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Should my child watch this movie: Figuring out movie ratings

These days going to movies seems like it requires taking out a small loan. Not only are ticket prices hovering around $10 each but popcorn and soda are approaching prices that the oil companies would be proud of. On top of this, you are expected to decipher the movie ratings which can seem rather foggy […]

Scuba Diving

One of my favorite pastimes is to go scuba diving. I learned to scuba dive in 1996 receiving my open water certification through “NAUI” later receiving my advanced certification through “PADI” and my nitrox certification through”SSI” The feeling you get when you put on the tanks, strap on your mask, and buckle up your fins […]

Identity thieves do not take summer vacations

Pack the car, pack the kids, kennel the dogs, double check reservations. Everything set? Yes, for you and for the identity thief ready to take advantage of your summer vacation. Going on a summer vacation is supposed to be one of the highlights of the year. We save for it, plan for it and anticipate […]

Google Adsense-5 rock solid tips to make more money.

Google adsense is proving to be probably the number one method of making money on the internet. Visit nearly any website today and you will see an array of Google Adsense ads being displayed. But if youre interested in displaying Google Adsense ads on your website how can you be sure that you are making […]