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  • Adam Connell - Solopreneur, Marketer & Firefly Fan
    digital marketing agency with a focus on ROI We specialise in SEO link building and content marketing Adam is a rare breed He s authentic knowledgeable and masterful in his delivery I never miss a post Dino Dogan I used Adam s influencer outreach formula to get an 80 response rate from online marketing A players WOW Eugene Mota There are very few bloggers whose content I look forward to

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  • About Me - Adam Connell
    what I m best known for I come from the UK currently residing in the West Midlands and have a passion for learning how things work My journey I started building HTML websites with Dreamweaver none of them got off the ground but damn it was fun I probably took on more than I could chew when I tried to build a full ecommerce website to sell bingo machines After years of focusing on my first love music I revisited Dreamweaver when I got the idea to start a record label while I was in college It was a crazy idea thinking that I could create my own profitable record label with no experience but I went with it and out of it came one of my greatest achievements The business idea failed but after pivoting to a none profit label we made some headway and went on to surpass 2 5 million downloads on our releases This taught me what was possible to achieve from the chair in my living room I went on to launch a few more sites while working a full time job One was a joint venture in the video game niche we hit 15 000 unique visitors per month in 3 months with no budget And we went on to have a team of 30 writers The experience of growing my own websites helped me get a job at a small marketing agency Within a few months I had my own team and I went on to become the operations manager I spearheaded the launch of a new service which grew into a 6 figure per month business on its own this took around 4 6 months of which I spent a few days each month on the marketing We had a VERY small

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  • A Blog About Marketing, Entrepreneurship & Productivity - Adam Connell
    Continue Reading April 10 2016 By Adam Connell How I Found My Purpose As An Entrepreneur We are the creators of our own destiny We aren t born with purpose we find it We find it by discovering what makes our soul feel Continue Reading April 10 2016 By Adam Connell Why Your Desires Are The Key To Unlocking Your True Potential We all have goals and dreams We want

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  • Contact - Adam Connell
    Marketer Entrepreneur Main navigation About Me Blog Contact You can reach me using the form below Note I receive a lot of emails so please ensure your email is clear and succinct that ll help me reply quicker Name required

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  • Privacy & Cookies - Adam Connell
    the privacy section further on in this document 4 Analytics to help provide us with valuable information on how visitors use our website we employ the use of analytics software which relies on the use of cookies this includes but is not limited to services such as Google Analytics Piwik Analytics and Quantcast analytics We believe the use of such services is in the best interest of not only us but also you as a visitor to our site as they enable to collect valuable usage data that allow us to make significant future improvements to the service we offer and therefore will help provide you with more value as a visitor to our website 5 Affiliate promotions within this website you may encounter links to services that are considered as affiliate promotions If you click on an affiliate link and you make a purchase through the particular website then we may or may not receive a small amount of commission as a result Please be aware that these affiliate links may utilize a cookie file that allows the vendor of the affiliate program to track where their sales are originating from The reason for using such links is to offset the costs of running this website which will allow us to continue to operate and bring you value further into the future If you do click on a link on our website and you make a purchase on the external website via our affiliate link whether it be for following a recommendation or just following a link on our website then you must ensure that you do your own due dilligence before purchasing any product however we would never recommend a product that we do not believe in we believe in only offering the truest and most sincere recommendations

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  • Adam Connell, Author at Adam Connell
    publications such as Forbes HuffPost CIO and loves to help people grow their visibility online Adam Connell Adam Connell Adam is the founder of Blogging Wizard and marketing director at UK Linkology an ROI driven inbound marketing agency with a focus on SEO Adam has been featured in top publications such as Forbes HuffPost CIO and loves to help people grow their visibility online April 10 2016 By Adam Connell 10 Tools To Make Every Day More Productive Wouldn t it be great if you could get twice as much done in the same amount of time Well you can and in this post we ll look at a number Continue Reading April 10 2016 By Adam Connell How I Found My Purpose As An Entrepreneur We are the creators of our own destiny We aren t born with purpose we find it We find it by discovering what makes our soul feel Continue Reading April 10 2016 By Adam Connell Why Your Desires Are The Key To Unlocking Your True Potential We all have goals and dreams We want to achieve them but we are chasing an end result the destination Is that really right And Continue Reading April

