating growth when you ve already figured out the foundations Exactly like the studies that show the kids who turn down Harvard to go to a state school are just as successful later in life the best founders will succeed regardless of what any accelerator says Still a Harvard degree can make getting that first job easier just like an accelerator can make the whole startup slog easier too Regardless like Harvard the admissions process is imperfect Neither Harvard nor accelerators get all the decisions right For accelerators they just try to minimize the number of really strong misses Losing the next Airbnb to your competitor is how an accelerator gets hurt They don t get all the decisions right Far from it Their approval is not the goal Building a great successful company is If you optimize purely to get into an accelerator you re less likely to do that I think too many accelerators focus on growth as the one and only gospel to their own detriment I understand why all great companies eventually had growth so they hope they don t miss one by not admitting a company that appears to be growing very quickly But they therefore admit a lot of companies with unsustainable fake or short term growth and subsequently can miss the companies that take the time to get all the pieces in place to have the foundations set for a great business A lot of the very best companies will demonstrate the holy grail of growth later once it s already too late and the accelerator has missed them That said if you can show good looking growth numbers you can likely get into many accelerators Without the fundamentals figured out though you will flame out before you can fix your foundations Before you run out of fuel for your unprofitable fire Because throwing more and more fuel on the fire becomes top of mind In terms of applying you really want a product with passionate users or customers in a great market and indications you are strong determined founders You ll be better off if you can show growth because admissions committees do hope for that while praying the underlying foundations are in place to sustain it Many accelerators shun solo founders unjustly so Having a co founder will help your odds of getting in because the bad ones will say how can the startup be any good if the founder couldn t get anyone to work with them on it A really strong reputation or track record or references from people they trust can often work when admissions will gamble you re good enough to figure out the rest Alternatively working for a few years at a portfolio company of theirs is very helpful to getting admitted Counterintuitively It s often better to show no revenue than a little bit that isn t growing If they see 10k a month revenue that is flat it s harder to let their imaginations run wild where this rocket really goes While accelerators may sound expensive in terms of dilution they are typically not If they want 7 for not a lot of money that s not necessarily a bad deal for you Optimize for ownership over success and achieve neither Consider instead does this program make my company 7 more valuable in the medium run or before my next financing Usually it does In other words the dilution from an accelerator can pay for itself ten times over Startup outcomes are

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  • Meet Nina Kong, Art Consultant + *Making* Big Dreams Happen with Fiverr
    with people smART Advisory offers artists the opportunities to showcase their work in exhibition public residential commercial spaces and help clients to discover new artists to expand their art knowledge and collection You re extra super special and beautiful How did you find out about Fiverr I discovered Fiverr at an event of Dreamers Doers I d heard of it before that event but I wasn t sure what it really was You re extra super special and beautiful Why did you opt for Fiverr I was a bit skeptical at first because of the cost I couldn t believe my eyes when I first logged in I thought it was a typo I decided to give Fiverr a shot because I needed a temporary logo for a client meeting You re extra super special and beautiful What was your experience How much did you pay I was really impressed with the quality attention and quick turnaround for all of these services The logo cost me about 30 and business card design cost me 10 The business card took several attempts and I used a different designer from the one who made the logo to get a different perspective Fiverr provided a sense of freedom and flexibility to experiment with the design and helped me to communicate with the designers more clearly You can check out images of the business card and logo below You re extra super special and beautiful Final words of wisdom What do you wish you had known before embarking on the entrepreneurial journey I could not have launched my company without the love support and inspiration of Dreamers Doers I m so grateful for this amazing community of women and all the detours and side projects that shaped my career today These detours paved the

