That Tree Had to Come Down Before They Moved in

My daughter is a single mom raising three children. When she bought a four bedroom fixer upper down the road from us, her father and I were thrilled. We knew that we would be able to help her a lot more being so much closer to us. We knew she was struggling, so her father told her that he would take care of the tree in front of the house. He contacted a Nassau County tree removal company because it definitely needed to come down. Since she bought the house as-is, that meant that the storm-damaged tree was part of the deal too.

I am really surprised that the tree was not already down because the storm that damaged it had happened months ago. I guess because it was at the end of a dead end street, there was no worry that someone would get hurt by it if it did come down the rest of the way. My husband called the same tree service that prunes our trees. He knew that they would come out quickly, and he also knew that the price would be beyond fair. He wanted to get the tree down before our daughter and the kids moved in so none of them got hurt by it.

When he came out with his crew, I think he was even surprised that the tree was still standing. That is how much damage was done to it. Thankfully, it was not close to any power lines, but it was close to one end of the porch roof. They were able to get it completely down in just under an hour, and the clean up took maybe another hour. For such a big job, they had it down a lot quicker than I ever expected. I was so grateful because it meant our daughter could move in on time!