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  • 10 Tools To Make Every Day More Productive
    become a popular technique partly thanks to the popularity of the Pomodoro technique where you work for 25 minutes then take a 5 minute break This isn t for everyone though so you may want to try out different timings and see how it impacts your productivity and your focus E ggTimer com is a good tool for this but I often find physical timers easier to use Write notes and stay organised with Evernote I juggle a lot of different projects so I find myself taking a lot of notes The challenge has always been keeping notes together and organized I used to have notes on my computer notes on my phone and other notes on pieces of paper With Evernote I m able to keep all of my notes synchronised whether I m using my mobile phone my computer or another device It s great for web clippings and other things too Manage your to do list more effectively with Asana While I use pen and paper for my daily to do lists I ve found that for planning tasks in advance and working on more complex projects something more is needed to keep things organized Using Asana you can manage to do lists for various projects and overlay due dates onto a smart calendar layout There are team collaboration features and a bunch of other ways you can use this too Create a simple calendar with Google Calendar and access it everywhere I ve found it helpful to keep a default diary which helps me to keep on track Think of this like a diary for your ideal week which includes all your regular tasks along with any appointments meetings all blocked out so you know exactly what to do and when to do it Google Calendar is a great tool for this but I have found that specific tasks are better managed using another tool Project management made easy with Trello Whether you are managing a project for work or a personal project around the home Trello is a super helpful tool What I love about Trello is that it s extremely visual and makes it easy to see what you need to do and how things have been progressing Each Trello board can have individual lists with cards on it you can attach images add due dates and also collaborate with others easily It s available on mobile and desktop too Manage passwords easily with LastPass It s a good idea to have different passwords for every website you sign up for but the problem is remembering all of those passwords That s a challenge This is where LastPass comes in it s a browser extension that saves your passwords leaving only a single password for you to remember Access your files anywhere with Dropbox If you want to access files from your computer on other devices or even other computers Dropbox can help Just install Dropbox it s free for up to 2GB of

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  • How I Found My Purpose As An Entrepreneur
    marketers A few days after the interview I got the call the job was mine What put me ahead The short answer is experience The fact I didn t have a shiny piece of paper saying I was a qualified marketer didn t stop me at all All the tinkering with websites building them marketing them and learning as much as I could had paid off Within a month I left my previous job and started my incredible new role A short time after I was managing a small team and I soon worked my way up to the position of Operations Manager This is what happens when you are passionate about what you do you approach the job with a tenacious attitude and you make things happen This role gave me the opportunity to do what I enjoyed on a daily basis and soon after I launched Blogging Wizard a site where I share actionable marketing tips for bloggers For a while I felt like I was on cloud 9 then I hit a bit of a roadblock I loved what I was doing both at work and with my blog I got a lot of fulfilment out of it But the truth is that I was caught up in the moment I had a plan that was fluid and that was a good thing but it wasn t specific enough to give me the direction I needed My wheels were spinning and I plunged myself further into my job I took my work home with me spent every waking moment juggling it with other business ventures The advice that changed everything I was frazzled tired and too stressed to function effectively That s when my boss mentor Jason stepped in He could see I was burning myself out and in a way seemed to understand how I felt more than me He gave me some life changing advice You need a plan a specific plan It doesn t have to be set in stone but you still need a plan Write out a 5 year plan include everything you want out of life and how you want to feel Not just from work or business everything Then break it down and decide what you want to achieve in 3 years 1 year and 6 months So I started putting this advice into action but I kept thinking The basis of this idea was so simple how come I had not thought about this before My day to day role required intense planning both for myself and clients Everything was process driven It was crazy to miss out something so important like having a specific plan for my life Why does this work so well The idea behind this plan is that as humans we crave completeness and once we put together a plan on paper it becomes more real and our minds subconsciously start leading us to our end goals It alters how we make decisions and ultimately helps us to gravitate towards our goals sometimes without realizing it I also created a dream board based on this plan it was in the form of a PowerPoint presentation that I watched every day This helped me visualize my dreams Have you ever used a dream board Let me know about your experience in the comments below The journey continues in the right direction Soon after putting Jason s advice into action things changed I was more focused I had direction and my performance was better at work Blogging Wizard started gaining some serious traction and everything began to fall into place 18 months later and my blog had reached the point where it was earning enough money that I could leave my job It was a difficult decision because the role I was in changed my life in so many ways but if I was going to realize my entrepreneurial dream I had to leave and focus on growing my own business My first few business ideas didn t fly but I d learned so much I was ready to take the next step And that s what really made the difference to my life as a whole Taking that leap of faith Fast forward to present day While I haven t completed my plan I have taken huge strides that I never imagined I d be able to take I ve reached the point where I have been able to launch new business ventures and expand my team But there s a lot more on the horizon Being an entrepreneur was never something I set out to be but that s where my passion has taken me And that s the key to it all the passion to learn and the drive to take action I never set out to just do one thing because we re all so much more than that But that s the great thing about life There isn t just one thing that we can do the world is full of wonderful things we can do Are you ready to create your own destiny Our destiny isn t decided for us it s not divinely given to us when we re born we shape our own destiny The important thing is that we take that first step because without it it s far too easy to feel like we re living in chaos when we don t have to be Venture out leave your comfort zone and take that first step while you won t have all the answers right away it will all start to fall into place in time You can t rush the process things will unfold in time and that s the way it should be The journey is as important as the destination Tweet Share Share Filed Under Entrepreneurship Tagged With Entrepreneurship Purpose Adam Connell Adam is the founder of Blogging Wizard and marketing director at UK Linkology an ROI driven inbound marketing agency with a focus

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