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  • Ask Tikhon—Angel Investor & Founder of Parse – Dreamers // Doers
    expense e g a car if you aren t in nyc I d have the company cover your major expenses this way when you can do so legally and then a nominal salary if you must Beg for forgiveness don t ask for permission Most startups don t make it anyway so odds are it will never be an issue anyway and if it becomes one you ll have tons of cash to make it go away In the example given above 75k a year for 2 founders and 100k for the CTO is already 250k a year which is half of what you re talking about raising One good engineer will cost a lot more than 100k a year too Beg for forgiveness don t ask for permission tikhon Click To Tweet Will investors give us crazy eyes for going too high Yes Don t even talk about it Investors rarely ask and you should not preemptively bring this up Rookie mistake No matter what you decide to do This does not belong in the fundraising conversation Or any conversation before the A Valuation equity We ve got big picture Qs around a valuation like how the hell do you figure it out this early Rolling caps solve this problem of matching supply and demand to keep a fair market price If your first guess is wrong adjust the cap until the demand is there If it s too low raise it read Paul Graham advocating for rolling caps And as far as equity goes we ve currently split 50 50 between two primary founders How do we decide our CTO s equity split One way to decide is to find the market price of the company the last valuation of the company example money was raised at 10M and paying them say 1 2M worth of stock over 4 years Don t forget they re going to get diluted in future equity financings After a Series A that 10 will look more like 6 VC rounds are very expensive in terms of control and ownership Don t get me started on the games around options pools either Minimize the size of them Startup equity is not a zero sum game Over four years of full time work by the CTO would that person make the company worth 10 more than it is today because of their contribution 20 Then be generous If the hire doesn t work out or is not contributing you can always part ways during the first year cliff period But the truth is you ll know in the first week if things are working The first day actually I wrote about how employees are already getting the short end of the stick Treat people well and they ll fight for your company til death Treat them badly and they might cause its death There are so many ways to screw up a startup why risk another one for a relatively small amount of ownership

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  • Sierra Busch – Dreamers // Doers
    You know that instant when you get off the phone with someone important and realize you d said something wrong You missed opportunities to come across the way you d Advice Resources Relax Retreat Top Getaways for Entrepreneurs As someone who is constantly working towards my goals I struggle with guilt anytime I m not doing something productive It s a constant challenge to keep physical exercise me time and

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  • Expert Tips on Finding the Best Flights – from Trailblazing Women – Dreamers // Doers
    Katherine Fan freelance photographer and contributor to The Points Guy Google Flights works well for me for finding the cheapest or most convenient international and domestic flights A major exception is Southwest Airlines which doesn t list its rates on external sites Sierra Busch Artist and Travel Enthusiast I process information fastest when it s visual That s why I like Google Flights Explore which is different than Google Flights and apparently still so secret that you can t even find it with a Google search You can sea rch a general region and it shows all the lowest prices over three months for different airlines in a graph With a quick search today I found a roundtrip flight NYC Chicago for 70 Another flight NYC Paris was 460 Another site to check is Skiplagged For free personalized help on how to start collecting points try Extra Pack of Peanuts Dana Levin Travel Enthusiast M ake sure to clear your cookies before you sit down to do another round of flight searching Websites notice when you ve been searching for the same flights and raise their prices The websites she suggests are Skyscanner com great for searching flights within Europe It also lets you search for very flexible dates like a whole month or year and search for flights to from whole geographical areas Just for the fun of it This is Nancy Harkness Love who earned her pilot s license at age 16 and ended up leading the first women s pilot group to fly for the US Army STA Travel and Student Universe great for low cost tickets for anyone under 26 and you don t have to be a student Yapta com great for tracking flight prices both before and after you buy and then helping you get a refund of the difference if the price goes down after purchase Finally sign up for the email lists of STA Travel Student Universe and Travelzoo for flash sales and low price notifications Emily Baum Founder of Keyrious If timing is flexible Hitlist all the way If dates are firm usually Hipmunk has the best way to compare timing price etc Kristina Headrick Freelance Writer The Points Guy is an incredible resource for flight deals He posts international sales on his Facebook and his personal blog is my go to for travel credit card tips Cara Thomas Co founder CEO of SERENFLIPITY I search and purchase on a Tuesday usually cheapest fares For lower international fares or biz class I ll sometimes look into alternate airports that can offer a fun layover eg Amsterdam or Frankfurt to Paris Also with miles the best deals are often hidden on the 3rd page or so With Kayak I often clear the browser after looking at flights for a few days as they have been known to jack up the price when multiple visits occur Sharon Lee Thony Director of Marketing at Le Soleil D Or Hotel I recommend ITA Matrix powered

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  • Jill Ozovek – Dreamers // Doers
    What do a platform connecting Brazilian jui jitsu fighters genital icepacks a roommate matchmaking service and an interior design firm have in common A lot actually Their drive passion and willingness TAKING THE PATH LESS TRAVELED REFRESHINGLY HONEST CONTENT Subscribe Follow Get more content like this in your inbox You ll be the first to get thoughtful content and updates FACEBOOK LOVE LIKE FACEBOOK LOVE LIKE TWITTER ACTION My Tweets

