Scuba Diving

One of my favorite pastimes is to go scuba diving. I learned to scuba dive in 1996 receiving my open water certification through “NAUI” later receiving my advanced certification through “PADI” and my nitrox certification through”SSI”

The feeling you get when you put on the tanks, strap on your mask, and buckle up your fins just waiting your turn to step off the boat is exciting. Your heart starts pounding with anticipation as you are going over you dive plans in your head. Did I forget anything? You are asking your self as you are rechecking your gear.

Finally you step off the boat and into the water as your head bobs under the water and back to the surface you turn and signal the boat you are okay and meet up with your buddy. You and your buddy does a final check on yours and his equipment before heading into your dive.

You slowly descend to the bottom where you come across some of the most colorful reefs you have ever seen. Then out of nowhere you see some beautiful fish that acts like you are in a zoo and swims all around you checking you out trying to figure out what kind of fish you are.

You realize that you are 60′ under the ocean with 100′ visibility you and your buddy seem to be the only humans in the whole ocean, completely weightless, you realize the worries of the world and every thing that had been bothering you is not even there. You have completely forgotten the whole world you left behind when you dropped into paradise.

You continue your dive as you and your buddy glide effortlessly over the reefs pointing out all the fish to each other and checking out all the different animals you encounter maybe even seeing a curious shark or two that don’t even act like they notice you.

Then comes the part of the dive you have dreaded long before you ever got into the water. With great sadness you signal your buddy to slowly head to the surface to return to the world you left behind. Once back on the boat you put up your gear and already start dreaming of the next time you get to know real peace.

If you have never experienced scuba diving I strongly reccommend giving it a try you will be glad you did…