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  • Is the grass always greener? Are non-traditional career paths the key to happiness? – Dreamers // Doers
    same time I feel like it s taking away from what I want to be doing Honestly this was the biggest change I probably could have made at this point If I do change my path it ll be to become a manager in transition 29 I left finance and am about to start coding boot camp I m so nervous I don t know if I ll even be hirable after this boot camp and I don t know if this will make me any happier than finance did I feel stuck and overwhelmed by all of the seemingly successful people that NYC is full of I like that I m going to learn a new skill and I m excited to have more ownership of my path versus working for a massive corporation going for it on your own 33 I m a recent founder Now I m more on top of things after an adjustment period of 2 5 3 months Initially there were TONS of ups and downs I m sure that part isn t completely over yet but I definitely feel more sane now The key for me was self care self care self care and a really supportive dream team friend boyfriend family therapist coach private pilates instructor and Dreamers Doers My days can still get derailed a bit or not go to plan but it feels less like a derailment and more like a new path meandering 27 I m both an entrepreneur and an artist I feel like a baby taking my first few steps It s super scary and also exciting But my biggest fear is of me quitting Therefore I promised myself I can t quit I won t quit I feel lonely and not like I m part of a big cause Sometimes I look at friends who are working for Airbnb and Uber and I daydream about doing the same thing But then I have to snap back to my reality that I m trying to make something out of myself here And that s very different from being part of some established or a disruptive entity no matter how awesome those entities are That being said I recently realized that too much encouragement inspiration etc can be a BAD thing too for ambitious people at least it is for me I found it lessens my ambition by giving instant gratification 26 I m a founder of a consultancy Honestly right now I feel debilitated depressed useless I co founded a company My business partner has taken the lead for the projects that are bringing in the money due to a language need I don t earn enough to live in my own room I haven t had enough cash to replace worn out shoes a proper winter coat or to purchase a ticket to visit my dying grandfather Whatever money I have goes towards necessities I ve been in this situation for 3 years Frankly I m

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  • Dreamers // Doers Event Recap: Making It Happen Soiree with Kelly Hoey – Dreamers // Doers
    the ever important What s the problem and how do you solve it question duo But the best pitches and Kelly has seen tons of pitches are for the startups that have researched the audiences they are in front of There s a difference between pitches for say Y combinator and actually sitting across from Gene Sullivan or Kathy Utecht It s knowing that audience and prepping for that context In addition to solving the great problems of the world why do you want to solve it with them You re amazing Q How can you actually prep for a specific meeting A Answer the question Who is this individual that will be sitting in front of me Check out the websites or LinkedIn profiles of the people you want to pitch Joanne Wilson for example is transparent on how to reach her and what to give her in advance of the pitch Kelly said this was essentially a low hanging fruit kind of approach you wouldn t believe how many people don t pay attention to that or research it in the first place to know this vital information You re amazing Q What are some common pitch mistakes A Rehearsing your pitch so much that you feel you HAVE to stick to it is a mistake You need to be able to pitch through tech snafus and distractions like babies crying or phones ringing If you are the founder of your startup you need to know EVERYTHING Kelly said that female founders get universally crucified for not knowing their numbers and projections Even if you have someone doing this on the daily for you you gotta know it too Anyone who is a non technical founder needs to speak the language Your company s technology is the underlying business Kelly likened it to being the CEO of Ford and not knowing how cars are made You re amazing Q What are the differences between VC and Angel Investors A It s simple angel investors are using their own money so you need to treat it as if you re spending your own money VCs are raising money through limited partners e g pension plans endowments but it s not their own money which is also why they take huge risks because they have huge funds through which to spread the risk They have a specific lifetime on the fund and have to return results to investors in that time period So you need to understand the differing underlying motivations and ask yourself Does this align with what I need You re amazing Q What s a good way to pitch your story to the media A Well according to Kelly a bad way is to confuse the fact you exist with being a story This is the formula she laid out 1 Is this news 2 Tell me why this is a story what s the angle why are you the expert 3 Why is this new news

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